[pnpgm] Game Update #1 - File #1 - Party leaves Caladan's village

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Fri Dec 1 08:14:15 CET 2006

  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R1 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Wayne Richardson/Uji..Thig..............Sidh MU.Normal/Faerry Ma
  Do Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Artist..Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Orion (Paul Broman)...Trembyl...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R3 Scott Adams...........Xian..............Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
     Animals: Ventrius/Pogo [Dogs] (Thig), Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra,
              Boyzdar [Wolf] (Strie'bog), 1 Draft Horses, 1 Wahorse Iv
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     Game Update #1 in sequence (file #1)
     Admin notes:  Welcome to the start of Adventure #3.
     [New Stuff]

        GM: Welcome to the 3rd Adventure in the Campaign for P&P.
          Hopefully this will be a short one.  We've gained 2 new
          players (Strie'bog and Ben'dar) to the old party and
          lost 4 old pals (Jordi, Balrog, Caladan, Kasha).  But
          they may return. The party is down to 9 players, 1
          wolf, 2 spare horses and 1 eagle.  So its a smaller
          party than before.

        GM: Minor mistake in Character Sheets.  A clerical error
          of course made by others not me!  Climbing Max ELs may
          be figured totally wrong.  I'll be going through and
          redoing them.  


        GM: Treasure from Adventure #2. 

        *  Treasure Sold

              GC     SC    CC    BB       Treasure Sold
            1430      -     -     -       Horses Sold
             363      6     -     -       Armor
               9      9     8     -       Books
               7      7     3     -       Clothing
               4      -     -     -       Gems, Jewels, Jewelry
              15      7     4     9       Miscellaneous Items
               3      6     4     -       Scrolls
             246      4     -     6       Weapons
             569      2     8     8       Money

           1216      41    27    23       Total
           1220       3     9     3       Total After conversion

        * Expenses
             Money Conversion [L'p'nth to Marentian] - - 4%
             Fence/Contact Fees                      - - 7%
             Storage Expenses (Warehouses, etc.)     - - 5%
             Transportation Fees (Moving Treasure)   - - 4% 

             Total Expense Percentage - 20%

             Total Expenses paid out -  246 GC

             Final Totals

              GC     SC    CC    BB       Treasure Sold
            976       3     9     3       Total After Expenses

            [If done through legal channels and kingdom contacts.
             Expenses would've been as high as 43%  Due to taxes
             and such.]

            total Party members    - 13
            Party Share per person - 75 GC

        * Selling Details.

          [As Jordi, Kasha and Balrog head south on the four rafts
           that are manned by merchants and traders but helped by
           Zen'da warriors it takes a few days to get to Cholchara.
           As they do they berth and store the treasure until they
           can find a larger ship to return via the river south to
           Sivas.  It turns out 2 days later Damon is spotted on
           his freighter.  The one the party captured in Clima and
           given to him by the King.  Damon agrees to store the
           treasure but doesn't have room for the horses.  So the
           horses are sold in Cholchara for a good price.  Many
           days later in Sivas Damon's ship arrives and stores the
           materials.  Kasha seeks out his Moneylender and other
           contacts to buy the materials.  The books are sold in
           a boot shop along with the scrolls normally.    The
           clothing is sold to tailors around Sivas for material
           or re-sell.  The Gems are sold for 4 Gold to the
           Moneylender Kasha knows.    The miscellaneous items
           are sold in various markets and shops around the city.
           The money is in bulk L'p'nth coins.  So a fee has to
           be paid to convert the coins to Marentian.  The
           armor and weapons are sold by Kasha's fence contact
           on the black market.  Being a friend he has other
           contacts willing to buy arms and armor.  Some of
           the arms and armor will eventually be resold back to
           Marentian authorities.    Many of the armor and weapons
           are sold in bulk so not as worth as much as smaller
           portions.  But by far Kasha's friend treats the trio
           fairly.  The Fence contact takes a 7% of the share in
           order to sell it with no questions asked.  He has to
           bribe and do other things in the market to facilitate
           the sells.  Doing it openly would get a visit by the
           Tax Collector and King's Guard.  Many of the Armor and
           Weapons will be sold over a few weeks and not right away
           to looks suspicious to others.]

          GM: 975/13\75 Gold per person.  The 1 GC, 3 SC, 9 CC and
            3 BB that is left over the Trio will use for personal
            expenses during the trip (food, inns, etc.).  So
            this gives a equal 75 Gold per share.

          GM: The following scrolls are sent to Kaylle for study
            and translation.

                                     Number        Price/Notes
        L'p'nth Magical Journals       3        1-5 SC Per
        L'p'nth Travel Journals        4        4 SC Per
        L'p'nth Personal Letters   65 Letters, notes    Can't determine
        L'p'nth Inventory List        1         1 BB       Castle Inventory?
        L'p'nth Old Letters           6         ????       Can't read
        L'p'nth Old Message           2         ????       Can't read
        L'p'nth Message Scroll        2         ????       Can't read
        L'p'nth Old Proclamations     3         3 CC Per   Can't read
        Coded Scrolls                 3         ????       Encoded
        Treasure Maps                 7         ????       In L'p'nth, coded

          [the trio figures these to possibly have vital clues on Ezam
           and the Caladan's activities.  These in a box are sent to
           Malnon's library run by Kaylle.]

        [The Fence it turns out can not sell the single plate armor
         worth 150 gold.  No buyers.  It could be difficult to sell
         being a suit of distinctive armor.  It will be stored at
         Duke Aren's estate until a buyer can be found.  Farseeker
         might take it for use travelling around the kingdom but
         not abroad.]


         [Magic items sold will have be done with Jordi's help and
          Kasha's contacts around the city as best they can.]

          Talisman - Summoning -   Sold for     55 GC  [Discounted]
          Talisman - Light Def -   Sold for    110 GC  [Full price]
          Potion   - Mana Reading -Sold for     17 GC  [Discounted]
          Potion   - Influence -   Sold for     18 GC  [Full price]
          Amulet   - Prot vs Bal - Sold for     21 GC  [Discounted]

          Total from Magic Items sold: 221 GC
          Party share per person     :  17 GC


         Treasure share    : 75 GC
         Magic share       : 17 GC
         Total Per person  : 91 GC


         GM: Magic Dagger  goes to Ben'dar
             Magic Ring    goes to Chion
             Wand          goes to Chion
             Enhanced Ruby goes to Unali

         GM: So I will add 91 Marentian Gold Coins to each character
           sheet.  Won't be able to access that money until the
           party returns to Marentia.  The share is about 1/3rd the
           amount I estimated.  But the guess was BEFORE claims were
           taken off.  Before party gave horses and supplies to the
           Zen'da.  But 91 Gold is good for one adventure.  Though
           it might not occur again for a few adventures. :)
           I will update character sheets again with the magic items
           and re-send your new sheets to you probably in a few days.


         GM: I'm glad to see the conflict on the Ring solved without
           spite.  Since no more conflicts treasure is resolved.
           Z'leyra enhanced the Sapphire and Ruby.  She also added
           enchantments to the Magic Dagger's Sheath she made and
           gave to Unali.  I will update the character sheets and
           send you updates on the info.


         From Unali: [Re: Previous rituals]
         [After seeing Ben'dar exit the ritual completely green, Unali
          will approach Cetric.]

         Unali: "The offer extends to us women as well I gather. In
           that case I would gladly take part in the vision ritual."

         [Cetric hems and haws shifting his feet.  Then looks around
          and replies to Unali.]

         Cetric: "Of course.  Even the children are allowed at a
           certain age.  We've learned kids under 8 should not as
           the visions can scare them.  From age 8 to 13 we have
           to have someone in the lodge with them.  That comes about
           from a vision a boy saw that resulted in the death of
           4 of his family members at his hands.  The boy seems
           to have mis-read the vision.  Teens can do it alone.  Women
           are allowed as well during these open periods but most
           of the year they are not allowed in the lodge.  But
           you are free to do so."  [He waves at hand at the lodge
           and nods then walks off.]

         [Unali spends a few hours in the lodge and does have a vision.]
         GM: Emailed privately.

         [Unali immediately offers to join the party up t the Great
         Unali: "I will accompany you to the North. Family, in whatever
           shape it comes, is most important. But I do hope we can find
           some nice warm furs where we are going, because it is getting
           cold around here."

         [Unali will ask Caladan while still in the village if there
          are any black furs she could trade for. She is looking for a
          fur cowl (black, at least double quality, fur blanket, fur
          lined trousers (black), fur lined jerkin (black), new leather
          boots (black) and fur lined gloves (black).

        Caladan: "I'm sorry.  The furs around here are white, gray or
          brown.  We rarely see black here including the black bear.
          The traders on the river may have some of those furs. If
          they don't have to be black we could spare some others?"

        [Unali will hug Balrog before he leaves]
        Unali: "Travel safely, friend, and we will meet again in Maren."

        Balrog: "Thanks.  I do like your style with a dagger."

        [Unali turns to Kasha.  Kasha stands with arms wide.]

        Unali: "Travel well my friend. And if you are so kind to drop
          of this horse and my share of the treasure at Aren's house,
          I am sure it will be safe there."

        [Kasha frowns and his arms sink slightly.]

        Kasha: "No hug?" [He gives a sly grin] "Sure I'll drop them
          off at the Duke's place."


        From Chion:

        [Chion will state to the group:]

        Chion: "It is sometimes best not to know of one's future, for
          time does not always flow in a straight line. To know a future
          is to know a past. To know a past is to know a future. To be
          in the present is the best way to know all three. My time for
          visions is in the future."

          -OOC: He got really wise all of a sudden... or at least wise
          like an ancient chinese fortune teller. As opposed to his
          previous insanity plea.

        [Balrog's face clears in confusion then he leans to Kasha.]
        Balrog: "What? Nevermind.  So what is verdant anyways?"
        Kasha: "I'll tell you later."


        From Ben'dar:
        [OOC:  <Ben'Dar claps and whistles as the credits roll.  Then
         he throws his half-eaten bucket of popcorn into the air,
         showering everyone in the theater with buttery kernels of

        GM: Well I'm like Lucas.  Put credits at the end.  So I have
          to pay the Writer's Guild extra for it.  :<


        [Ben'Dar listens to the talk about the vision quest of Strie'bog.
         He is quiet and seems to have a doubtful look on his face as he
         glances at Cetric.  However, he nods at Trembyl's suggestion
         that Z'leyra may be able to use her healing skills to help
         Strie'bog's mother.  He looks expectantly at Z'leyra to hear
         what she will say about it and smiles when she volunteers to
         help.  Ben'Dar stands and looks over the faces of his companions,
         stopping last at Strie'bog's.]

        Ben'dar: "My ways are not the ways of healing and nurturing.  I
           do not think I can do much to help your mother, but I will do
           what I can to help you in this quest.  You have proven yourself
           many times on the battlefield. I would be honored to be called
           your friend."

        [Regarding the claw, Ben'Dar stiffens at the suggestion of
         destroying the claw.]

        Ben'dar:"Yes, more study is needed.  If we can only understand
          it, we can surely use it."

        [Ben'Dar is saddened but not surprised to hear that Jordi will
         not continue with them.  He pats the elf on the shoulder,]

        Ben'dar: "You must be missing your wife, friend Jordi.  Good
          travels to you.  Please feel free to stay at the ranch when
          you return to Marentia and see how your colt, Velox, is doing.
          You will be surprised at how big he is and how far he has come
          with his training in such a short time! If you must return to
          your homeland, you may take him with you and complete his
          training in your own land.  If, on the other hand, you want
          to remain in Marentia and bring Neva to your side there, the
          ranch is open to you now and forever as your home.  Oh, one
          more thing, please give this to my steward at the ranch?"

        [Jordi nods.]

        [If Jordi agrees, Ben'Dar says,]
        Ben'dar: "Thank you,"

        [Ben'dar hands Jordi a note with instructions to his steward
         regarding operations at the ranch with a request for a full
         report on the goings-on at the ranch since he's been gone to
         be sent back to Ben'Dar via messenger.]

        Jordi: "I will deliver it.  I feel pushed to return to home.
          Some feeling.  Its hard to explain."

        [Ben'Dar clasps hands with Kasha and says,]

        Ben'dar: "You are a lethal warrior and a good man.  Yes, please
          deliver my share of the treasure to my ranch.  And while we are
          speaking of the ranch....  An honest person with skills and
          abilities such as yourself would be a great help on the ranch.
          I have a highly skilled contingent of guards there that I would
          like you to be the captain over, if you're interested?  You
          will be well-paid and have plenty of benefits, plus you'll
          get to ride some of the finest horses in Marentia!  There may
          be some travel involved to deliver horses to various markets
          and to purchase new horses, so the job will never get boring.
          What do you say?"

        Kasha: "I'm honored.  I'm not one for staying in one place
          for too long.  But I am getting older and changing." [He
          thinks over the offer for a minute or two] "I could help
          out in things until you return which shouldn't be long.
          At least make sure the guars you hired are honest." [He grins]

        [If Kasha agrees, Ben'Dar will give him a signed note for him to
         deliver  to the ranch steward regarding the arrangement.]

        Kasha: "Thank you.  I will deliver the note.  But I may be
          busy for 3-4 weeks with the selling of the treasure.  So
          we'll see how things go.  My contacts are ..edgy so have
          to find them in one place or another."

        [Ben'Dar says to Bal'rog,]

        Ben'dar: "You are skilled with horses and with the subtle art
          of....negotiating.  I may have an interesting opportunity for
          you when you return to Marentia.  I need a skilled agent who
          doesn't mind a little travel, someone who knows his way around
          cities, and is skilled in the art of buying and selling.  The
          pay would be very lucrative, plus the opportunities to see new
          places and meet new people throughout the land may also be to
          your advantage.  Will you help me build the most renowned, and
          most profitable, horse- trading business in the land?"

        Balrog: "I don know my way around the cities.  So you want me
          to welcome guests and show them around.  That in itself
          could be lucrative if they are rich folks yes.  You hear
          things like tips doing such jobs.  I'm more prone to the
          cities so this would be a welcome change of pace for me
          than dying out here in the woods..  Yes I'll do it."

        [If Balrog agrees, Ben'Dar will give him a signed note for him
         to deliver to the ranch steward regarding the arrangement.
         Balrog takes the note and puts it in his vest with a gleam
         in his eye.  He grabs his amulet in his tunic and runs his
         fingers on it.  Thinking to himself.]

        [At Caladan's announcement, Ben'Dar nods and smiles.  He claps
         Caladan on the back and says loudly enough for Durge to hear,]

        Ben'dar: "You will lead your people in honor and glory, my
          brother!  If you ever have need of me, you can always call on
          me, for I am your friend."  [Thenmore quietly, for Caladan's
          ears only, he adds,] "You have taught me much.  You have been
          an elder brother to me and I am grateful for your wisdom.
          May the spirits guide and protect you always."

        [Caladan raises both hands.  He moves his arms above Ben'dars.
         So that each hand is near Ben'dar's elbow.  This is a common
         Zen'da warrior greeting. He squeezes then releases and lowers
         his arms again.]

        Caladan: "Thank you.  I don't know if I will lead the tribe
          forever.  But I suspect this winter I will be doing a lot
          of thought on it as I rest.  I'm sure I may see you all
          again in the spring.  I hope.  I still have my forest
          home in Marentia to maintain.  If you are going up north
          could there be a chance you may encounter some of your


        From Chion: [Re: Claw]

        [Chion suggests the following,]

        Chion:  "Do what you will with the thing. I would like a chance
          to delve into it with similar spells as the others, but the
          outcome will probably be similar. I would suggest that you
          may usemy name as to whom took it to the east. It will be a
          half truth, as I have teleported to the east with it (refering
          to going to the castle). Perhaps this will be more believable
          if challenged. Any retribution I recieve will be just
          compensation for the castle and I am willing to accept that."

        GM: Some of that may be mis-typed :)  But its a direct quote.
          I'm not sure exactly the point?  Sorry Marcel.

        [Regarding the trip north,]

        Chion:  "There is much land in this world I have not seen yet.
          The north is one such place. I would enjoy seeing the great
          forest. I am sorry that your father had to make such a choice.
          To be forced between love and worse than death is not
          something anyone should have to face in a balanced world"


        GM: When I work on the website and new calendar I will be
          redoing the day numbers.  in theory Day 66 will be Day 1.

        [Day 66 - 6am]

        [At sunrise the party is packed.  The women have been up for
         the past 3 hours with some of the teens packing.  Some the
         party helped as well while most of the men slept. The wagon
         the party got from the Bova tribe is large enough to carry
         most of the treasure.  But its weighed down.  Tied down
         with rope and tarps it takes 4 horses to haul it all
         at a slow pace.  From Caladan's village it will take little
         over 3 days to get to the river as its 67 miles slightly
         west/north west.  This day the weather is warmer and even
         gets up to low 80s as a warm front enters the area.  It is
         only partly cloudy.  The only weather issue today would
         be a wind storm.]

        [Day 67]

        [Another day that gets even hotter.  Temperatures soar into
         the high 80s maybe as high as 90.  The sky is clear which
         makes the night very nice as a moon is out.  Another wind
         storm erupts today.]

        Farseeker: "Winter huh?"

        [Gidwani is leading the Zen'da riders with the party as his
         brothers Durge and Caladan remain in the village.]

        Gidwani: "It can be hot for another few weeks.  But no longer
          than that.  It is unusual weather."

        Thig: "What happened to Grog the Giant?"

        Gidwani: "The one you killed by accident?  You must understand
          we Zen'da do not leave any material.  We use bones for tools
          and utensils.  We use fur and hair for clothing and such
          materials.  We use the meat for food or trade.  We use
          everything of an animal."

        Thig: "You ate him?"

        Gidwani: "We had an uneasy alliance.  It was clear the bugs
          was affecting his activities.  The blue bugs must've been
          on him for awhile.  He was dead.  If we had left him to
          the wild packs of bear, foxes and wolves would've increased
          in the immediate area near our village.  That could be
          a problem.  We had to use every part of him."

        Thig: "Wait the food we ate in the camp?"

        Gidwani: "No.  Caladan explained it would offend you.  What
          we fed you were deer and rabbit meats.  Some snakes."

        [Balrog covers his mouth and murmurs]
        Balrog: "Snakes?"
        [Balrog falls behind not wanting to hear more.]

        [Gidwani goes on to explain customs of north tribes and
         what to do and not to do when meeting them.  The Keloms
         given by Gib'borah should be a free pass.]

        [Day 68]

        [Today the temperatures drop down again to the low 80s.
         The clouds come in and it becomes cloudy.  Little after
         7am a light drizzle drenches the riders for about 4 minutes.]

        [Day 69]

        [Today the weather gets worst as clouds thicken and becomes
         overcast.  Temperatures drop and the high only gets to
         about 66 today.  A dust storm that lasts for about 8 minutes
         is the main concern but is typical on plains with high winds.]

        [Time: 9:44am]

        [The last 7 miles are covered and finally the river is seen.
         Waiting on the river bank looks to be a camp of about 30
         non-zenda and some zenda.  They are camped and waiting.
         There seems to be four large wide river boats on the shores
         of the slow moving river.]

        [Gidwani rides ahead and meets with their leader.  A burly
         man with furs all over looking like a norse trader.  They
         talk and haggle for some time.  Then Gidwani waves the
         party on.]

        Gidwani: "He will load rice, meat and other supplies we need
          for winter onto our horses and the wagon once we unload
          the wagon.  He will take the treasure and the four going
          back to Cholchara.  But after that it is up to the four
          for their own ride.  They are not allowed to have their
          furs in the open so its hidden in the tarps and boxes.
          Shamans who may see them may get offended.  We allow them
          to hunt in the northern plains, hills and river areas
          for trade of supplies from the south cities.  This is the
          last trip south these traders will make till spring.
          Unfournately they will not be going north or any of
          their friends.  I also checked they do not hunt eagles as
          it would be not profitable to do so." [He looks at Z'leyra
          to ensure no offense if she should see furs and animal
          by-products from the trader/hunters.]

         Gidwani: "The traders might be willing to sell some furs for
           the winter or trade for them.  Unali I do know they sometimes
           get black bear hides and tailor them before they sell them.
           You might be lucky here."

         [The leader explains the weather is getting worse.  He wishes
          to set sail within 2 hours.]

         Actions? Comments?

         GM: Final actions before one part goes north and the other
           goes south?  I don't know yet details on how many days
           of travel up north.  But since Z'leyra has a draft horse
           that slows the party to 20 miles per day (1 hex).  So
           it could take 1-3 weeks.  Just don't know yet.  I should
           have a better idea next week.  Once folks are fully
           regenerated in mana we'll see what can be done then.
           I will be working on website and other details later this
           weekend as long as final character sheet updates.
           So this is a short update for now.


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