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Kiet is a little curious about his assigned role.  Reading through scrolls for which he knows not the language.  Still, Kiet understands that it's Fremea's party.  Besides, Kiet feels he could stand a good rest after that damned warehouse debacle.  Profitable and satisfying though it was.

The sheer volume of gems really gets Kiet's interest.  Carefully selected, these could be made into some interesting jewelry.  Also, it might provide a way to reduce the bulk of carrying certain coinage...besides...gems are nearly universal currency.

Looking at the gems with Z'leyra, Kiet says "You know, Z'leyra, I would personally prefer my share to be at least partially in stones.  Between the two of us, I think we might be able to work out a value about equal to one of our shares.  Personally, I'd also like to pick thru these and identify which ones would make really fine jewelry."

Looking over the scrolls, Kiet would love to help but not knowing how to read this language is somewhat inhibiting.  He's also not certain yet that Etain can be completely trusted. Pulling Z'leyra off to the side for a moment he asks her "Should we not make sure that what we are told the scrolls say really IS what they say?  Maybe we should hire a local to 'help' and keep Etain honest.  If one of the scrolls held a secret to something valuable, would we be able to trust someone like this that we have known for so short a time?"

"We would just want to make sure that whoever it is that would help did not know this all belongs to Bogan.  The last thing we need is more people knowing we had something to do with his demise.  That information would probably be worth something...and not to our benefit!"

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