[pnpgm] Chion's return

kzinti maouse kzinti_maouse at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 27 02:52:51 CET 2008

[Elam stands quickly and shoves Raban aside as gently
as he can and gets to Chion.]

Elam(I presume that was a typo): "You come back now!?"
[He whispers, he runs his hands through his hair and
looks out the front windows to see the guards
talking.] "Quickly get him upstairs and hide him.  I
think Jensen is here!"

Chion's reply is a rather natural innitial ignorance
of this man. He will walk over to the bar and say over
his shoulder, "He looks pissed that you are alive
Unali. Says he's from Clima. Seems ya buggered up his
plans for life and that of a few friends. I'm still
not convinced that's all there is to it. I need a
beer." Leaning on the bar he will grab a cup/mug and
fill it himself. "Never been a bartender. But good ale
pours itself, I guess."

He'll turn around (no doubt to a red-faced Elam) and
down his drink. "I'll carry him upstairs, no problem.
He's a slippery one." He will walk back over and get
ready to pick him up to carry him. He'll do a martial
strike to knock him out before picking him up (lemme
see, bound, helpless, sitting, odds are he's gonna get
ko'd). "That is for attacking Unali." And then carry
him upstairs to chere Cholan shows him to.

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