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Raban suggests to get going.
Unali: "That seems a sound plan. I the mean time I will quickly ask 
where we can find the son and wife to inform them of the Admiral's 
death. I'll meet you behind the shed."

She will go after the servant and ask him where they would be able to 
find the son. And get a description on how to recognize the son. "We 
will try to find him and ask him to come and see you here as quickly as 

After that she will move towards the group again and leave the premises.

On 09/24/2013 05:29 AM, pnpgm wrote:
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>    HT Aliaver/Player    DS    Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
>    -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
>    R1.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar .. Ma
>    --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
>    R3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
>    R1.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
>    R4.J H Hooten........YN..Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human....Ma
>    W4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
>    R1 John.Stowman......YN..Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
>    R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
>      .NPC...............YY..Niko..............Bearer..Normal/Human  ..Ma
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>       Game Update #49 in sequence (file #199)
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>       [Recap]
>          From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
>            Z'leyra having heard that the Admiral is dead, suggests to
>            those in the party near her that if things are under control
>            she could cast an Akasha (peer into the past) spell to see
>            what happened and who did what.
>          GM: Ack.
>          From Unali: [Re: Actions]
>            Unali nods her consent as Z'leyra makes that suggestion.
>          GM: Ack.
>          From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
>            Wrong reply type...sigh.
>            When Kiet hears about this (he's not currently with Z'leyra
>            ) he asks "She can do that?  How long will it take?"
>          GM: Ack.
>       --------------------------------------------------------------
>       [New Stuff]
>           [Sepes 28th, 1634TH]
>           [Location: City of Salaqara, Donara]
>           [Time: 4:18pm - South Salaqara - Gorlic's Estate]
>             The mob surges forward and then stops when one sailor
>           reaches out to grab the leader's arm.  He turns and the
>           men huddle together whispering and gesturing.  The mob
>           is only about 30 feet from the porch so the whispers are
>           barely heard.  "...now we should..."  "Especially when.."
>           "we have to ensure..." These are some of the vague words
>           the group on the porch can understand.
>             As the mob huddles Kiet leans down to Fremea and whispers
>           to her a question.
>             The leader nods his head and turns around.  "We must verify
>           he is dead.  Stand aside."
>             Kiet and Kell step aside as they look to Fremea.  Fremea
>           seems concerned more like a lost child than a worried party
>           member.  As if she is considering her options.  Then she
>           figures out that what harm could it do.  Fremea steps to the
>           side and lets the leader and two sailors from the mob climb
>           the porch steps.
>             Entering the house the servant sees them and sees his chance.
>           "I'll show you where he should be.  I need to see as well."
>             Unali and Z'leyra let the servant go as it seems there is no
>           obligation to stop them now.
>             Upon seeing the wolf near Will the leader of the mob stops and
>           raises his sword once again.  The Wolf growls a bit and Will
>           gestures with his hand for the wolf to be silent and docile.
>             The servant rushes past the wolf and others and ushers the
>           three inside the library/office of the admiral.
>             Z'leyra gestures for the others on the porch and at the hallway
>           to gather around.  She explains her plan on looking at the past.
>             Kiet asks, "She can do that?  How long will it take?"
>             Fremea seems too distracted to even hear the plan.  This whole
>           thing seems wrong.  Clearly someone is setting her up.  The
>           only ones who know she is here is Etain and the farmer.  Fremea
>           glances at Etain who seems as lost as the others.  But someone
>           knows she is here or at least was coming.  Maybe this thief or
>           his allies?  Staying here for too long will be dangerous.
>           Especially when there is only one way out of the property out
>           the front gate.
>             Raban looks to Arawn.  "There is a guard at the gate knocked
>           out.  He should be fine but I need you to check him out just
>           in case while Z'leyra is busy.
>             As the group considers the events in a very short and brief
>           chat it takes only two minutes before the others come back.  The
>           servant looks even more depressed.  The mob leader sheathes
>           his sword.  "He," he nods to the servant, "confirms you showed
>           up after he was knocked up but is not certain if that was at
>           the same time or not.  We were sent here to help but we are
>           no longer needed.  We should be going now.  You guys can
>           talk to the city guard."
>             The sailors promptly leave the house not wanting to be
>           questioned by the Guard.  Most sailors are somewhat honest
>           but most have known records or reputations.  A night or
>           two being questioned by a interrogator is not in their plans.
>             Arawn follows the men to the gate to check the guard who
>           is knocked out.
>             Fremea knows that time is critical but also must know what
>           is going on here.  She begins to move to a different room to
>           check out the various rooms.  Z'leyra takes this as a
> confirmation
>           that she can proceed.
>             Z'leyra enters the library and prepares for her spell.
>             Outside in the parlor Etain asks the servant.  "Did he have
>           family?"
>             Raban asks the servant, "was there anything of great value
>           the admiral kept?  A safe or lock box or someplace around
>           town?"
>             The servant looks to Raban and looks a bit worried.  Maybe
>           they were here to rob the dead man while he is still not even
>           cold.  But then if they even tried he couldn't stop them.  He
>           sighs and shrugs. "There is a small safe in the bedroom.  I
>           suppose most stuff he kept at his office at the base.  But
>           personal items here I would assume."
>             Raban nods and assumes such.
>             The servant looks to Etain and frowns.  "His wife is in
>           Pelara city.  Should be back in a week.  He does have a son
>           in town.  I'll have to find him and send word to his wife.
>           This is grave news!  The Donaran's must be behind this. Oh
>           dear!"  He looks to the window.  "If the sailors spread the
>           news of his death the city could be upset and cause problems."
>             Etain grabs the servant's shoulder, "I'm sure it will be
>           fine.  Where is his son usually?"
>             "Jasmor?  He has his own ship.  But I believe he is in port
>           this week.  He...well..he likes to gamble.  I could give you
>           a few suggestions to find him.  I could write a note or go
>           with you to inform him.  He will be distraught."
>             Z'leyra casts her spell and thanks to her luck ring the spell
>           works.  in a trance she sees Admiral Gorlic at the desk writing
>           and reading scrolls.  The window to the left of him, facing
>           the windows from the door to the hallway, is still open.  The
>           door is closed and for a time it is rather boring.  There is
>           no real reference of time.  But she hopes to see the last hour
>           of his life.
>             On the roof Corona launches from the roof to go flying around
>           in wide circles around the property.
>             As Z'leyra watches the past unfold in her trance she notices
>           a bird that looks like a pigeon fly in the window.  This isn't
>           so rare as many still use the birds to communicate even in
>           magical oriented cultures.  The bird lands on the side of the
>           desk and Gorlic looks up surprised.  He then notices something
>           on the talons of the bird and reaches to unclip it.  The bird
>           then flies to a book shelf then looks around then flies out the
>           window again.
>             The item is rather large for the bird and is wrapped up in
>           some cloth.  Unfolding the cloth a simple brass looking disk
>           is in the center.  It almost looks like a coin.  It is the
>           size of a coin.  But no message.   The older Gorlic reaches
>           for the coin and palms it.  The coin gives a bright flash
>           of white light then blue light.  Suddenly the Admiral
>           disappears in a blue haze.
>             Z'leyra continues to watch in her trance for some time. She
>           is not sure how long but soon the blue haze returns.  This
>           time the admiral is standing with eyes closed and then
>           topples onto his knees.  That is where the party found
>           him dead.
>             Raban finds the bedroom and using his skill he quickly
>           finds the safe.  Behind a false wall in the closet.  Not
>           too fancy for sure.  Any thief would find it.  But in fact
>           it wasn't the skill as the fact that the safe was open and
>           the small square door ajar.  Through the light from the window
>           the Bard can see a bag of gold, several scrolls likely important
>           family materials, some old medals and a few expensive looking
>           pieces of jewelry.  There seems to be no magical thing here.
>             Fremea sweeps each room extending her senses to gather any
>           clues for magic.  But in fact there is nothing here.  She hears
>           Raban sigh and enters the bedroom to find the safe open.  Peering
>           inside no sign of magic there either.
>             The servant sees the small child and looks in.  "Who are you
>           You implied you knew the admiral. I do not even know you."
>             "Sir.  Did the admiral have anything small and ...unique
>           inside this safe?"  Raban asks more to distract the servant
>           than to gain info.
>             "His wife had a heirloom necklace that she took with her."
>           He rubs his clean chin.  "Well his son was given some pen
>           like thing.  I recall the two outside in the yard talking.
>           The admiral gave him the item but threatened to remove him
>           from service if his debts increased.  He later told his
>           wife he did it as incentive to do better.  I never saw it
>           up close but its probably just a simple quill thing?"
>             Z'leyra completes the trance and kneels to check the body.
>           She rolls him over and notices his eyes are blood shot and
>           bloody as if damage to his eyes.  There is blood on the floor
>           from his nose it seems and no blood from his mouth.  No
>           other obvious other wounds.  It is possible he could've
>           died from a heart attack but he seems physically fit for
>           a man in his 50s.
>             Z'leyra looks around and sees the cloth on the desk.  It
>           seems to be a standard cheap cloth for shirts or towels.
>             Outside Arawn is walking back to the house when Corona
>           flies nearby and calls out.  The druid does not know the
>           language as good as Z'leyra but gets the gist.  He runs
>           inside to find the others.  Once there he informs that
>           Corona has seen a group of 8 well armed men in uniform
>           coming this way from at least 3 streets away.  They are
>           moving fast on foot.  But from that general direction
>           there are 4 men on horse closing in their direction and
>           in uniform. Arawn suspects this is the city guard. Maybe
>           the boy warned them to come here as well?
>             Etain looks for the others.  "Time is running out.  We
>           should move.  If we have to we can come back.  Where is-"
>           the Elf stops when he sees Fremea and Raban coming down
>           the hall.
>             Z'leyra emerges from the library and joins the others.
>             "Sounds like the city guards are coming."  Etain tells
>           the group in Donaran.
>             Raban asks, "how soon?"
>             Arawn estimates five minutes but no more than ten
>           minutes max.  He tries to give the direction that
>           Corona tried to relay.  But directions from a aerial
>           bird is one thing compared to a person on the ground.
>           But if Corona is half right that gives Raban a idea.
>             "Can she have some water?"  The bard waves at Fremea.
>             "But she hasn't said who she is. In fact who all of
>           you?"  The servant stutters.
>             "You heard him the guard is coming.  We'll stick around
>           and give you all the details.  Now she is truly upset.  Water
>           please."  With that word he emphasizes his determination.
>             The servant gets the idea and moves toward the kitchen.
>             Raban waves to the side door Will found earlier and motions
>           for the others to move fast.  "Move to behind the shed.  I
>           can punch a way through the shrub.  Then just move to the
>           field and to the street.  We can move away from here before
>           they show up."   By now he is moving fast outside toward
>           the shed.  He must've seen what is to the area north of
>           the property.
>             Etain looks down at Fremea.  "Now what?  Should we
>           take the servant?"  He doesn't know what info Raban
>           found out from the safe.  he then recalls the Niko.  He
>           turns to Kiet. "How will you explain this to him?"
>             Niko follows behind toward the shed looking bored as
>           a boy on a rainy day stuck inside a school house.
>           Actions? Comments?
>           Next Update....Friday...
>           GM: Well we move on.  I could spend weeks on this place.
>               But things were moving slow.  I can still do a bit
>               of retroactive stuff if need be.  But with Etain
>               and Raban around I can try and direct us while Tobie
>               is busy.  Yes. He is busy.  We are all.  But I figure
>               with Etain and Raban I can try and redirect some of
>               the focus if need be.  We are awol enough with Will
>               and Kell missing.  So I know things will improve
>               once things settle down I hope for some.  For Tobie
>               he is like me self-employed and that means a lot
>               of time.  When I first started my own firm I could
>               have spent 90 hours a week at it.  But I realized
>               that would kill me.  Programming is easy to handle
>               and control so I've learned tricks to get ahead
>               and thus take even less time at work and more at
>               home (thus all my vacation time this time
>               of year).  But that took me a couple years.  Now at
>               30 odd years I'm in the groove. :)
>           GM: Alex is in touch with John/Will so he can keep tabs
>               on him.  But as for Mark/Kell maybe we should all
>               just spam email him? :)  See if he responds.  He
>               has not sent me anything.  For Mark I got a post
>               in June and a email from him in May.  So it has been
>               a while.  I don't know if he switched jobs or not.
>               I may try and do some research if I can later.  He
>               may have facebook or other resources.  Who knows.
>           GM: So what to do now?  I gave a few options.
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