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   Arriving too late to see to the Vong Arawn shakes his head slightly and tends to the medical needs of any who desire his aid (He'll use the Healer skill and refrain from using magic unless someone specifically asks him to cast the Healing spell. Healing Mist is also available if someone prefers that over Healer skill followed by Healing spell) before kneeling to study the Vong and it's symbiotes. He looks over not only weak points but also the general physiology, wishing he had time to study them in length. Unfortunately, now was not such a time.

   After Unali and Zhou are done speaking Arawn speaks up.


   "Perhaps it might be good to have a pair, perhaps Z'leyra and one other, scout ahead of us as intangible spirits. That we have already been discovered is a given but having a layout of the buildings, enemies, and victims could prove handy, especially when offered telepathically.

   And in regards to the Vong, perhaps after any innocents have been rescued and the enemy has dwindled in number we can try to recover one. As has been mentioned, torture isn't likely to be effective, not that I relish the thought, and they are magically resistant but not immune. The Sidh have ways that the Zen'da shamans do not. Alfar and elf can commune empathically and it might prove effective and, if not, then I would be willing to risk the backlash to enchant and compel cooperation to engage in conversation via Tongues. It is risky so will go with the group on this but, as I said, I am willing to do so, with proper preparation before hand."


   Icylius will gather some of the Vong insects, placing them in an empty flask.
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