[pnpgm] scrolls and gems

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Thu Jul 3 19:13:31 CEST 2014

[Having looked up the Donaran language in the Perilous Lands Culture 
Book I find that Salaqi is considered a dialect of Donaran. The 
linguistic family of Ced for Salaqi and linguistic family of Thaliban 
for Donaran. Marentian is another of the Thaliban languages and Salaqi 
is associated.]

While she is fully proficient at speaking Donaran, Z'leyra has to work 
at deciphering the Donaran scrolls using her mastery of Salaqi and 
Marentian scripts to work out the Thaliban base roots of many of the words.

Gems are valuable rocks. Jewels are gems that have been cut and polished 
and are twice the value. Jewelry is a jewel that is set as part of an 
ornate piece and again doubles the value. Z'leyra knows that she is a 
master jeweler and suspects that some others in the party are as well.

"Yes Kiet, nearly all these gems optimally should be made into jewelry. 
We aren't in a rush to do so but we should save these and when we have 
time make jewelry and those pieces that can be enhanced should be. Doing 
so will be well worthwhile. I can write down what I think each of these 
stones are worth...and what we could make them worth. Perhaps other 
jewelers in the party should as well and when we have all done so we can 
compare our lists and come to an agreement as to the values to assign them."

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