[pnpgm] Figure on Donkey responds

Robert A. Maxwell rmax at mindspring.com
Wed Apr 6 05:36:46 CEST 2005

The cloaked figure nods to Trembyl, but doesn't reply.   

After Z'leyra compliments his music, he replies in Zen'dali "Thank you.  I was wondering if I might travel with you?"

The figure, whose cowl still covers most of his face, says in Zen'dali: "I do not understand the words you speak.  I have only been in this land a short time, and have not had an opprotunity to learn their language."

"I am Strie'bog, and this," indicating the wolf, "is Boyzdar.  We are traveling to Cholchara and seek companionship on the road.  The guards at the gate said that you were heading there."  Though he speaks Zen'dali, it is with an obvious accent.  

Answers to questions:
Yes, the hood is still in place.  Strie'bog takes pains to hold it in place, even while trying to catch up.
The lower half of his face is visible. It is very pale, almost the color of pearl.  His lips are full and red, and he sports a thin brown beard.  Of what can be seen, he looks young and very attractive.

As for weapons.  You see a finely wrought long bow and a quiver of arrows, with green and brown fletching.  Strapped to the saddle of the Donkey is an axe.  No other weapons are apparent.  Of interest though are two cases attached to the back of the saddle, apparently containing musical instruments.  He also struggles with the reigns of the Donkey, apparently unsure of how to ride a horse.


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