[pnpgm] Kiet after the scouting.

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Kiet looks over to his friend and smiles at Kell.  "How's that?" he says, clearly proud of his accomplishment.  "It's an especially useful tool when one must snoop.  I used it on the flying castle once to good effect."  Kiet knows that direct magic use against these Vong is dangerous, but obtuse stuff like this is what Kiet trained for.  It suits his nature.  Kiet is also very happy to get to use his magic...especially since he feels inadequate to the task of fighting...unless the Vong are trussed up like a holiday dinner bird. 

Kiet will head to the treasure room if we don't all head out soon.  Definitely want to check the contents of the barrels...why would the V ong keep/bring them?  Maybe there's something in one of them besides liquid?  T here's no real reason to keep the stuff in the barrels...so maybe dump it out ifno one objects? 

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