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   As Arawn assumes that Chion already left before Z'leyra had a chance to pass his message on to the wizard he now considering how best to avoid having his identity revealed and he will ask Elam if the Jenson is prone to casting spells to detect the presence of magic, especially illusions or invisibility. If Elam says indicatates that Jenson does not and will likely let them be after questioning at the tavern (as opposed to being brought somewhere else) then Arawn will cast Personal Illusion at maximum ability to disguise his face under the wrap.
   If Elam doesn't know or if Jenson is likely to use magic to uncover such deceptions then Arawn will excuse himself and let the party know he must leave for a short while. Afterwards he will find someplace private and then Teleport to the nearest discreet location that he can think of and then change clothes, use Personal Illusion to appear non-descript (and thus without a face wrap, at least in the illusion) and proceed back toward the area of the tavern but without entering, trying to keep out of sight, looking busy, and near a corner or other area where he can dip for a quick exit (teleport or other appropriate once there if necessary) if the guards should, for some reason, target him.
   All conversations above will be kept in a low voice to avoid being overheard by others outside of the party.

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