[pnpgm] Game Update #211 - File #1374 - Initial Ambush attacks

Scott Adams longshotgm at netzero.com
Tue Feb 28 09:11:23 CET 2012

  HT Aliaver/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1.John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ??.Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R4.Tom Corckett..........Caladan...........Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  W2.Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3.Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  --.Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry Fe
  R2.Mark Murtha...........Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human..Ma
  R1.David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  Ma
  R4.J H Hooten............Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  W2.Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  W4.Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R1 John.Stowman..........Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human..Ma
  R4.Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
  R1 NPC...................Zhou Kiwat........Noble...Normal/Human..Ma
     Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Tef'wo (Horse) Ben'dar,

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     Game Update #211 in sequence (file #1374)     
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        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          While Ben'Dar attacks the Vong from in front, Z'leyra will
          surprise strike the Vong from the flank using her staff

          As soon as the Vong is slain she will If needed patch and
          heal wounds cast Speed on Ben'dar, then herself touch Ben'Dar
          and cast Invisibility at Max EL then off to check and clear
          the other buildings

          (Going to finish the F row, then the G row, H row then I row
          alternating going west and east. She is trying to keep out of
          sight of the towers, recasting invisibility when necessary.)
        GM: Ack. 

     [New Stuff]

         [Augado 10th, 1634TH]
         [Location: Middle Katai Plains] 
         [          Mountains west of Pamau]                

         [Time: 2:25:10 pm]
           The chariot dives toward the field of flyers moving at over 40
         feet per second.  He draws back and fires his bow at one of two
         Vong warriors near flyer #2 (C33) hitting doing minor damage but
         the magic of the arrow doesn't affect him. 

           Fremea on top of one flyer (E33) looks over to the right and
         sees two Brigaders just 25 feet away (E35).  She turns and
         raises her bow firing.  He aims at both of the men who are
         next to each other.  The first arrow flies out and the magic
         of the spell copies it into 5 more.  One arrow misses entirely
         hitting the flyer.  Two arrows hit the first man in the right
         arm and left shoulder the first does 7 points to his arm but
         the second does 12 to shoulder killing him. The other three
         hit the second man with two hits and one deadly wound.  The
         first two arrows hits the man squarely in his face piercing
         left eye and cheek.  This is enough to kill the man instantly
         even before the 3rd arrow hits him. 

           Ben'dar releases Z'leyra's grip even though she warned him not
         to do so.  But he is a stubborn barbarian.  But he also has to
         fight with two hands as well as Z'leyra with two hands if using
         her staff.  Ben'dar rushes toward the stunned Vong who is trying
         to quickly grab his amphistaff.  Ben'dar plunges his spear toward
         the Vong who is titled a bit and impales him on his lower left
         abdomen just above his waist.

           Z'leyra does a side step and grips her magical staff in her hands
         and while invisible swings at the Vong warrior.  but he raises
         his right hand trying to deflect Ben'dar's spear.  In the process
         the staff cracks right smack in the middle of his arm, breaking
         his right arm and causing severe instant trauma.  The Vong goes
         flying backward and slumps.  Just as the body hits the ground,
         Z'leyra becomes visible.

           Inside the tunnel Will has seen Ben'dar leave likely with Z'leyra.
         He decides it is time to act.  He waddles toward the side cave where
         the hole is.  But he finds the new 90 pound armor is like dragging
         a full sized woman around. He huffs and puffs.  


         [Time: 2:25:13 pm]

           The chariot dives up and down again firing on the same lone
         Warrior already hit.  The arrow hits but does light damage.  

           Fremea leaps to the air and notices 5 Vong moving among the
         two north west (C32).  All five are clumped so decides to attack
         them from flyer nearby (D33).  The six arrows fly toward the
         Vong but four of them miss any of them by inches.  One arrow
         hits one warrior in the chest doing a minor wound.  Another arrow
         hits another warrior in the left shoulder digging deeply.  

           Ben'dar easily impales the Vong warrior to ensure it is dead.

           Z'leyra bends down to inspect the body but finds nothing around
         of merit.

           Raban sees Will struggler and decides to pick him up like a sack
         of apples.  The giant hauls the woodsman toward the side cave holding
         him in his right arm like a basket.  He gives a slight grin down
         at the woodsman.


         [Time: 2:25:16 pm]

           The Merkabah fires again at the wounded Vong but the arrow
         impacts on the ground as he dodges back and forth. 

           Fremea targets the five warriors again.  Three of the arrows
         fail to hit the warriors as they dodge.  Three hit #3 and #4
         of that group doing 3 minor wounds.  

           Z'leyra casts a speed spell upon herself again.

           Raban ends up near the hole and plants Will on his feet. He pats
         the woodsman and looks up to the hole to decide how best to
         move on since the group is leaving some behind.  He worries
         about Fremea.

           Captain Lin having seen Raban haul fast toward the hole runs
         and catches up.  "Take me with you!"  He knows the giant can
         fly and Lin figures he'll do just that. After he saw the giant
         fly in the pit cave he is worried about the man's magic but needs
         to help the others fast. 


         [Time: 2:25:19 pm]

           Will casts a invisibility spell upon himself going invisible. 

           The chariot dives again at the one Vong he is chasing through
         the twists and turns of the flyers.  He hits and does another
         light wound to his back.

           Fremea fires again her slew of arrows at the Vong trying to
         figure out who is firing at them.  Three arrows hit the ground.
         But 3 hit, one hitting the heavily wounded one making him
         a bit dizzy.  Vong #2 is hit for another light wound.  Another
         arrow hits the 5th Vong wounding him in the arm.  Now all 5
         are wounded.

           Z'leyra grabs Ben'dar and casts another Speed upon him.  Then
         both turn to head out the door once again using the inside button
         Vong device to open it.

           Raban reaches for Will knowing the man will have trouble
         climbing the incline without help.  Raban then turns to Lin. 

           Raban nods and grabs the military Katai man in a bear hug.
         This one is so light he doesn't even seem to feel the weight.
         Then Raban runs up the ramp and leaps into the air.  Raban
         quickly places Will onto the ground and ruffles his invisible
         hair. Raban does a quick look around and then flies toward the
         west where the homes are.  He hopes Fremea is n that group but
         can't see the winged Faerry anywhere.

           Farseeker and Caladan run after Raban and Lin. Both seem to
         have the idea to help the others, while leaving others behind.
         They reach the ramp at the hole and look back.  With Will and
         Z'leyra gone they are without magic to be stealthy.  Both shrug
         and both run up the ramp.  


         [Time: 2:25:22 pm]

           Will looks east and west.  He believes Z'leyra went west but
         he wants to head toward the flyers.  He fought one before at
         the carnival grounds so it might help again.  Though with 30
         or more he can see it might be a bit of a challenge.  He quickly
         casts a teleport spell and looks east toward the south east
         tower for his target spot. In a second he flickers out of spot
         and lands invisible about 10 feet away from the south east
         tower (H42).  

           The chariot dives yet again at this one Vong trying to outrun
         the flying beasts.  The Merkabah hits the warrior again in the
         side but only another minor wound.

           Fremea notices the Vong may be getting smart and about to
         divide up.  He fires once more at them.  One arrow hits the
         flyer breaking.  But five hit four of the Vong.  One arrow kills
         the one heavily wounded Vong.  Three hit Vong #3, #4 twice and
         #5 each with a light wound for every arrow. 

           Z'leyra and Ben'dar rushing forward moving at 23 feet per second
         cross the 20 feet to the last home in this row.  A second later
         the door is opened and they are inside starting at a Human standing
         looking at the now open door but not seeing anyone.  He has a sword
         to his hip which denotes him likely as a Brigader an ally to the
         Vong not a human prisoner.

           Raban continues flying westward with Lin.

           Farseeker and Caladan decide to move toward the flyers running
         as fast as they can go.  


         [Time: 2:25:25 pm]

           Will quickly notices the chariot flying back and forth but
         doesn't seem to having much luck.  He wonders how this so called
         super supernatural creature is so bad?  But the Vong resistance
         is very high.  Will knows that he can't do much jogging so
         decides to cast a new flight spell to get him aloft.  Within
         a second or two he is lifting off the ground. 

           The Merkabah roars in rage as he chases the one Vong warrior
         again who seems to be moving toward a open flyer.  He fires
         again hitting the creature on the back but yet the arrows do
         not fell the creature!

           Fremea changes to another Flyer and fires at the last 4 of
         the Vong trying to find her.  One arrow hits the ground.  But
         five hit their target. Three hit Vong #2 and 3 hit #3.  Vong
         #2 takes two light wounds.  Three arrows hit the other Vong
         doing 1 serious wound to his back together with 2 light wounds.
         At this point two of the others are hurt bad. 

           Ben'dar sidesteps and plunges his spear making himself visible
         again toward the shocked Brigader.  In a half kneeling postion
         he impales the spear upward toward the Brigader's left chest
         near his heart.  The wound is deep and kills the human instantly.

           Z'leyra with her heightened speed checks the body of the dead
         male who is in his 20s.  But she finds nothing of value other
         than the normal looking sword on his hip.  Not even coins or
         other items in the Vong home aside from some dishware and a
         extra set of clothing.  

           Raban points to the south west tower and tells Lin he is going
         to take it down.  Lin is unsure if he means with his sheer strength
         or by other means.

           Farseeker and Caladan continue to run eastward. 


         [Time: 2:25:28 pm]

           The charior dives toward another Vong warriot on the far
         east side of the north row (C39). He fires but the arrow
         impacts onto the dirt missing. 

           Fremea changes to another place in the air and fires at the
         four Vong trying to find him n a frenzy.  Three of her arrows
         misses but 3 hit their targets.  All three arrows hit each
         in various positions on the chest for Vong #1, 3 and #4. But
         all were light wounds. 

           Z'leyra and Ben'dar now grabbing invisible leave the home
         quickly.  They turn south and head to the home closest (G9).
         It takes both of them a full second to reach the home 100 feet
         away.  But then turn the corner and enter the home.  Upon
         opening the door they both see 3 Brigaders turn to see the
         open door.

           But things happen so fast that Z'leyra only sees for a split
         second a Brigader just in front of the door (G9).  He is facing
         east and looking up at the chariot.  Ben'dar uses the chance
         to reach up with his free left hand and push the Brigader right
         at the door just as Z'leyra opens it.  Forcing the Brigader to
         enter into the room.  At first it takes Z'leyra a full second
         to register the 3 inside.  But then realizes that Ben'dar pulled
         a fourth inside.  Now Z'leyra and Ben'dar face four Brigaders
         all armed but with weapons not drawn yet except for the one
         that was just tossed inside.   They are all wearing leather armor.

           Will flies upward toward the tower taking about 10 feet around
         the edge of it. He draws his bow and fires into the wooden tower
         at one of the 3 Vong in there.  he can see the three are shocked
         by the chariot's actions.  One is speaking to the Orb.  The orb
         is in the face of a Vong likely some other Vong elsewhere.  The
         other two are looking about when one points eastward likely
         toward where Raban and Lin are flying.  Will fires the arrow
         toward one of the Vong and hits him in the chest.  But his
         armor protects him from the damage.  

           Raban and Lin fly over the first and second homes toward the

           Farseeker and Caladan continue to run eastward.

         [Time: 2:25:31 pm]

           The Merkabah's mouth spites rage at the failed attempts.  He
         fires on the same Vong from last time and again the arrow hits
         the ground as the warrior weaves out of way just in time. 

           Will fires again toward the three in the tower.  This time the
         arrow flies wild and hits the back wall of the tower. 

           Fremea fires her bow at two of the Vong who have decided to
         split up and not be a group of 4.  But she notices the arrow
         does not copy itself.  The arrow hits Vong #3 from that
         group and kills him as he falls to the ground.  

           Ben'dar grins wildly as he senses the door close behind him
         and becomes visible to the horror of the four humans.   With his
         new found super speed he seems to be a ghost whirlwind.  He
         twists to stab toward the one Brigader shocked with the only
         sword out. Instead of using the spear point he twists and uses the
         full length of the spear to swipe at the head of the Brigader who
         is stopped over from the shuttle of bodies.  The spear edge smacks
         so hard onto the head of the human bones and skull crack with a
         surge of blood from his mouth and nose.  He falls dead before the
         barbarian pulls back.

           Z'leyra looks quickly in her mind's eye the 10 foot by 10 foot
         home.  With the door closed she hopes those in the tower didn't
         see some strange human divert inside like this.  But she figures
         maybe he was scared of the chariot.  The Vong not seeing the two
         must've not noticed.  Z'leyra sees Ben'dar kill on in front of her
         and twists to try to bash another.  Z'leyra swings at the human who
         tries to grab for his hilt.  The staff hits the human on his left
         upper chest just below the chest.  The blow is heavy enough to
         crush upper ribs and kill him before the man can hit the ground.

           The two Brigaders still alive draw a sword and one a dagger from
         his belt.  The dagger user swings at the air toward Z'leyra but
         her reach to the shaman is too far.  The sword man tries to swing
         at Ben'dar but its so wild he fails badly.

           Raban and Lin continue toward the tower now only about 70 feet
         from the Vong who have now spotted him.  

           Farseeker and Caladan continue to run eastward.

         [Time: 2:25:34 pm]

           The Merkabah roars in anger as he tries to pull another of his
         magical arrows out of his quiver. But he finds nothing there. He
         is empty.  He whips the horses to do a one more pass over the
         field.  Grunting to himself he directs the horse to speed toward
         the homes and see what is there.  

           Will does another circle around the tower and fires. This time
         the arrow hits the Vong talking into the orb in the chest doing
         a minor wound as blood is seen.  

           Fremea chases one of the fleeing Vong trying to duck behind
         a nearby Flyer and fires on his back.  The arrow impales deeply
         and finishes off the wounded creature killing him.  

           Ben'dar ducks the sword swung at him by the Brigader. As he ducks
         he thrusts his spear upward and stabs him in the upper left chest
         doing 5 points through his ribs.  But this time the man remains
         standing for now.

           Z'leyra swings at the man with the dagger and her reach is far
         better than his.  The staff breaks the man's left arm causing his
         bone to expose outside his arm spurting a smear of blood.  The man
         falls dead before the crack of his bone echoes through the
         shaman's ears.

           The last Brigader thrusts at Ben'dar but fails to him.

           Raban lands at the base of the tower and lets Lin stand.  Raban
         growls and reaches out with his hands toward the south west
         wooden strut and begins to push.  

           Lin is transfixed by the sheer power of the giant and watches
         without looking around him.  

           Farseeker and Caladan continue to run eastward.

         [Time: 2:25:37 pm]

           The Merkabah decides this is the fate of Balance.  To help
         or not to help.  He could land and kill many.  But he decides
         this is not his fight. He sends the horses upward toward the
         ceiling of the cavern - the fake roof. In seconds he uses his
         supernatural magic to pass through the Vong animal covering
         and out of sight. 

           Will does another circle and aims at one of the Vong who is
         watching the field.  This time the arrow is true and hit the
         Vong squarely in his chest doing serious damage around 19 points.
         The Vong is not killed but he is clearly upset by this hidden

           Fremea chases one of the other Vong wounded warriors and fires
         doing a light wound to his side.

           Ben'dar stabs the last brigader in his left shoulder doing the
         final damage to kill him.

           Z'leyra quickly begins the examination of the bodies. Other
         than the good 2 sets of leather (and 2 are now damaged) there
         are the four swords and three daggers.  She finds 15 gold coins
         and 12 silver coins from two of the men.  She pockets the coins
         so fast that a thief would drool if they saw it.    Z'leyra finds
         two small jewels on two of the men.  The first is nearly flawless
         looking but average clarity.  It is a Toadstone worth she figures
         maybe 6 Silver. The other is a Turquoise, severly flawed with average
         clarity but is worthless due to the cloudy nature.  

           Raban begins to use his shoulder to push the strut that heads from
         the ground to the bottom of the tower.  He begins to hear cracks
         and a bit of wobble but it may take a few more seconds.  

           Farseeker and Caladan notice the chariot is gone.  They are not
         sure where it went.  Both men duck behind the flyer of due east
         of the hole in the middle row (F31).  Caladan points to some
         confusion going on at the south east tower but can't determine
         at this range what it is or see what is making them agitated.
         Farseeker peers around and tries to select a course of action.

           Captain Lin now looks around and sees up above him one Vong is
         yelling down and glances around. He can spot a couple Vong's between
         the homes in the north end of the field.  

           Inside the SW tower that is being attacked by Raban, one of the
         Vong speaks into his Orb.  Another reaches down and pulls up a
         handgun sized weapon.  He leans over and fires a series of 5 small
         bugs toward Captain Lin.  All five though impact onto the ground
         next to him missing him by a few feet.  
         [Time: 2:25:40 pm]
         Actions? Comments?

         Next Update....Friday...

         GM: I had wanted to a zoomed in map for the Home Field and the Flyer
             field.  But a couple issues came up.  Mainly that the scale was
             huge.  When you can place a 100 story skyscraper on its back
             north to south its that long.  Same for 90 degree version going
             west to east.  I did come up with a scale like 12 hexes by 20
             hexes.  But the width was fine but the length of 20 hexes gave a
             scale of 50 feet per row.  It would still be too hard to read
             and figure out exact locations.  I suppose the best would've
             been a graphical map of 1 pixel = 2 feet.  But graphical maps
             are time consuming to edit and update (plus no artist).  If this
             was a table game I'd pull out of the classic game board hex maps
             and just use pencil.  Those were 30x30 hexes if I recall and would
             have been accurate and easy to figure out.  So gave up.  We'll
             try to use the below map.  It may be 'tough' to figure out where
             things are but you'll have to read the legend for the details.  It
             is also easier to maintain 1 map rather than 2 and coordinate them
             to one synch.  The caves above the ground area are all worked up
             in hex maps and are easy to use.  The scale for those things is
             easy to handle.  But for the ground floor it will be a bit
             harder so will have to just use basic rudimentary map below.
             In order to flesh out some data points I'll include positions
             for Vong on the below charts.  

         GM: Last warning - Netzero account will be ending in a day.  So
             emails will go AWOL.  Send to the comcast accounts from now
             on. Mana report is updated only from last update not this one.
             Will update from this update in a day or two. 

         GM: This is my only warning till end of adventure.  Keep the mana
             percentage used from the mana report.  If you need to know the
             exact mana used of course you can reverse engineer the % or
             ask me.  This cavern is the last major battle site.  But the
             caves that are above the large cavern still have to be
             handled.  So keep this in mind.  For those who went through
             the Climan #1 adventure even the super mana users lost mana
             at the end. :) If you need current sheets let me know as
             well.  I don't mind sending them any time.  

         GM: I did this update 30 seconds. Last one was 45 seconds to get
             folks to certain points.  BTW if you have standing orders like
             to kill all Brigaders on sight I will assume this.  If you want
             prisoners you will need to state.  Some may kill outcasts right
             out based on them being Vong.  So you will need to state
             otherwise. I will assume humans with no weapons and armor
             will be considered captives and treated kindly. I will do
             only 15 seconds for next update (5 phases).  So plan that
             wise.  If you need to redo spells let me know.  Then next
             week will likely go down to 3 phases per phase again.  This
             is due to the large number of people on the battlefield to
             coordinate.  Right now the Vong have just been surprised.
             This point they can only really scramble and not react -
             especially since most are invisible. The Vong WILL be over
             their initial shock next phase (ambush). They will act next
             phase.  Some did but without seeing what they were looking
             for couldn't do anything.  It has been 1 minute and 15
             seconds since chariot lifted up.  So surprise is over.  At
             two minutes (2:26:25 if I got it right) I will go ahead and
             randomly determine which area you go left or right (home/
             flyers).  Till then will remain in the tunnel.

        GM: Spells active

             Z'leyra -   Orient Self, Invisibility, Speed
             Ben'dar -   Speed
             Fremea  -   Invisibility
             Will    -   Armor Transmutation, Flight, Invisibility

             Note: Time tick marks are given so folks can calculate
             when spells would end based on durations.  I have it
             all charted out.  But don't be surprised if next update
             some spells end.  I keep the marks there so it can be
             tracked if so needed.  
        GM: Current Positions -

            Z'leyra/Ben'dar - Inside Home G9 [Top view], P3 (Side map]
            Chariot         - Gone/missing/left
            Raban/Lin       - SW Tower H7 [Top View], P2 [Side map]
            Will [30' high] - SE Tower I42 [Top view], O49 [Side view]
            Farseeker       - Flyer F31 [Top View], P36 [Side map]
            Caladan         - Flyer F31 [Top View], P36 [Side map]
            Fremea [20' up] - Flyer field D33 [Top view]
            Arawn, Chion    - Tunnel Q26 [Side map] below ground
            Kell, Kiet,Unali- Tunnel Q26 [Side map] below ground

            Homes/West Side  - Z'leyra, Ben'dar, Raban, Lin
            Flying Field/East- Fremea, Farseeker, Raban, Caladan
            Below ground     - Arawn, Chion, Kell, Kiet, Unali

            Vong known Positions - Not in homes - nearby D9
            Vong known Positions - Not in flyer - nearby
                 C31(2),C39(3),D31(3),F39(4) (#-Number found)
            Brigader Known place - Not in homes - nearby D11,G15,D13
            Brigader Known place - Not in flyer - nearby
            Vong/Brigade/Party - not marked on map (too cluttered for now)

         GM: Info on recon -

             Bowl homes - Upside bowls - 10 feet wide, 8 feet tall at zenith
                          Almost igloo shape.

             Overall map - North is top of screen /I\
             Scale - 1 Column = 20 feet
                     1 Row    =100 feet
             [Top View - from fake ceiling of cavern]

                            1         2         3         4         5
                A I%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%I
                B I%%%%%   X X X X                          %%%%%%%%%I
                C I%%%%% O X X X X               H H H H H  O %%%%%%%I
                D I%%%%%%  X X X X               H H H H H    %%%%%%%I
                E I%%%%%%' X X X X               H H H H H  '%%%%%%%%I
                F I%%%%%%  X X X X       U       H H H H H    %%%%%%%I
                G I%%%%%   X X X X               H H H H H     %%%%%%I
                H I%%%%% O X X X X               H H H H H  O  %%%%%%I
                I I%%%%%%  X X X X                            %%%%%%%I
                J I%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%I

         % = Rock wall
         X = Bowl Homes 10' at zenith height
         H = Vong flyers
         O = Raised observation post / tower 30' high
         U = Rabbit hole below this level is party's tunnel.
         ' = Vong ladder structure up

         Villagers say no caves are on the north and south walls.
         The caves starting 300' from this level are mid way or so
         on the wall along the ladder structures for entry.

             Mount Side View -
               Scale - 1 Column = 15 feet
                       1 Row = 50 feet  North=wall facing screen
             [Looking from one wall to the other wall.  Toward North
              wall with back to south wall.  Looking east/west.]

                            1         2         3         4         5
                  I###              Fake Vong ceiling             ###IA
                  I#                                                #IB
                  I#                                                #IC
                  I#                                                #ID
                  I#                                                #IE
                  I#                                                #IFCave
         Cave 1-> `#                                                #`G<-#4
                  I#                                                #IH
         Cave 2-> `#                                                #`I<-#5
                  I#                                                #IJ
         Cave 3-> `#                                                #`K<-#6
                  I#                                                #IL
                  I#                                                #IM
                  I#                                                #IN
        Mount     I#T                                              T#IO
        Ground --?I#]A_A_A_A_A_A_A_A__________________V__V__V__V__V[#IP
                  I                       Y<X                        IQ
                  I                      Z                           IR

             I = Rock wall, #=Vong ladder structure
             ` = Entrance to cave [open mostly]
             _ = Rock floor (Row P) ground floor
             A = Vong Bowl Home (10' high)
             V = Vong flyer
             T = Vong Tower (30' high)
             ],[=Base of Vong tower (wooden)
             X = Rabbit Hole opening 30' wide below cavern to tunnels
             Y = Tunnel of Treasure/Sentry cave (under ground floor)
             Z = Pit/Lake caves below elevation of Treasure cave tunnel
            1-6= Side caves on east/west walls

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