[pnpgm] How much actions?

Scott Adams longshotgm at netzero.com
Sat May 29 01:33:06 CEST 2010

Good question.  No.  Those inside are not aware.  Once they are aware any actions posted will be from that poitn on.  Eventually i can and have to assume Raban leaves the house simply cause he will hae a backache bending over. So he by sheer figuring will be the first to notice a problem outside.  This is how I'm assuming it.  Though others could in theory leave sooner.  But will assume Raban to be the catalyst.

To clarify.
The Vong are moving east to West.  Riders NW to SE.  So reallyt eh vgon are running toward the party/houses and riders.

I know map can be confusing but read it on the website it doesn't remove teh tabs there.  

License.  Did someone request something like that?  I honestly forgot.  Tiehul did supply some documents for travel but nothign in terms of permits.  I'll have to consult my notes...

I can only assume Unali will order subudal attacks only since these are humans and...her people (Katai) not family. :)

Though she can't tell that.

There are no windows to the north int eh house just east and west.  So the Vong would be seen as distant points after some concentration might figure them to be Vong.  But riders would not be seen until at the house itself.

Roof- Slightly slanted but easy for Fremea to lie down on once is aware of situation.

Kiet - Flying monkeys!..cool keen idea!  Wheres my monster file...NEVER tempt a evil gm :)

Raban - Dispel is not auto but if its on you then youuse your MDV for a boost so its a good helper.  Problem is Bless is one of those religious thigns that would the god like you doing such?  In your case as a Bard and worshiper its one thing for that and another to remove a simple spell for say Farseeker.  OF course if its a life death situation then the goddess would condone it if there is an explanation in prayer or such?

I will assume Raban leaves as soon as house is figured to be clear.  If this is wrong John let me know.  Once outside you will notice the issue and can warn the others almost immediately to give 20-30 seonds.

Think I coverd it all?

At 11:11 AM 5/28/10, you wrote:
>   Scott, from your post it seems that only Zhou, Arawn and Kiet are aware of the new Vong and the Katai Riders. Others have posted their reaction to seeing such. Is the party aware or do Arawn/Zhou/Kiet need to warn them? Asking as it likely could affect Arawn's actions in the time-span allowed.
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>> Subject: [pnpgm] How much actions?
>> I believe I siad it would take 20-30 seconds for the horses to arrive ont eh basic scene. Plus or Minus for others - obviously Arawn, Wagona dn house will be relative time spans as each is closer.
>> Go ahead and plan for up to 30 secodns of actions.
>> Safe period - 10 seconds
>> Backup period - 11-20 seconds
>> Just in case period - 21-30
>> I'm not sure exactly how much I'll do. I may do all 30 seconds. But it depends on how they react to the Vong bodies and the headless one for example. That might prevent them suddenly from riding foward...
>> So that alone could add more reactiont ime.
>> Of course keep in mind spell durations as some might lapse.
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