[pnpgm] Game Update #325 file #531 - Jordi's 90 Day Encounters

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Tue Feb 8 04:32:18 CET 2005

     Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
     Balrog                Balrog            Warrior Normal/Human  Ma
     Chris Wells           Ben'dar           Warrior Normal/Human  Ma
     Tom Crockett          Caladan           Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
     Marcel Liberty        Chion             Sailor  Normal/Human  Ma
     Bob Eldred/Nomad      Damon             Sailor  Normal/Human  Ma
     Ryan Torres           Farseeker         Warrior Normal/Human  Ma
     Sergi Sallent         Jordi             Wizard  Normal/Elf    Ma
     Tim Falkenberg        Malradh ben Kasha Merc    Normal/Human  Ma
     NPC Plaqyer           Neva              Archer  Normal/Elf    Fe
     Wayne Richardson/Uji  Thig              Sidh MU Normal/Faerry Ma
     Orion (Paul Broman)   Trembyl           Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
     Wout Broere           Unali             Ninja   Normal/Human  Fe
     Scott Adams           Xian              Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
     Alex Koponen          Z'leyra           Healer  Normal/Human  Fe
     Animals: Ventrius/Pogo Thig's dogs, Firesnake of Caladan's

        Player                Email Address     
     Wout Broere     broere at powersandperils.org
     Alex Koponen    akoponen at mosquitonet.com
     Sergi Sallent   igresigres at yahoo.com
     Scott Adams     pnpgm at softhome.net
     Chris Wells     ckwells at comcast.net
     Marcel Liberty  kzinti_maouse at yahoo.com

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     Game Update #325   in sequence (file #531)
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    This isn't a real update per se.  But it is a quick update on
    the status of things -

    Status - 90 Days Activities

      Ben'dar - 100% Complete
      Chion   -  99% Complete [Just gotta finish up some emails]
      Jordi   -  40% Work in progress - Getting there
      Z'leyra -   5% Doing encounters but got no actions yet
      Unali   -  10% Waiting on replies to emails from December

    Plans -

      I hope to be done with Chion tonight/tomorrow.  Then finish
      up Jordi likely end of next week.  By then Maybe z'leyra
      will have actions in and that'll likely take a week or
      two to go through as I know she has detailed plans to do
      that has taken her a couple months just to write up :).
      Hopefully Unali will get back to me on those emails when
      Wout finds the time.

      With this said I would LIKE to start the new game on
      March 1.  But I would like to be done with 90 days first.
      So I'll work hard on Jordi and Z'leyra and Unali when
      those get replied.  If we don't it done by then so be
      it but that's my hope.  I had wanted to start Feb 1 but
      that didn't work out :<  So let's try Marh 1.

      With that said if you want to scan the game website do
      so as with the new game I'll be removing all the old
      updates.  I may zip them up for download but since they
      take about 7 megs on the website no need to keep them
      there anymore.  

      For those finished please be patient a bit more.  Sorry
      for any delays.  I'm getting to it all as fast as I


    [I have completed Jordi's encounters on the 90 days.  Jordi
     goes to his home land of the Wild Forest near the Elder
     mountains and Donara about 1100 miles West of Marentia.
     He returns there with Neva nad Sava to see her back home.
     He spends a bit over a month there and then sails back.
     Here are his encounters.  These as with other encounters
     could be relayed as if told in tavern tales or tales on
     the road on the next adventure.  With his permission here
     are the encounters.  You can read them or not.  Nothing
     else is after them game wise.]

  [Encounters for Jordi]

  Encounter #1 - Day 3 - Marentia / Sivas City - 9:48am

    [While Jordi, Sava, Aren, Neva and 2 of Aren's bodyguards
     are walking through the main roads of Sivas Sava notices
     a finely dressed human of upper station maybe station 6 or 7
     following the group.  Jordi and the others soon notice this
     as well.  Aren confronts the noble male who is a son of a
     count.  It turns out the noble was just curious as to the
     sight of the elfs and has never seen any so wanted to see what
     they typically did.  He meant no harm to the group.  Aren
     introduces the elfs to the noble who spends about 20 minutes
     asking various questions about their race and culture.  He then
     lets the group go as they must be busy.]

  Encounter #2 - Night 3 - Marentia / Sivas City - 9:52pm

    [Deleted Encounter]

  Encounter #3 - Night 5 - Marentia / Sivas City - 6:01am

     [Jordi wakes up early before the rest.  He leaves the hotel and
      enters the street for fresh air.  The sun is still not up but
      twlight is around so its soon.  The city is quiet except for
      an occasional dog barking in the distance.  He starts to travel
      to a nearby market where they tend to have morning pastries.
      As he walks in the dim light he comes around a corner and notices
      a shopowner outside his shop on the ground withering.  Its
      hard to tell at this distance.  Near him ia a robed six foot
      figure pointing a hand at him about 5 feet away.  Suddenly
      4 more figures exit the ship and rush the figure but as
      they do are overcome by something.  Two fall to the ground
      while two others slump back against the shop walls.  Jordi
      decides to draw his sword and rushes to help.  As jordi rushes
      forward at 35 feet from the robed figure he is suddenly hit
      by a cold blast wall.  He slows down dramatically as the air
      drops dramatically in temperature.  Jordi's skin and bones
      begin to freeze and jordi slows to a dead stop.  He takes a
      painful cold slap doing 14 points of damage to him instnatly
      as he freezes up.  Jordi drops to the ground on his side staring
      at the scene as his blood begins to freeze.  Suddenly a scream
      down the street is heard as the scene is seen by someone.  She
      begins to scream for help and guards.  The robed figure walks
      to Jordi and jordi's eyes focus on a non-human.  The being
      speaks a few words and smiles.  Then speaks in elf to Jordi
      "You should have not interfered!  Now you will die!".  Jordi
      heard stories from others of beings like this and from their
      clothing and appearance must be a Jinn.  Suddenly the robed
      figure turns around and a thrown dagger in his arm falls
      to the ground.  The robed figure walks out of jordi's frozen
      field of vision.  Suddenly a whoosh sound of arrow is heard
      and a voice yells out.  Jordi recognizes it as Neva.  No!
      She could be heard but Jordi can't move!   More voices are
      heard (sava?) then clicking noises and whooshing noises.
      Suddenly Jordi spots a crossbow bolt land inches from his
      head!  What is going on?  Then a noise is heard like dirt
      flying.  Then Sava yells that "he is up there!".  Jordi
      feels warm coming again as the cold seems to decrease.
      Footsteps are heard and then Jordi sees Sava and Neva over
      him inspecting him. No physical wounds but frost bite seems
      to have taken him down some 21 points near death.  Another
      few seconds and he'd have been dead for sure.  A minute
      passes and a blanket is bought and wrapped around Jordi as
      he start to thaw out.  Some time later its found that the
      one figure has been desicated (dried up dead) another figure
      a female likely the shop owners wife dead from cold.  The
      toher 2 not affected were kids but they did take some minor
      damage but escaped the radius of cold by entering the store.
      The Jinn seems to have escaped by flying away wit his magic.
      Sava explains she awoke and felt she should find Jordi and
      bought neva with her.  A healer soon comes and mixes a container
      of natural magical items (unicorn horn?) and has jordi treated
      by magic and healing.  Jordi heals all but 2 points back and
      warms up from his near death.

  Encounter #4 - Night 7 - Ocean / Ship - 3:18am

     [While ship is anchored a storm approaches quickly.  The captain
      wakes the crew and has the ship easilly avoid the small storm.]

  Encounter #5 - Night 12 - Ocean / Ship - 6:30am

     [While the people on the merchant ship awake for breakfast before
      sailing a morning large storm approaches quickly.  So quickly
      the ship is surprised.  The crew lift anchor since they are
      in the middle of the ocean and try to avoid the storm but
      can't.  Everyone is tossed about for almost a half hour and
      the ship takes on water.  Then suddenly the storm ends.  No
      one is injured but the hull has minor damage and some water
      has to be taken out of the ship.  A couple crates on deck
      was thrown overboard but nothing important.]

  Encounter #6 - Day 15 - OCean / Ship - 8:20am

     [About 100-120 miles west of Porta the ship spots another
      fast small vessel in the distance.  The flag is donaran
      and from the design and speed appears to be a courier or
      messnger ship.  The small ship avoids the merchant ship
      and heads Eastward.]

  Encounter #7 - Day 21 - Ocean / Ship - 3:45pm

     [About 40 miles south of Chiros the merchant ship watch spots
      a group of 3 ships heading North West.  From the large shape
      and slow speed the captain surmises theya re troop ships.
      Since the 3 ships are large and small and with the help of
      strong winds that day and Sava's friendly current spell the
      ship easilly outruns the others and loses them in the distance.
      The flag of those 3 ships were unclear but it may have been

  Encounter #8 - Day 23 - Ocean / Ship - 4:12pm

     [In deep ocean the winds are poor today and the ship goes slow.
      Neva spots a large pool of fish (medium sized).  Must be
      a large group of ocean bass?  The crew try to fish for them
      but only catches one while the others flee.]

  Encounter #9 - Day 27 - Ocean / Ship - 7:23am

     [Near the southern donaran forest coastline the ship sets sail
      again and encounters a moderate sized storm but the captain
      easilly avoids it.]

  Encounter #10 - Day 29 - Ocean / Ship - 9:31am

     [Two ships are spotted by the crew.  Their flag is donaran
      and flags are signaled to each ship back and forth.  The
      captain learns they are a small supply convoy.  The merchant
      ship asks for some fresh water and a meeting is made.  One
      ship meets with the merchant ship and resupplies the merchant
      ship with fresh water.  The convoy and merchant ship seperate
      without incident.]

  Encounter #11 - Night 29 - Ocean / Ship - 6:32am

     [As the ship prepares to set sail again and lift anchor another
      supply (donaran) ship is spotted.  The captain surmises the
      donaran's must be sending supplies to a base in the forest.]

  Encounter #12 - Day 31 - Wild Forest - 12:45pm

     [Walking in the Wild Forest Jordi, Neva and Sava encounter
      a small hamlet jordi doesn't recall hearing about.  They
      find the hamlet is full of humans.  Strange that humans would
      be in the wild forest a home full of elves.  But upon seeing
      the elves the humans show signs of respect.  One human exaplsins
      the elves allow them, a group of Donaran outcasts, to live there
      as long as they don't abuse the forest.  They are allowed to
      hunt and can trade with the elves to help each other out.  Later
      when leaving Jordi also figures they are there as a buffer and
      as a guard against invaders.  Its easier to have some form of
      buffer than nothing.]

  Encounter #13 - Night 32 - Wild Forest - 9:35pm

     [Heading toward Sava's home area the trio find a small elf
      stronghold village.   The three make camp there outside
      as theres no inns and the hamlet is full of other elves.
      That night around the campfires a battle cry of some sort
      is heard in the distance.  Then bells ring in the village.
      Panic and commotion ensue.  Its quickly explained a group
      of Daoine Sidhe are attacking from the north of the village.
      Every warrior gathers up their gear and head for battle.
      Jordi and neva head to help while Sava organizes the other
      elf non warriors for rally for protection.  It later turns
      out the village of 43 is attacked by a group of 11 daoine
      sidhe.  In the battle 7 are killed by the elves.  Six elves
      are killed by the Daoine and 9 others are wounded.  The
      other 4 daoine sidhe battle Neva and Jordi.  A large missile
      bow war ensues.  Seven rounds Neva fires at 2 firing on her
      and after 7 she hits and knocks one out.  OF the 2 up to
      this point 1 hits Neva but it doesn'tpenetrate her leather
      armor.  The next round after the first Neva hits again
      and kills the second target.  Jordi meanwhile fires his bow
      at 2 others as well firing on him.  After four rounds the
      2 Daoine only hit Jordi once with an arrow but doesn't
      penetrate his armor.  Jordi on the other hand has hit one
      twice for moderate damage and the other for moderate damage.
      The next 2 rounds Jordi hits each and kills both one
      after the other.  The elf night vision and torches and
      campfires were the only thing that gave them a slight
      advantage in the battle.  Jordi and Neva are unharmed.]

  Encounter #13 - Night 35 - Wild Forest - 1:51am

     [Jordi now with his people with Neva while Sava is gone
      with her people.  Jordi is awakened to a noise outside
      his small shack.  Seven robed humans are escorted into the
      elf village.  Its later determined they are Donaran pilgrims
      and the elves allow them to camp that night after the pilgrims
      give them a offering.]

  Encounter #14 - Night 38 - Wild Forest - 5:47pm

     [Jordi's Elf wedding is near and he walks in the forest alone
      to meditate and commune with his territory he grew up in.
      As he decides to return back to camp on the trail ahead
      suddenly 3 Faerry appear as if from thin air or rather from
      being invisible.  One holds a faerry crossbow or similar
      bow weapon.  The one on the right holds nothing but a jeweled
      sword in his sheath.  Then Jordi notices the center faerry
      that of Varange.  Jordi puts his hand on his sword  in alertness.

      Varange: "So we meet again.  I'm disappointed you did not
        invite me to your wedding!  Oh well.  Your soon to be
        wife looks happy.  Oh well.  I'm not disappointed I
        wasn't invited.  I have too much on my plate as it is
        as the humans say.  While I was in the area just wanted
        to say hello again."

      Before Jordi can even reply the form of Varange and the
      right Faerry seem to shimmer and disappear.  But the left
      faerry puts something in his vest that was glowing then
      takes to the air.  Jordi realizes that wasn't Varange but
      some recorded illusion?  At least that's what Jordi thinks
      but the 3rd faerry must be real.  Which means Varange could
      be in the area.  For the remainder of the next few weeks
      he keeps his eyes open for him.]

  Encounter #15 - Day 39 - Wild Forest - 3:52pm

     [Jordi walking alone in the village perimeter going to see
      someone finds himself off the trail a bit.  After a few
      minutes he realizes this and turns back.  But before he
      does he notices out of the bush 2 Forest Wild Cat adults
      enter the trail ahead of him.  Hes seen such before and they
      tend to be scared off.  But these are brave which mean they
      must be hungry or guarding their young.  But this close to
      the village?  Jordi knows he couldn't outrun them either
      but could use magic.  He quietly shifts his hands to his
      sword and reaches for his shield on his back.  The wild
      cat male walks forward then suddenly bursts forward lunging
      for Jordi with the female right behind.  Jordi finds himself
      bitten by the adult male on the leg and the male shreds
      muscle doing a massive 10 point bite.    The female attacks
      but doesn't penetrate armor.  Jordi stabs down at the males
      back and hits for 7 points whick makes the cat fall to the
      ground.  The female attacks again and slices a small cut
      with her claws for a point more.  Jordi stabs at her but
      fails to hit the cat.  The female attacks again but her
      mouth is blocked by Jordi's shield.  Jordi stabs sideways
      and hits for 8 points at the cat killing her.  Jordi then
      slumps to the ground as his leg muscle is litterally shreded
      and slightly haning out.  The shock to his system makes him
      fall unconscious.  Jordi wakes to find himself in a hut
      being taken care of by a Elf healer.  Jordi looks down to his
      leg and finds it back to normal but a deep redness still exists
      and the scratch from the female.  But overall he is alive with
      just a couple hit points down thanks to the healing.  He learns
      the male was only knocked out and was taken deep into the ofrest
      and set loose after it was treated as well.  The elves feel it
      was only lost and rarely attack even the elves.  The female was
      dead however.]

  Encounter #16 - Night 41 - Wild Forest - 5:12am

     [Everyone but a couple sentries in the elf village is asleep
      but soon the quietness is pierced by a Elf whistle.  Which
      then creates a bell to be rung.  A warning of attack or
      danger.  Everyone slowly wakes.  Jordi spots in the area
      near his shack 2 beings are trying to hold onto a elf child.
      Jordi notices their eyes are glwoing red.  Jordi wakes neva
      and jordi rushes outside as other warriors join him.  With
      torches light they notice the 2 beings are terrestial demons.
      They let go off the child and try to sneak back into the
      deep dark forest but the warriors give chase with torches.
      Jordi and neva see that both demons seperate.  One goes
      to the right perimeter of the village and eludes his trackers.
      But Jordi and Neva spot him.  Neva takes careful aim wiht her
      bow in the dim light and hopes to hit.  Amzingly she hits
      but the arrow doesn't penetrate its hide.  The demon angered
      rushes out of the bushes and charges Jordi who grabs his sword
      and shield.  The demon with a tree branch as a club tries
      to attack Jordi and hits but only does a minor scratch.  Jordi
      swings back and hits for an impressive 17 points of damage.
      This knocks the demon out and his red eyes close.  Another elf
      warriro comes up and finishes the demon off from being
      unconscious.  Not so tough the young elf comments.  The
      others chased the other demon and killed him but had no
      serious wounds just some minor cuts and scratches.]

  Encounter #17 - Day 43 - Wild Forest - 6:30pm
     [Jordi, Neva and 3 other Elfs on horseback encounter 3
      humans on horseback deep in the forest.  The humans
      are interrogated and its learned they are adventurers
      on a quest to find a old sage to the west to learn of
      a great mountain treasure in the Elder mountains.  The
      elfs warn that is the domain of the non-humans so if there
      is treasure they should let those in that area know for
      their safety.  The humans agree and let go.  But the
      elfs just laugh that they've heard of such quests for
      hundreds of years.]

  Encounter #18 - Night 43 - Wild Forest - 11:23pm

     [While a day of scouting the coastline Jordi makes camp
      near the coast and in a heavy forest area near the plains
      around Affea.  Jordi, Neva nad 4 other elves make camp
      and setup a sentry.  Around the time of the encounter
      Jordi has the watch.  He hears a noise in the forest and
      scans it to find 2 beings.  Jordi brings up a torch for
      more light and notices they are Dryads.  Two of them
      and upon seeing they are elves the Dryads approach the
      camp.  The dryads explain they are near a sacred grove and
      should not desecrate the area.  When they leave they should
      leave the camp as it was when they arrived with no damage
      to the forest.  Jordi respects this and agrees.  That
      night he sleeps but feels that the Drayds may still be
      keeping an eye out on them.  He knows growing up in the
      area Dryads kill human hunters who enter their groves and
      hunt without permission.]

  Encounter #19 - Night 44 - Wild Forest - 3:01am

     [While exploring more of the coastline that night camp
      is setup again.  The sentry hears a noise and tracks
      it for some time.  Another elf is awaken for sentry
      as the first elf goes tracking the sound.  A half hour
      later he comes into camp with a human male in his mid
      20s.  Jordi and Neva awake.  The elves interrogate him
      who is frightened and learn his name is Cartom a formoian
      who was seperated from his group on a trip in the plains
      near Affea.  His family is affea but he got lost.  Jordi
      speaks fomorian so talks to him.  Jordi has a feeling this
      human may be of some good to him so decides to help him
      get back to affea.  Jordi learns where he lives within the
      city.  The other elves are confused by this but knows jordi
      must have some plan in his mind.  Eventually near affea
      the elves leave the forest and point the direction to the
      city only about 10 miles east.  The human leaves the group
      and heads for the city in the distance the next morning.]

  Encounter #20 - Night 45 - Wild Forest - 7:26pm

     [While at camp neva goes to relieve herself.  Soon a cry is
      heard and a yell for help.  Jordi immediately gets up and
      runs toward the direction to find no neva.  The moon is
      out tonight so its easy to see in the forest but a fellow
      elf brings more elves and a torch.  Soon a trail is picked
      up and the elves spot trold folk.  They are crrying a netted
      Neva.  Theres about 6 of them in total.  A battle ensues
      of melee weapons spears to spears.  Five of the trold folk
      are killed by the other elves.  One elf unfournately is
      killed in the battle while 2 others are wounded. For Jordi
      he fights one trold folk and takes 2 hits for 3 points of
      damage total.  But he kills the trold after about 2 minutes
      o intense fighting.  Neva is freed unharmed.]

  Encounter #21 - Night 55 - Wild Forest - 11:50pm

     [A human outcast from nearby Gom, one of many humans outcast
      into the forest for various reasons, finds himself sneaking
      into the elf village for food or supplies.  Desperate he
      sneaks past the sentries and finds Jordi's shack.  Outside
      he goes through a storage smaller area.  Jordi hears the
      racket and goes to investigate but forgets to put on armor
      thinking it just an animal.  He carries his spear with him.
      The two find each other staring at each other.  Suddenly
      the man with a dagger lunges for the elf.   The man fails
      to hit but jordi gets a very lucky strike and the spear
      hits him in the upper chest and does 28 points of damage
      instantly killing the human.  More surprised Jordi finds
      he couldn't help the man if he wanted to.  The sentries
      are called and later reprimanded for letting him enter
      the village.]

  Encounter #22 - Day 58 - Wild Forest - 4:26pm

     [While Jordi and Neva head to a nearby village where Neva
      has relatives both encounter humans on horseback on one
      of the very few dirt road/paths in the forest.  The two
      humans answer questions and jordi finds them to be
      travellers from Gom going to Donara.]

  Encounter #23 - Day 59 - Wild Forest - 7:44am

     [A elf child comes to the village and reports he spotted
      humans camped outside the village a few miles out.  Jordi
      and some others go to investigate and find a camp full
      of about 13 pilgrims on some religious journey.  Some
      of the elves are disgusted by the religious aspects ofthe
      humans but agree to let them go on as long as they leave
      soon and don't stay long.]

  Encounter #24 - Day 62 - Wild Forest - 6:32pm

     [Jordi goes to relieve himself in the forest and hnars grunting
      which hes heard before - boar.  Jordi knows they can be
      dangerous with their tusks but also knows he could easilly
      handle them.  But then more snorting is heard and he realizes
      there must be 3 boars.  Jordi quickly finds a tree he could
      climb if he needs be then he sees them 3 large 50-100 pounders
      coming out of the bush near him.  Boars can be territorial
      but don't jordi right away.  Jordi gets near the tree and
      decides a boar dinner might be nice for dinner.  He aims
      his spear to throw at one and throws.  But it misses.  At
      this point the boars flee the scene.  Jordi recovers his
      spear and heads back to camp.]

  Encounter #25 - Night 62 - Wild Forest - 5:22am

     [Jordi and Neva are staying in a village where she grew up which
      has about 80 or so elves and 2 dwarfs.  As the village sleeps
      and sentries patrol the night quietness is disrupted by scurrying
      noises.  A muffled scream from sentries then a few minutes later
      jordi is awakened to noises on the roof of his wooden shack
      as if a animal is on it.  He goes to grab his spear and head
      to the door.  When he opens it he is shocked to see a moving
      leg about 8 feet or more tall moving in front of the door.  He
      quickly closes the door and grabs his armor while trying to
      wake neva.  He then with a lantern lit notices the roof is
      caving in slightly under heavy weight.  Whatever is out there
      is huge and heavy.  Suddenly noises is heard outside and bells
      of alarm are heard through the village.  A call for warriors
      is yelled.  Jordi casts Invisiblity and grabs Neva with weapons
      in hand.  They open the door and try to squeeze between two
      giant legs and run outside.  They turn to see a large great
      spider on the roof of their shack!  Then they notice 2 more
      and in the village notice to their shock about 8 more!    With
      bodies next to each other to have the effect of cloaking both
      Neva and Jordi prepare bows.  They fire on the ron on the roof
      four times each and after 4 rounds kill the spider.    They
      then turn to another fire on it.  After 3 rounds with an
      impressive hit by Jordi's bow doing 18 points in one hit they
      take out another.  AFter a few seconds they find another one
      attacking a family of elves at their home and fire on it from
      the back.  After 5 rounds with an impressive 19 point hit
      from Jordi's bow they kill the 3rd one.  The elves in the
      village kill the others but 2 spiders flee into the forest.
      OF the elves 27 are paralyzed but recover with the elf healers
      in the village.  Unfournately 8 elves die including 2 elf
      children.  Another 12 elves are wounded from minor wounds
      to a couple severe wounds but are quickly treated by the half
      dozen elf healers in the village.  The three sentries that
      were on duty were the first to be killed in the raid.  The
      elf elder tells jordi this is rare.  The spiders do attack
      smaller villages if hungry or needing something but this big
      a group and village.  Elfs gather poison from the spiders
      for sell in human cities for village income and then fur
      as well.  The village leader says they could get maybe 100-150
      gold just in their by products and that could help the village
      out for a year or more.

      Note: Impressive CEP here 630!

  Encounter #26 - Day 63 - Wild Forest - 5:48pm

     [As jordi and Neva return alone to Jordi's home area they
      encounter smoke in the forest and go investigate.  They
      find a camp of humans all dead about 3 look like hunters
      or poachers.  From their wounds look like they were killed
      by other elves in the area.  The campfire had slightly
      spread and caused a minor bush fire but jordi and neva
      douse it so it doesn't spread into a forest fire.  Jordi
      reports the deaths to a elf to let a nearby human
      settlement know.]

  Encounter #27 - Day 64 - Wild Forest - 12:00pm

     [Jordi and 3 of his clan brothers hear of another human
      camp attacked and investigate.  They find 8 dead humans
      (4 adult males, 2 females and 2 children).  Their wagon
      was pillaged and burnt.  Jordi gets concerned now finding
      2 dead camps in a row.  He speaks to the elf king about
      this and the king says some elves are uprising that they
      believe humans should never defile the forest even though
      many elf clans allow them as a symbiotic relationship.
      The king is working with those groups to stop the violence
      however but he assures jordi this happens every once in
      awhile when more and more humans enter the forest.]
  Encounter #28 - Day 66 - Wild Forest - 9:01am

     [Jordi and Neva encounter a group of humans in a wagon.
      On sight of the elves the humans try to flee down the
      path but the forest is too narrow for fast travel.  The
      elves quickly overcome them.  It turns out the 6 pilgrims
      are trying to leave the forest and forget their pilgrimage
      due to the recent human massacres they've heard about.
      Jordi arranges it with the elf king to give the humans
      a group of 2 elf escorts out of the forest as protection
      and the humans reluctant agree and thank jordi.]

  Encounter #29 - Night 68 - Wild Forest - 12:10am

     [Jordi with 2 other elfs are alone in the forest in a camp.
      They are planning to leave the wild forest and see Jordi
      off back to Marentia.  A sentry yells to the other 2 to
      wake up and everyone hears trees falling and bushes being
      crunched.  The campfire and torches show a tree fall near
      them and out of it appears a 14.5 feet tall orchi.  The
      creature yells and charges the 3.  Theres no time for magic
      and the creature is on the tree with a club.  A fight that
      takes 12 phases (3 full minutes or more) takes place.  The
      creature is wounded (19 by the other 2 elves and 20 by
      Jordi).  Unfournately the both other elves go down and the
      last thing Jordi sees is a club bashing his shoulder.  With
      the damage previously scored by the orchi Jordi surcombs to
      the damage and falls unconscious just as he sees the Orchi
      climb on top of him....Jordi wakes 85 minutes later to aching
      bones.  He feels being moved and wakes his eyes to see the
      orchi's back above him.  Seems the orchi is dragging him by
      his arms.  Jordi looks back just in time to see where his
      camp was.  There the other 2 elf bodies lie but in chunks
      as 90% of their body has been litterally eaten.  Nothing but
      bones and bloody pumps remain where the orchi fed.  Jordi
      assumes he must be full and bringing him back to his lair for
      a snack later.  Jordi decides what to do but hes too weak
      to fight back physically so magic must be the only recourse.
      Jordi knows 2 spells he could try but both could mean the
      creature might fall forward, side or back ontop of him
      crushing him.  But he has no choice.  He begins to speak the
      few words which makes the orchi slow and then turn to the
      sound.  The creature turns just in time as the spell completes
      and lightning rushes up the arm of Jordi and strikes the
      creature who is already wounded and does 9 points to the orchi.
      This does indece him further.  But the orchi still has 1 point
      left to him.  Jordi is let go just in time to see the orchi
      turn and roar.  The natural hide of the beast saved it but
      its angry now.  Just as jordi's weakened body sees the orchi
      reach down jordi thinks of Neva and his life.  He knows this
      is the end....darkness overcomes jordi....the next thing
      jordi feels is intense pain.  Pain?  That would mean hes
      still alive?  Jordi tries to wake up and sees blurred vision
      of the forest trees.  Then a form approaches and he hears
      "he's awake!".  Then another form approaches and looks down
      at Jordi.  He recognizes the form of a faerry.  Then sighs
      when he recognizes Varange!

      Varange: "Hello there!  Welcome back.  You are one lucky
        elf.  I just happened to be in the area..after you didn't
        invite me to your wedding!...and saved your life!"

      Jordi's weak body begins to stir as he assess his damage.
      Mostly exhaustion but it seems his club wounds are healed
      (by varange?).  Jordi looks to see the orchi dead having
      fallen just inches from him with 3 small darts in his head.

      Varange: "You may not like me.  Then again most don't.  That's
        fine.  But I'm not your enemy.  We are the same kind.  the
        enemy may be the humans and their ill will to our kind and
        this world.  Just don't forget that.  I've called for
        some of your clan to come and help.  I must be leaving now
        I have my own job to do."

      [With that he and another faerry take to the air before Jordi
       can get the strength to speak anything.  Shocked he finds
       a few elves soon arrive and tend to his wounds na d busy
       what remains of the other 2 elves.  All in all Jordi recovers
       fast and finds he is down only a few points of damage.
       Varange's healing must've done it.]

      GM: Note - You came close here.  Very very close.  Within
       a point of death.  you were knocked out once.  Being
       a wizard may have saved your life with the spell.  If
       the lightning not worked the darts Varange did would've
       not worked and you'd have been dead.  This shows how
       encounters can still be dangerous even in your home land.
       I was able to roll and determine varange was in the area
       to help you.  A story you may want to tell the others or not. :)

  Encounter #30 - Night 68 - Wild Forest - 12:10am

      [Jordi within hours of leaving the wild forest comes across
       a druidic party (druid and 5 others).  The druid is teaching
       the others about the forest.  The human party is ignored
       by Jordi and the elves.  In fact the elves sometimes fear
       the druids for their power over the forest and allow those
       humans to stay in the forest without question.]

  Encounter #31 - Day 76 - Ocean / Ship - 12:56pm

      [Having rested from the severe orchi encounter Jordi travels
       alone to Marentia on the ship.  Today they spot 3 merchant
       ships in vonvoy formation and appear to be Donaran supply
       ships again.  They pass the ships with no hostile action.]

  Encounter #32 - Day 77 - Ocean / Ship - 9:36am

      [While jordi watches the coastline he notices a small dolphin
       swim alongside the ship for hours.  The dolphin seems
       friendly enough.  Jordi enjoys the encounter on the
       lonely trip back.]

  Encounter #33 - Day 79 - Ocean / Ship - 10:14am

      [The ship spots 3 small vessels in the distance that look to
       be Cerulean travelling ships or passenger ships.  No
       encounter other than spotting each other occurs.  The
       traveller ships avoids jordi's ship.]

  Encounter #34 - Day 81 - Ocean / Ship - 7:04am

      [A Coefederacy merchant ship carrying supplies is spotted.
       The ship jordi is on is flaged over for help.  Seems the
       ship has rotten spices and wonders if the ship cna exchange
       some spices.  An agreement is reached and a barter is
       done and both ships leave in peace.]

  Encounter #35 - Day 83 - Ocean / Ship - 5:30pm

      [A large moderate storm approaches the ship and the captain
       is able to avoid it however and ship doesn't take anything
       but light rain from it.]

  Encounter #36 - Night 83 - Ocean / Ship - 11:58pm

      [A climan troop ship is spotted and the climan ship gives
       chase.  For some 2 hours both ships play cat and mouse
       in the fog of the sea but after 2 hours Jordi's ship eludes
       the climans by the captain's skill.  It almost came down
       to a takeover but the crew got the ship unanchored and
       sail faster before the climans arrived.  Appears to be
       a climan military ship rather than pirate ship.]

  Encounter #37 - Day 84 - Ocean / Ship - 7:44am

      [Near Marentia the ship encounters a light storm which the
       captain easilly avoids.]

  Encounter #38 - Day 90 - Marentia / Sivas - 7:59am

      [While jordi heads to a tavern to meet the others in the
       party once again he is on the main road and finds a
       military column of 10 marentian troopers running down the
       street in formation.  This is only of note in that they
       seem to bump into him on purpose.  A very rude display.
       Maybe Jordi will mention this to Farseeker.]

  As you can see Jordi almost died at least twice.  The Orchi
  encounter was very very close.  But who would save him? :)
  The reason behind the Varange thing is I rolled a Character
  class encounter.  I looked through my database of characters
  in this game and past adventures.  Could not locate anyone
  in this area and I knew Varange was returning to this general
  area so put him there.  Bam!  Encounter and makes things a bit
  ironic :)

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