[pnpgm] What to do with the giant?

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Fri Sep 2 10:24:32 CEST 2005

  "No! Wait!" -Jordi says when he sees Ben'dar raise
his pike.   However, Jordi, being distrated taking
care of the wounded, isn't quick enough.  Ben'dar's
pike is deep into the Giant body when he speaks.
  "Well, a pity.  Perhaps he could have given us some
interesting news before we kill it; if he has his lair
too far away from here, and he visits regularly this
area, he was perhaps a good source of news.  Of
course, no interaction with humans, so we can't ask a
lot of details, but he could have some info about far
  It seems clear that Jordi doesn't mind that the
giant is dead... in fact, he semms to consider that
the dead of the giant is the normal outcome of the
  Jordi will heal Balrog and Trembyl, if they agree. 
He will cast a purification for regeneration (Maximum
EL), and then will cast Regeneration spells for both
of them, (with Sidh Tongue 80).  And he will give
(with Thig's permission) some food to Thig's dogs;
they are very brave, and they deserve a premium.
  After that, he will help to recover what can be
recovered from the chasm.  He has a 30' rope, and some
stakes to secure the rope, if needed.

  "Caladan, are we near your lands? It's an odd time
to make some questions (OOC: It can be assumed that
Jordi asks these questions the next morning), but I
need to know some things.
   First, not being a human, how must I behave when we
meet your people? I don't like to cause any nuisance. 
May I speak freely your tongue? May I use my magical

   After listening Caladan explanations, Jordi tries
to speak with Ben'dar when nobody else can hear them:
   "Ben'dar, when we were in Marentia, I bought a
present for Caladan family; will I break any law,
tradition or custom if I give it to Caladan's family?
Because your ways are very different from the ways of
the rest of humans I know, and I don't want to cause
any problem." 


   OOC: Sorry for not writting this before, but this
week I had some problems -well, lots of problems :-( -
now they are solved, but I didn't have a lot of time.
        I am happy to know Scott is okey, and I hope
the rest of the US players are also okey; when I saw
the images of the French Quarter, I was apalled.  One
reporter said that Algieres quarter was devasted,
destroyed entirely...  I hope help reach the area
quickly; but I fear Scott is right, and a lot of
people will be found dead.
        Good luck; I hope the Big Easy and the rest of
the affected areas recover soon.


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