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OOC: Forgot that only Caladan stuck around while Arawn spoke with the Outcast so...

   As Arawn led the outcast to join the others outside he asked,

   "What's your name?"

   Introducing himself in turn he guided the vong to where Unali and the others had gathered, intent on updating the group on what the Outcast had just shared with him. Knowing time was of the essence he spoke quickly as the party prepared to head out.

   "Our ally says the control lies around the neck of the leader, Shimara, and that he is waiting to meet us."

   He turned to the vong Outcast and asked,

   "Can you lead us to him? What can we expect?"

   With a smile on his face Arawn steps between the wizard and the Outcast, his body serving as a shield while trying to determine if the man was raising a hand in greeting or magical threat. He looked to the one called Gan, recalling his confusion regarding the surroundings, the alfar surmising he had arrived in response to the magic of the coin.

   "He's an ally," he said, indicating the Outcast with a nod. "I'll explain while we move."

   With that he began to follow after Unali and the others, speaking quickly as he sought to update the wizards to the situation. He chose his words carefully, trying to keep be concise while expressing the immediate threat of the Brain and Vong to the world and the party's need to acquire the failsafe, the Outcast Vong and their desire to return to a more peaceful life, and the magical resistance of the Vong. 
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