[pnpgm] Game Update #20 - File # 43 - Where is Chion?

J Hooten jhooten at binary.net
Wed Feb 6 00:44:18 CET 2008

  Raban grins at Unali's dismissing his offer, "I always watch my own 
back, but I assure you, watching your's would be far more pleasant. It 
is not in my nature to let any women be hurt if I can prevent it."

  Accused once more Raban sighs and says to Baron Gilon, "I do not 
recall having done anything in Malnon like you suggest occurred. So 
perhaps you can describe the event and also add how you found me here 
when you did. It may very well be you and I are both victims of slander 
by some associate of the assassin that was here. We appear to have been 
used as a diversion for the assassin's attack."
  And then he continues in a much colder voice, "I try hard to avoid 
unpleasantness, but I must answer your threat in kind. You know nothing 
about me, nor what I can do and I assure you,  you do not want me as an 
enemy. "
  Smiling he adds, "So lets work this out calmly before anyone does 
something they will regret."

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