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   Sorry for the delay in replying to things. I've been dealing with a lot lately and haven't been able to read the updates for the last two weeks.

   "I understand," he replied to Unali, acknowledging her concerns. "It's just something about this doesn't feel right but I'll go along with the plan."

   "I can form a Battle Mind with those in the forward group if the three of you are willing," he said looking from Unali to Farseeker and Raban. "And if any are interested I can also increase ones battle might, invoking the Fist of Battle, for anyone wielding a sword or striking unarmed for a time, enhance armor for period, or turn us invisible. A blessing can also be performed by either Raban or myself.
   As to the Mind Shield, I can cast it but in truth I am but a novice with that spell and not sure if the defense afforded will be worth the cost."

   As he waited to hear what the others wished he added,

   "I'll cast these spells as needed, at least the Battle Mind, but each casting takes time and drains mana that might be needed later."

   His thoughts drifted back to the first time they encountered a creature like this, when Ben'dar sensed what was likely this World-Brain when he connected to the Lake Occa guardian using the Claw.

   "In the meantime, while we prepare and head up, perhaps it might prove worthwhile to go over what we may know of the Brain.

   I recall Ben'dar sensing a greater creature, likely the World-Brain, when he bonded with the Lake Occa guardian using the Claw. I believe he mentioned that he did not sense malice or evil, only a desire to guard, to perform it's duty or program. He was able to use this bond to distract that brain from killing Bohusara, sending it the sensation that a greater threat appeared that needed to be guarded against.
   We might not have the Claw but perhaps I or another can attempt to commune with it in an effort to influence it.

   In addition, it seemed to react very unpleasantly to electricity, vanishing beneath the water and shocking Ben'dar into unconsciousness for a short time, I imagine from the shared sensation of pain. And afterwards we found it dead on the shore of the lake, possibly killed by the lightning if not Bohusara's creations. Knowing this it might be worthwhile to attempt to use Lightning and similar magics on it as they might prove especially effective.
   And if we can get the prisoner out of the area we might be able to use the contents of the barrels as a conductor, assuming they hold water, and electrocute the rest of the Vong in the area."

   He paused, a thoughtful expression on his face as he considered something.

   "I believe the Sidh gods, or at least my parents, were with us at Lake Occa and I believe they will bless us now, due to both threat of Vong and the Eldest Serpents connection to this place. I would pray for their blessing for our success and welcome any who wish to join in prayer."

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