[pnpgm] Game update #70 - File #284 - Enemy are examined

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Fri Aug 17 08:42:59 CEST 2007

  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1 John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Wayne Richardson/Uji..Thig..............Sidh MU.Normal/Faerry Ma
  W2 Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Bard  ..Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Orion (Paul Broman)...Trembyl...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W4 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R3 Scott Adams...........Xian..............Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  R4 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
     Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Boyzdar [Wolf] (Strie'bog),
     Game Web Site - http://www.funport.com/longshot/pbem
     Public posts/actions to pnpgm at abroere.xs4all.nl (mailing list)
     Private emails (not public actions) to longshot at darktech.org
     Game Update #70 in sequence (file #284)
     Admin notes: None. 

        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          Z'leyra doesn't bother to dispel the invisibility, letting it
          end naturally. She does what she can to patch the wounded and
          tries to diagnose the poisons. If they are death poisons she
          will use her Bezoar to cure them. If they are paralytic she will
          ask Bohusara if she can cure paralytic poisons.

          As Bohusara appears to be better at magical healing she will
          suggest that those most badly hurt who aren't risking death
          by having magical healing have Bohusara do the magical healing
          after Z'leyra has used her healing skill for bandaging. Those
          less badly hurt (and not risking death by healing magic) could
          be healed by any that know a healing spell after bandaging.
          Those magically healed and still injured will get another
          bandaging from Z'leyra.

          As we don't have to rush off somewhere immediately Z'leyra
          suggests that the injured and previously healed not risk death
          and rest till the morrow before getting more healing.

          Z'leyra asks the party if anyone knew what those things were
          that we had been fighting.

          If the enemy that ran is spotted Z'leyra will join in the
          pursuit after doing what healing she can for those hurt.
        GM: Ack. 


        From Chion: [Re: Actions]
          [Thig: "Strange thing is I sense no magic from them.
           Not from them or their odd equipment.  In fact its as if
           their life force is not detected as well."]

          Chion thinks to himself, "A construct perhaps? Black blood
          could be some sort of animating fluid. But these certainly
          don't seem to be balance creatures." He will continue to
          examine them and do a detect magic on the weaponry and
          armorment of one of them. Also, out of habit he will see if
          they have any more of the thrown items (pockets anyone) or
          any currency on them. He'll then do a detect poison to see
          what all glows.
        GM: Ack. 

     [New Stuff]

         GM: First some business.

             I assume there were no problems with the Experience
             and Item Damage reports among the other comments from
             the combat.  That's good.  We'll move on.  

             It has come to my attention a person didn't get a recent
             email pertaining to the game.  This is one reason I put
             posted actions above in the recap section - along with
             personal comments that may be needed.  I will from now
             on comment on any emails I send to folks and any
             emails I get from folks as a Ack in that regard.  So
             if you don't see it.  It never got out or got to me. :)

         [Decalis 16th, 107th day since left Marentia, 42nd day of
          Adventure #3 of the 1633rd year [TH].]

          [Location: Pavassa Forest - Eastern Edge/On Plains/Cabin]
          [Time    - 10:45am]

          [Five or so hours before the combat at Lake Oca - ]

            [Arawn decided to take the risk and question the
             dead corpses about their plot and intentions.  He
             warns the others of this risk.  Many have put their
             opinion on this already like Farseeker.  Some believe
             such use of magic is "dark" or "evil".  Such magic is
             useful only to Necromancers who tend to go power mad or
             simply mad talking to the dead.  Many in the party
             are amazed this Alfar who would be so close to godhood
             would risk such a thing.  But maybe he has some protection
             against the risk. Farseeker, Trembyl and Xian avoid the
             situation by going to the other side of the cabin (now a
             pile of debris).  This way they can avoid the sight of any
             spirits summoned by Arawn. Bohusara and Thig take the
             horses into the forest to protect them from the danger.
             Corona watches from a tall tree  and Boyzdar watches over
             the horses with Bohusara. This leaves Ben'dar, Chion,
             Strie'bog, Unali and Z'leyra to watch the unusual magic.]

            GM: This situation was talked about by Arawn in past
              actions weeks ago.  Since no one replied to his actions
              and comments he has now decided to go through with it.
              But since no one in particular other than Farseeker
              commented on it I must assume you sit and watch the
              scene and take the risk.  :)  This is a retro action
              but it could've been discussed weeks past.

            [Z'leyra stands a good 15 feet away from Arawn.  She
             knows her necklace might interfere with the spirit.
             Arawn selects his first target as the Red Witch.  The
             one Strie'bog personally killed in the last room.  He
             places his hand on her stomach and casts the Dark Knowledge
             spell words.  The party then waits and listens.  But
             only the wind of the plains and the cold air is felt or
             seen.  Arawn figures it to have failed.  He concentrates
             again and recasts the spell.  Within a few seconds a
             ghostly white image of the redhead is seen.  Mostly a red
             aura of hair and her face.  Below is just wispy white
             fog of sorts.  She drifts from person to person and
             seems to stare at each person nearby.  She stops on
             Strie'bog and snarls but doesn't say anything.  Arawn's
             protection for the group seems to hold.  Arawn speaks
             in Humagi his first question.]

            Arawn: "What is the product mentioned in the letter sent
               from Katai?"

            [The witch drifts over to Arawn and looks for a second
             or two then in a ghostly voice replies in Humagi.
             Strie'bog translates for the others.]

            Witch: "The product is what grows and what moves and
              what works and what protects, or so I'm told."

            [With that the spirit disappears.  Arawn realizes he
             must only be allowed one question.]

            [Arawn recasts it on the Red Witch's body.  Again the
             spirit returns this time seemingly more angry by the

            Arawn: "Why was it important to keep the Green Lady alive?"

            Witch: "They demanded it."

            [With that the spirit disappears again.  With that
             Arawn goes to the officer he killed with Katai Uniform.
             He casts the spell on that corpse.  This time the
             full ghostly form of the man appears and seems to
             just hover in place.  Seemingly not upset by the others
             in his presence.  Arawn asks a new question.]

            Arawn: "What is Chu Yu's goal?"

            Spirit: "Power."

            [With that the ghost simply disappears.  Arawn frowns
             in frustration.  Now he realizes why Necromancers
             must go mad!  These answers aren't too helpful.]

            GM: Ok.  Arawn those are the questions you asked in the
                email.  If you question others or pursue it let
                me know.  But there will be a point this retro action
                will be gone once the lake investigation begins. it
                won't be permitted anymore.  5 Castings, 2 Failures
                and 3 successes.  Arawn your now EL1 in this spell.
                This means you get 2 questions (EL+1) per casting.
                Cost would be 12 (EL0) or 14 (EL1) per casting
                (2 mana to protect the watchers).  You just spent
                60 mana in the above questions.  You're near your
                daily limit (30 mana).  So if you cast more spells
                down below say in the forest or pursuit will need
                to save the mana.  Otherwise you can cast 2-3 more
                Dark Knowledge spells.  :).  Let me know!

            GM: Z'leyra - Arawn also offered to resurrect the Eagle
                that came to help Bohusara summoned by Strie'bog.
                You never replied.  He mentioned this in the private
                email rather than posting here.  So I post here
                as a note to you only to remind you off the past
                offer.  Since you didn't reply then guess your not
                interested in it.


          [Location: Pavassa Forest - Lake Oca/Deep Forest]
          [Time    -  4:01pm]
          [Weather -  Overcast, 62 Degrees]

          [Z'leyra passes from person to person to check the most
           severe wounds.  When she gets to Trembyl he asks for
           her study of him and if he can stand another healing.
           She knows Trembyl's constitution is strong.  His strong
           stamina is a plus.  Her healer training has taught her
           to detect a person's chance of death.  In her opinion
           he has no chance of death.  With that she quickly does
           basic bleeding stopping and casts a healing spell on
           Trembyl. His wounds completely heal up and so does not
           need intense bandages.  Trembyl thanks her as she quickly
           moves from person to person.]

          [Arawn tromps around the forest when he hears horses coming
           from the south.  he comes close to the tree line to see
           Vassa dismount and talk to Bohusara.  They seem harmless
           so Arawn turns back to look around the forest.  All
           he can find is the body of #17 that he killed earlier.
           The forest is so thick and wide in this area it could
           take days to completely search.  He wonders which direction
           to go.]

          [Ben'dar gives up trying to move and warn the others.
           Z'leyra quickly checks him over and closes his eyelids
           for now.  The cold breeze would hurt and sting his eyes
           so she does this for comfort.  Ben'dar wonders if its
           a good time to nap?]

          [Strie'bog continues to stare out at the battlefield
           and recalling images and stories.  He seems to just
           stare in shock.]

          [Trembyl tends to the horses and ensures none are hurt
           by the enemy.]

          [Unali also finds her eyes closed by Z'leyra but finds
           it irritating not to see anymore at least for now.  Its
           better to see your death coming.  But she feels she
           is safe now even if she can't see what's going on she
           can hear things.]

          [Chion, Thig, Xian and Farseeker take a keen interest in
           the enemy bodies and their gear.  Chion leans down
           over one body with the staff by his side.  He casts
           a Detect Magic spell and finds nothing on the entire
           person or his body.  He casts a Detect Poison and
           finds the head of the staff glows but it doesn't seem
           to pinpoint a area directly.  Chion looks over his
           shoulder to Unali and Ben'dar.  So the poison is
           for sure in the staff.  Farseeker tells that one
           staff opened up and some snake like thing lunged
           out.  Very strange.]

          [Thig finds the object that hit him and examines it
           closely in his fingers.  Its the size of a large
           marble it seems.  He sniffs it and brings it up to
           the bright sun.  He then sees two pairs of wings.
           Startled he turns the object around.]

          Thig: "The flying things look like bugs.  They have wings.
            Two eyes and a small mouth with pinchers like a bug
            that would bite and bore.  That may explain their damage
            and their ability to travel back tot he thrower.  This
            one is squished.  My guess once they hit a person if
            they don't continue to bore they must die on impact
            if hard enough with enough force.  Thrown bugs that
            can hurt.  Who would've thought of that!"

          [Xian examines the close with his staff and dagger.  Not
           wanting to directly touch the person.  Those who
           examine the bodies notice the black thick leather clothing
           of each warrior.  Its thick enough to keep warm in the
           cold and appears to be from animals than synthetic made.
           The shirt and pants seem to be thick and could be a
           layer of quilted like armor.   There is a thick leather
           belt around each warrior's waist.  There seems to be
           no jewelry or rings of any kind.  He touches the
           dagger on the warrior's belt and then with gloved hands
           draws it slowly.  Nothings seems to happen.  The blade
           seems to be bone sharp rather than metal.  The blade
           itself seems to be normal dagger length with sharp
           edges for slicing tissue or bone.  The hilt of the
           dagger seems to be soft and fleshy of some brown like

          [With gloves hands Chion attempts to search for money or
           other objects on the enemy.  At least 3 are searched
           but there doesn't seem to be anything.  In fact other
           than the empty leather pouch there seems to be no
           pockets on their pants or shirt.  No water skins or
           anything.  Chion looks at the thick viscous blood
           of the bodies like syrup.  He wonders if these are
           creations just like the Water Creature Bohusara created.
           But what about their equipment?  That would take much
           powerful magic to create those things as well.]

          [Meanwhile Z'leyra tries to study Ben'dar and Unali
           after doing basic triage on the others.  Her Healer
           skill is very limited in poisons.  She doesn't have
           a good training in poisons.  She knows basic things
           like gray skin or dead looking skin tends to detect
           death poisons.  While symptoms like this seem to
           be purely paralytic.  They can't move at all but they
           seem to respond with slight eye focus.  Course that
           could be just reflex.  With satchel in hand she considers
           trying the Bezoar but that's for death poisons.  Frustrated
           she asks Bohusara if she knows anything about poisons.
           Bohusara leaves her son's side and comes forward.]

          Bohusara: "I know only the magic side mostly.  Priests
            have a spell to negate poison.  I know such magic.
            If your not able.." [she looks up but instead of
            looking down at Z'leyra, not to embarrass she smiles]
            "I can try.  I'm glad to help."

          [She places her hand on Unali after kneeling down.  She
           casts a spell with a supernatural tongue and a green
           aura fills over Unali's body.  Suddenly Unali jerks
           her eyes open and sits up.  She looks around not
           unfrozen by the poison and feels her wounds.  She
           lays back down and grunts.  Z'leyra tells her she
           will need to be patched up and healed.]

          [Bohusara goes to Ben'dar and starts to place a hand
           down when a brown headed bird lands nearby.  Bohusara
           looks down but the bird seems to chirp.  Bohusara
           picks the bird up and listens for  a few seconds.
           Then with her other arm casts the Negate poison on

          [With a rage filled relief Ben'dar jerks up and quickly
           announces that one has fled the scene.  He quickly
           stands and looks for his pike. Where is his pike? Oh
           there it is.]

          [Farseker who has been looking at the enemy's staff closely
           stands and asks where.  Ben'dar points to where he
           was and growls.]

          Farseeker: "We better get after him."

          [Bohusara quickly chats with the bird and then lets it
           fly to the west.]

          Bohusara: "Sorry.  My friends just told me.  There is
            indeed two of them fleeing north-west."

          Farseeker: "Two?!"

          [Ben'dar does a double take.  He only recalls the one
           that almost killed him and Tef'wo.  Then recalls the
           warrior did look up and seem to react to something?
           Another person?]

          Bohusara: "Yes.  They are on foot and probably have a good
            five minute head start."

          [Ben'dar finds Tef'wo and gives the horse a big hug.
           Something he tries not to do in public.  But he knows
           the horse did save his life.  Ben'dar checks over
           Tef'wo and finds him completely healed.  Bohusara
           did a wonderful job of healing him.  Rage fills his
           soul as he mounts Tef'wo and swings his pike around.]

          Farseeker: "Who is going?"

          Xian: "We still have wounded here.  It could be a trap.
            Be careful."

          Actions? Comments?

          Next update Monday...

          Arawn - If you join the others you'd have better hurry
             as your deep in the forest.  As to past Dark Knowledge
             spell questions see above.  Your still wounded.

          Ben'dar - Have anything to add? :)  I guess you'll be
             going after the fleeing person.

          Chion - I've not gone into detail of the armor or staff
             yet.  Will do that likely in next few updates.  But
             do you have more specific questions on the bodies
             like questions on particular objects or body parts?

          Strie'bog - Sent you email few weeks ago on some memories.

          Unali - Now unparalyzed but your still massively hurt.
            You could be healed but would take Bohusara if you
            want to risk the new healing.  See last update for
            healing death chance.

          Z'leyra - You said you'd want to join in the chase. But
            you still got Unali to tend to among others.  Can't
            do both healing and chase.  Which do you wish to
            pursue further?

          GM: Who goes on the chase?  I will resolve or start the
              chase in Monday's update.  So need to know by
              Monday night.  If not you stay by lake.  

          GM: Still got the list of actions below to resolve.
              Since not much actions posted I list them to
              get folks organized into topics :)

          GM: Player / Companion Status

                  Player       HPV Status        Healings Today
                  Arawn          60% [Moderate]         1
                  Strie'bog      15% [Heavy]            1
                  Unali      **   7% [Critical]         1  
                  Boyzdar        66% [Moderate]         1

          GM: So actions and comments -

              1. Vassa? Anything on them?
              2. Dead and their gear?
              3. Wounded: Strie'bog and Unali do you want to
                 risk another healing?
              4. Original issue - brown lake!
              5. Role-playing
              6. Other stuff?

          GM: Will work on Monday's update around 9pm EST.  These
              updates will be short unless long actions are
              posted.  :)  


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