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[Time: 6:32:51 am - Samma city, Donara]
   "Mere mortals... If I limited myself to godlings I'd make for a very poor healer, indeed."    Arawn grinned.

   "Should I limit myself to gods and kings? Remember, Etain, power and prestige are relative. True respect is earned, it is not a birthright."

   As the elf pulled away Arawn rose, propping himself on the table. A serene smiled graced his face as he gazed enigmatically into the prizzti's eyes.

   "You worry too much about the traditions and rules of court. They have their place and I respect them greatly but sometimes tradition can hold us back, trapped in the past and forcing us into stagnation. For our people to survive, to thrive, we must adapt, we must learn if we are to evolve. We must temper the possibilites of the future with the wisdom of the past.
   And sometimes I think that propriety can be overrated. There are greater things in life, like happiness and love, and sometimes we have to make the difficult choice of what is truly important to us if we are to find fulfillment."

   He held his look for a moment longer before allowing his eyes to drift upwards in a thoughtful manner.

   "As to my parents... well to you I must seem an odd child indeed. They are great patrons of war and vengeance, a far cry from me though I can hear the echo of it in my blood. But what we have in common is passion, whether for peace or war. And they have taught me that on the battlefield a good leader does not ignore the needs of 
their soldiers or others who rely upon her. The leader would tend to the 
wounds of those men even if with her own hands, because it is upon the 
other that each stands."


 [Time: 6:43:19 am - Samma city, Donara]

   Arawn's attention was drawn to Etain as the elf drew the mug of ale to his lips. It was indeed early but it was no no surprise, even in the short time they had spent with each other the fallen court official's self-medication had become apparent. When Fremea voiced her acceptance of the druid's metaphysical offer a moment later he turned away to look at the faerry.

   "It is more than just controlling - it is about embracing them, channeling them..." Arawn's eyes flashed back to Etain for a moment as he continued, "... healing and transforming them."

   As his attention darted back to Fremea he smiled warmly.

   "And it would be my pleasure."

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