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     Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
     Balrog                Balrog            Warrior Normal/Human  Ma
     Chris Wells           Ben'dar           Warrior Normal/Human  Ma
     Tom Crockett          Caladan           Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
     Marcel Liberty        Chion             Sailor  Normal/Human  Ma
     Bob Eldred/Nomad      Damon             Sailor  Normal/Human  Ma
     Ryan Torres           Farseeker         Warrior Normal/Human  Ma
     Sergi Sallent         Jordi             Wizard  Normal/Elf    Ma
     Tim Falkenberg        Malradh ben Kasha Merc    Normal/Human  Ma
     NPC Plaqyer           Neva              Archer  Normal/Elf    Fe
     Wayne Richardson/Uji  Thig              Sidh MU Normal/Faerry Ma
     Orion (Paul Broman)   Trembyl           Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
     Wout Broere           Unali             Ninja   Normal/Human  Fe
     Scott Adams           Xian              Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
     Alex Koponen          Z'leyra           Healer  Normal/Human  Fe
     Animals: Ventrius/Pogo Thig's dogs, Firesnake of Caladan's

        Player                Email Address     
     Wout Broere     broere at powersandperils.org
     Alex Koponen    akoponen at mosquitonet.com
     Sergi Sallent   igresigres at yahoo.com
     Scott Adams     pnpgm at softhome.net
     Chris Wells     ckwells at comcast.net
     Marcel Liberty  kzinti_maouse at yahoo.com

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     Game Update #327   in sequence (file #533)
     Admin notes: Start of adventure #2 is getting there.  

    Been sick last few days so been out of it.  But I'm working
    on things and getting some work done.  This is a status update.

   A very QUICK update.

   Status -

    Three month Activities -

     Ben'dar - 100% Done
     Chion   - 100% Done
     Jordi   -  99% Done - Minor Email replies left
     Unali   -  90% Done - I have to work on new email reply
     Z'leyra -  75% Done - Working on actions now

    So at this point should be cleaned up with Jordi and Unali
    later this week.

    Schedule of Events -

    This Week    - Work on Z'leyra's lengthy actions
    This Weekend - Website work
    March 1      - Try an initial post on adventure #2

    This is your *LAST* week to check out the game website.  I'll
    be archiving all the files and such but I'll be removing
    adventure #1 this weekend if I have time.  I'll have it
    cleaned up for adventure #2.


    To Chion -
       Farseeker is still curious as per the last update and
       your big speech why you singled him out? :)


    [Jordi's Wedding]

      Jordi's wedding occurs 3 days after returning home.  It
      becomes a big yet small affair.  Everyone but suresh
      (not home yet) attends.  The king unfournately has other
      duties to perform and plus feels a king at a wedding would
      take away the presence of the bride and groom.  The
      atar of this activitiy should be them.  Duke Aren and Marta
      do attend however.  All party members also attend.  All in
      all about 22 attend the small affair.  A Priest performs
      the wedding but goes with the wishes of Jordi and ENva
      on the fashion and format of a elf/human wedding.  A large
      feast is served and a party with dancing occurs for 3.5
      hours afterwards.  Many get drunk spouting stories of
      past adventures and glory to come while giving toasts to
      the couple.

      The guests place wedding gifts on the table to the couple -

      King of Marentia -
        He by servant in a nicely wrapped gift gives a nice
        Topaz gold Ring to Neva that could be worth its weight
        in gold alone.  To Jordi he gives a fine bottle of
        wine made in the best royal supported orchards. 

      Duke Aren - To both he gives nicely crafted and
        expensively looking and made quivers for their arrows.
        The leather and jeweled craftmanship must've taken
        hours to do.  

      Balrog - Not one for ceremonies and parties Balrog gives
        Jordi a nice fruit basket and feels embarrassed that
        he can't give expensive gifts.  To Neva he gives nice
        archer gloves of high quality craftsmanship.

      Caladan - During the outside wedding Caladan gives his
        gift of a single white dove.  He states it is a
        tradition of his people to give such at weddings that
        serve as a peace dove and he gives a blessing in his
        native tongue to the couple as the dove flies away
        for future happiness and well being.  

      Cholan - Being a fine user of the drink himself Cholan
        found a nice Donaran bottle of fine wine and gives
        it to the couple.

      Damon - Knowing Jordi wishes to learn the ways of a
        sailor and such Damon gives Jordi a set of Navigation
        aids and a small toolkit for it.

      Farseeker - To Neva he presents a nicely carved hunting
        bow.  He states it was once used by the champion hunter
        of Marentia a decade earlier before he retired from the
        sport.  The string seems to have been strung very tightly
        and well done.  To Jordi he grins and gives him a old
        semi shiny sword.  "This is not a gag gift.  This sword
        is over 275 years old.  It was once owned by Jhalor the
        Elf diplomat warrior.  He is said to be the single most
        influential elf in his time for finding peace with the
        nearby Donarans and other tribes surrounding the Wild
        Forest.  He alone stopped 2 wars.  It came here by
        a trader and I learned about it just recently.  I
        return it to you who should now carry on that tradition."

        GM: In fact jordi knows of this name and recognizes the
          famous elf.  It is said at the end of one war he
          went into the elder mountains to retire at a old age
          and leave his...this sword...to his village.  No one
          ever saw him again.

      Kasha - Jordi and Neva unwrap a oil painting, a old one it
        seems.  Kasha - "It is called Twilight".  It depicts
        a forest of trees that breaks into a large plain.  In
        the distance in the sky is a large storm with lightning.
        In the trees are elves in motion as if fleeing the storm
        and looking over their shadow.  "Scholars have told me
        some feel this depicts the coming storm or problem o
        man to the domain of elves.  The elves are trying to avoid
        the storm or face it.  No one can really decide which one
        it is if they are facing the onslaught of man's rise on
        this world or fleeing from it.  Maybe in your lifetime you
        can come up with the answer."

      Suresh - Later when Suresh gets home he gives Jordi a nice
        set of scrolls which seem to be secret intelligence
        reports on topics Jordi finds of interest.

      Triest - A set of crystal glasses are given by Triest.

      Kaylle - A book - "Famous Elves of History."

      Marta Valnon - Book is given of romantic peotry that was
        scribed in just 2 days to the tongue of the Elf.

      Z'leyra - Z'leyra gives the amulet he found from the first
        Priestess encountered.  It is a powerful healing amulet.

      Thig - To either person a leather helmet is given.  Thig
        explains it has a Mind Shield cast into it which when
        worn can allow you to be cloaked if a person is trying
        to locate you.

      Trembyl - He presents a simple belt.  This belt has the
        Levitate spell in it when worn the user can invoke the
        spell. Jordi gives this to Neva.

      Xian - To Neva he presents a simple locket with the
        picture (how did he get a picture done?) of Jordi
        inside it.  To Jordi he gives a similiar locket with
        Neva's face in it.  Xian also explains jordi's has
        a special function in it as well.

      Princess Sava - A simple large Ruby Jewel is given to
        Jordi.  She explains this jewel is powerful and can
        give short term divination ablity to those who simply
        peer in it. 

      Chion, Ben'dar and Unali - Do you wish to give a gift?

      At the wedding Duke Aren serves as Best man for Jordi.  


    [King's Rewards]

      Unali - Wishes to defer her reward for later
      Jordi - Hasn't said anything yet.


    Ok.  I'll have some more stuff maybe friday if I get around
    to it.  What follows are just encounters.  The first is
    3 encounters I did not include in Z'leyras.  I forgot to.
    They are important though and may be establish future
    plot points.  They are here fo ryour reading.  It is only
    3 encounters.  The last encounter is the ONLY one unali
    had over the 90 days (a possible of 180 encounters and she
    gets only 1!).  Lucky gal.  

  [Z'leyra's - Lost Encounters ]

  Encounter #1 - Night - 5:21am

     [Z'leyra is sound asleep in the dark of her private room in the
      boarding room.  Across the alley on a 3 story warehouse building
      roof is a being studying the window to her room and the house
      itself.  At this hour the city area is quiet.  Only an occasional
      dog bark or clang from a distant sea bouy is heard.  Z'leyra's
      eagle having found a nest 3 blocks away on top of a tavern where
      he gets warmth and extra food is sleeping.  The eagle is still
      not so sure of Z'leyra so doesn't sleep around her at this point.
      The being on the roof speaks a few words and then disappears
      only to appear in the room of Z'leyra 3 feet from the window
      and 2 feet from her bed.  The being stands a minute and scans
      the room.  Z'leyra hears nothing as the teleport spell was
      quiet as could be.  The being pulls something out of his belt
      and quietly stealthly walks the 2 feet to the bed.  He looks
      down at Z'leyra's sleeping form.  Then with both hands he
      reaches out and grabs her.  One hand on her mouth and the
      other on her neck.  Z'leyra quickly feels a prick on her neck
      and wakes up instantly.  The being shushes her as he holds
      her down with the other hand now.  Z'leyra tries to struggle
      but suddenly feels a odd sensation in her neck and body.
      With her mouth closed she can't speak and thus cast magic.
      Suddenly her hands fall to her side limp.  The man waits
      a couple more seconds and then lifts his hand from the mouth.
      Z'leyra feels very odd and opens her eyes to focus on the
      form in the room.  The being walks to a drawer and lights
      a candle which brigthens the room.  Teh form then walks back
      to the bed.  She notices he is slightly slumped down from
      the ceiling as he must stand 7.5 feet tall.  He is dark brown
      skinned and appears to be wearing desert clothing like some
      desert tribes may do.  He sits on the bed and caresses the
      still form of Z'leyra.

      Man: "The poison is fast acting.  You won't be able to move
        or speak.  So don't even try.  Its a waste of time.  I've
        been watching you and others for some time.  You are clearly
        a powerful person so I had to end the ability for you to
        defend yourself in this situation.  If only you were
        more attractive.  I've been sent here to warn you that
        you should end this school of healing crusade.  There are
        people...powerful ones who do not wish their niche in this
        area diminished.  They wanted me to rough you up.  But
        we Jinn do have some honor.  Besides your not my taste.
        Your just not worth it as well in this state.  I rather
        have someone at least be able to defend themselves. "

      [He stands and looks around the room.  Examining the various
       items in the room.]

      Man: "We have been busy making this and that haven't we?
        Oh and this study your doing of the social arts?  You
        really think someone would want to pay for that?" [he
        laughs at his inside joke] "I waste my time here.  I
        will leave but before I do he said I could take my
        payment from you.  Obviously your not worth it so
        what can I use or take.." [he begins to inspect the
        various items not knowing some of their purpose..]

      Man: "So you will stop this nonsense right?  I may be
        on the move soon but i'm sure there may be others
        watching you.   There are ..what do you call them?
        power plays all around in this city..."

      [He eyes the drum and bangs it softly as not to wake
       anyone in the building.  Then grabs a dagger and
       threatens to tear it open.  But feints it.  Then
       grabs the nice laurel staff.  Examines it.]

      Man: "This does look nice.  But I'm not one for such
        things.  But this could be worth some money on the
        open market.  But too much trouble." [He puts the
        staff down.  Z'leyra continues to struggle but can't
        move anything but her eyes and even then with extreme
        exhaustion.  She notices he lifts up several potions
        and powder jars.  He examines them and reads the scribbled
        notes on the jars.  Your not sure if he can read or not
        but he examines each carefully then takes one.]

      Man: "This potion here!  I like its color and I sense it
        can be worth something to a simple potion dealer.  It'll
        be fast to sell.  So this is what I'll take."
      [he grabs the container and ties a string to it and his
       belt.  He leans over Z'lerya.]
      Man: "The drug will wear off in a few hours.  If I got
        in here this easy tonight think of what I could do
        in the future.  You have been warned."

      [With that he peers out the window and then speaks a few
       words and then disappears.  Z'elyra struggles and she
       sees sunlight come a hour later.  The candle is now
       gone from burning down.  A couple more hours pass and
       still she is paralyzed.  She hears others down stairs
       talking and food smelling aromas.  She finally gives
       up and decides to sleep.  She wakes up to notice the
       sun high in the sky and she starts to move a finger
       and another 20 minutes she gains full movmeent.  She
       slowly rises and goes down stairs after she examines to
       see what was taken.  A single potion it seems.  She
       looks out the window and wonders who the man was or
       what his meaning was about.  She realizes at lunch she
       was paralyzed for almost 6 hours.]

  Encounter #2 - Night -11:12pm

     [Z'leyra having spent several hours with a city builder
      who designs buildings - schools in particular - is
      walking down a deserted street rushing toward her
      boarding house.   She walks toward a quiet tavern with
      a single lantern over its door.  As she nears two figures
      exit the place and stand under the light.  One is very tall
      maybe 7 feet?  The other a shorter man maybe 6 feet tall
      are talking.  Z'leyra is only within about 30 feet but
      in the shadows.  The quiet brings a few words "...two
      days...3rd street...11pm...".  Z'leyra decides to just
      walk past but then the taller figure turns and she
      recognizes the man.   The tall man that was in her very
      room some two weeks prior. Z'leyra watches the two
      converse in quiet whispers then the shorter man enters
      the tavern and a loud click is heard like he bolts the
      door.  The other man looks in both directions so Z'leyra
      hugs the wall and hopes she isn't seen in the darkness.
      She isn't apparently.  Z'leyra decides to follow the
      man for more information on who he is.  But suddenly
      the man pulls out a bag from his arabian style clothing
      and ...strips?  Once completely nakes he bags his clothes
      and with a few quick words changes into a large hawk.
      The eagle grasps the bag and takes to the air into the
      deep inky black sky.  So hes a shape changer as well?
      Later Sedu tries to learn more about the tavern and Z'leyra
      finds out through underground contacts - well actually
      a couple of beggars - that the tavern is owned by a guy
      who is known among the Assassin guild circles.  Two days
      later Z'leyra learns a rich merchant was killed by what
      seems to be some form of mysterious poison.  She also
      learns the same merchant was in discussion with Z'leyra
      (though only two meetings) about investing in the healing

  Encounter #3 - Night - 8:41pm

      [The boarding house is empty aside from a old man in another
       room who is hard of hearing in the first place.  Most everyone
       is out to see a nearby street festival.  Z'leyra is weary and
       alert.  While in her room she hears a loud thump downstairs
       and goes to investigate with her staff.  She finds the noise
       from the pantry where food and goods are stored.  When she
       opens the door she startles a young girl about 13 trying ot
       grab some dried meat and other fruits.  The girl shocked
       drops everything nad tries to run out.  But z'leyra catches
       her.  After a stern talking and interrogation Z'leyra finds
       out the girl ran away from home 3 nights prior.  She is
       hungry so Z'leyra decides to feed her to let her open up
       with more info.  The girl refuses to tell many details but
       finally does relax.  Z'leyra sees oppurtunity in this girl.
       She agrees to stay in contact with the girl named Sedu if
       the girl helps her to learn of information and rumors on the
       street.  She even offers to pay her for the information.  The
       girl hesitates but after some time and after eating decides
       to agree.  Z'leyra goes to get a towel for her when she
       returns she finds Sedu sleeping on the kitchen table.  Z'leyra
       decides this may be a start to a good relationship.


    [Unali's Encounter]
   On the end of the 4th week, ie 28th day, of the first month back
   in Marentia Unali has her one and only encounter.  Aren went to
   Malnon city on business to meet with a group of merchants.  The
   meeting was to discuss possible Cerulean Empire trade market
   ventures publically.  But privately it was to gain information
   on possible Cerulean Merchant leadership for intelligence purposes.
   Being early the group are dropped off at a nice tavern for a quick
   breakfast at around 10am.  The group includes Duke Aren, Unali,
   2 aides to the duke (a scribe and a inteligence aide who dresses
   like a bodyguard) and 2 bodyguards from Aren's realm.  It also
   included a driver for the wagon but he was not involved in the
   encounter.  At about 10:30 the group heads out for their meeting.
   Aren decides to walk as he is rarely in this part of the city.
   He rther explore the streets and shops.  The short walk continues
   for about 10 minutes.  As the group takes a side street toward
   where the home of the meeting is to be they find themselves off
   the normal traffic lane.  Aren is talking to his scribe on details
   of the upcoming meeting.  Unali is first to notice from one bush
   ahead is a man leaning against a tree.  Nothing unusual but she
   becomes alert.  Suddenly the man nods to no one in particular.
   At once a group of kids, a street gang, appears out of various
   hiding spots.  The group is in clear danger.  The gang leader
   speaks to aren to surrender his gold and items.  The gang have
   mostly daggers, leathers and two have slings and 1 has
   a sword.  As Aren talks its clear the bodyguards are organizing
   for a fight.  They shift the scribe to the center of the group
   to protect him as he is weaponless.  The other aide, the undercoer
   agent, has a sword and can fight.  Unali appreaches Aren's side
   and places hands at the ready with dagger.  When Aren does grab
   his gold bag to toss the leader requests the diplomatic pouch as
   well he is carrying.  Since that would be a security issue for
   Marentia he refuses.  That's when teh gang attacks.

   One gang member fires his sling at aren and hits doing a mionr
   5 point blow.  The other howeer fires at the scribe and does
   a severe 10 point blow.  This knocks the scribe to the ground
   who raises his hand to his head then falls to the ground.
   Then the gang approaches. Aren takes 2 gang members on, Bodyguard
   #1 takes 2, #2 takes only 1 and the intel agent takes 2.  Unali
   is attacked by 4 or she confronts 4.

   First phase Unali swings on one of the gang members with sling
   while using other dagger to defend against 3 possible strikes.
   She hits the kid squarely on the side of the head and with one
   blow knocks the kid out.  One gang member swings his dagger
   at Unali who parries it the impact of blades however breaks his
   rusty old blade into 2 pieces.  The other member swings but
   Unali parries.  The last gang member hits Unali but the dagger
   doesn't penetrate her armor.

   Second phase Unali misses both attacks and so do all 3 gang
   members on her.

   Next phase Unali hits the second slingman so hard it cracks
   his shoulder blades.   This unfournately due to massive
   (a deadly hit) does so much damage instead of subdual it kills
   the gangmember.  The other 2 kids miss their attacks.

   Phase 4 Unali swings and hits another guard knocking him out
   with a single blow.  She parries with the other dagger but
   the last kid misses entirely.  The one kid who broke his
   dagger had reached for a backup but by this time he turns
   tail and runs away.

   Unali turns to check the scene.  Unali sees 2 gang members
   dead while 3 others are just knocked out.  In total leaving
   3 dead and 6 knocked out.  Two others fled the scene.  Unfournately
   they were not chased by the group as they were too busy with the
   others.  City guards could not later find them but the others
   would be interrogated for info.  Eventually 2 weeks later arrests
   of the other 2 were made.  Most of them range in age from 14 to
   21 however.  This depresses Aren slightly having to do such
   things to kids.  As to the scribe his head injury was severe and
   required a healer.  He later lived but would not be able to attend
   the meeting that day.  He recovered.  A bodyguard had a sevre
   slash wound but easilly recoered.  Aren took no damage.
   Total combat time was 5 phases (15 seconds a very fast combat).

  Update again friday maybe..For those waiting - like Ben'dar -
  sorry for the long wait in between adventures :)

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