[pnpgm] Game Update #207 - File #1353 - Merkabah's eagerness...

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Wed Feb 1 22:48:19 CET 2012

OOC:  Yes Scott thanks for the desciption.  So if I am understanding
its like a hole in the middle of a lagre arena.

Will whispering to Kell says  “Maybe if he someone could put an
invisible head above the edge of the opining and see what happens when
he comes flying out and then while he draws there fire we could plan
an attack. “

On 2/1/12, Murtha, Mark <Mark.Murtha at dishnetwork.com> wrote:
> [Scott, that last description helped a lot. I didn't get it's like a
> manhole, and I do now.  Thanks!  Good updates btw.  I'm enjoying them.]
> [Please insert at the right time:]
> Pondering the strong possiblity of sticking his head up through the hole and
> promptly loosing his head gives Ha'Kell reason to pause.  The tall half-elf
> is figuratively and literaly attached to his head.  It's already been
> whacked extremely hard once and the idea of the same thing happening again
> isn't appealling, not at all.
> "Does anyone have a small mirror?  Just big enough to hold in my hand?" Kell
> asks.  "Climbing to the top of the hole, I can keep the mirror inside the
> hole and have a good look around.  Whilst I'm fond of my head, someone has
> to go look."
> ----------
> As the Markabath prepares his reigns Ha'Kell grins mischeviously, "Well, you
> can go fight all alone or wait and help us form a plan.  There could be a
> hundred of the Vong up there.  I know you're tough, but are you that tough?"
>  Thinking to himself, if this guy goes and starts a fight then we'll have
> the distraction we need to climb out of the hole and prepare to attack.
> Whilst he'll probably die, the distraction could be priceless.  [Heartless
> yes - Kell's in a heartless mood.]
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