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Ben'dar introduces his new horse:

The party notices that everything has gone unnaturally quiet.  The wind has even died down.  It is as if the entire world has stopped what it is doing and is waiting...holding its breath in anticipation of what is about to happen!  Suddenly the ground begins to shake, slightly at first, but then it shakes harder and harder until it feels like a massive earthquake!  The sun, which has just sunk beneath the horizon, stops setting and actually RISES back into the western sky, as if the gods themselves want a better view of what is to come.  Beams of blinding light blaze from the newly risen sun in a focused ray of glory, enveloping a huge figure that approaches at a mighty gallop.  It is the approaching horse that causes the ground to shake and the very gods to gasp in wonder and awe!  Lightning smashes downward on either side of the galloping horse, cascading to keep pace with and illuminate the horse's path with dazzling blue and white light.  As the horse's hoofs strike the hard ground, they make loud cracking sounds like a blacksmith hammer on an anvil, and little spurts of yellow fire seem to be crackling along the bottom of each hoof, with tiny flames and smoke lingering in the hoofprints left behind.  As the horse draws near, the sound of impossibly loud guitars fill the air and a voice begins to sing, "We... are the champions...my friends...."

<ahem>  sorry, couldn't resist the overly-dramatic flourish there...

For real this time:

Ben'dar is riding a new horse, a massive black warhorse with a very long mane and tail.  Its coat is glossy and as black as midnight under a new moon.  Around its muscular neck it wears a jeweled leather collar that sparkles in the sunlight.  This horse is obviously a very proud and powerful animal, and it whinnies loudly while stamping the ground impatiently with its sharp hooves.  Ben'dar seems to be working hard just to keep his mount under control.

Looking up at the party, Ben'dar smiles at the party and says proudly, "This is Tef'wo.  It is the horse that the Great Lady Varo prophesied I would find!"


Is the mysterious man on the donkey still covered with a hood?  Can we see his face?  Does he have any weapons in view?

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