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Scott, as you mentioned adding the stones to character sheets are you treating the placement as permanent or temporary?

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Kiet looks over to Arawn and says 'I don't care who uses the gems that are enhanced right now.  I care about who gets them when we divide shares permanently.  Some of these jewels can be worth fortunes by themselves, and multiple fortunes if enhanced.  I am just asking for a bit of balance in the total share values.  It might even be that the value of some of the enhancible gems exceeds what a share might be...and maybe whoever wants to claim it should compensate the group for it.  And for our little group to not be hasty."
"By Girra's burning balls!...those haven't even been enhanced yet!"
Kiet hears about the 'house' that Bogun built...or at least sent things to...and it does interest him.  He's just not sure he's up to it, as he his feeling somewhat drained (magically, anyway).  It's likely to be well guarded.  Still, one must crack a few eggs to make egg rolls.  He looks over to Z'lleyra and says "So, what do you think of that house...Boguns?  Is it worth exploring?  We might find more 'trail' than we have thus far,"
"Sometimes, too, people keep their most prized possessions close to home..."  Kiet's face lights up in a mischievous smile...

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   Since we're going with choices made by players, 
Arawn's first choice for gem is the Tourmaline (not the Turquoise as 
currently listed). His second choice, pending a response to a PM, is the

   As this will place Arawn in contention with Kiet for 
the Tourmaline, Kiet how do you want to handle this? Is the Tourmaline a
 first choice for you (over the meteorite and sapphire)?

Gems to Jewelry:
 If the party ends up choosing to hold on to the gems for now so they 
can be improved through cutting Arawn is willing to work with Z'leyra on
 crafting them to help speed things up. However I imagine the largest 
profit would be gained by taking time selling them, probably during 
downtime with Kell serving as the seller. As such there would be little 
need to rush through crafting the better stones, at least while 

   Any thoughts on this?
 Otherwise, if we end up selling them in bulk as originally planned 
Arawn would like a portion of his share in good quality tourmaline for 
future magical crafting purposes. Probably about 20% or so.

   (Just trying to help the group out if we hold on the gems for crafting - Arawn is more interested in practicing his Jeweler skill than the profit)
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