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Fri Apr 23 09:01:34 CEST 2004

  Ht Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  Rh NPC Noble             Aren Solest       Duke    Normal/Human  Ma
  Rh Balrog                Balrog            Warrior Normal/Human  Ma
  Wh Tom Crockett          Caladan           Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  ?? Marcel Liberty        Chion             Sailor  Normal/Human  Ma
  ?? Burton Choinski       Cholan            Sailor  Normal/Human  Ma
  Rh Bob Eldred/Nomad      Damon             Sailor  Normal/Human  Ma
  Wh Ryan Torres           Farseeker         Warrior Normal/Human  Ma
  Wh Tim Falkenberg        Malradh ben Kasha Merc    Normal/Human  Ma
  Wh NPC Spy               Suresh Nambler    Spy     Normal/Human  Ma
  Rh Orion (Paul Broman)   Trembyl           Fighter Normal/Human  Ma
  Rh NPC Fighter           Triest            Warrior Normal/Human  Ma
  Wh Franseco B./Bondo     Valgor            Noble   Normal/Human  Ma
  Rh Scott Adams           Xian              Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  Wh Wout Broere           Unali             Ninja   Normal/Human  Fe
  Wh Alex Koponen          Z'leyra           Healer  Normal/Human  Fe
  -- Lyman R. Hampton      Kaylle            Scholar Normal/Faerry Ma
  -- Wayne Richardson/Uji  Thig              Sidh MU Normal/Faerry Ma
  Rh ------???-----------  Neva              Archer  Normal/Elf    Fe
  Rh Sergi Sallent         Jordi             Unsure  Normal/Elf    Ma
  Rh Npc Noble             Marta Valnon      Noble   Normal/Human  Fe
     Ally Section - Diplomats/Ex prisoners - 26 Allies
      G1  Akat, Zenon    (Goidan),     Chandris, Eri      (Kolari)
      G1  Vaeth, Tuon    (Donaran),    Vaidia, Anil       (Donaran)
      G2 *Zablin, Ris    (Zen'dan)     Ayddar Nylykerka   (Thaliban)
      G2  Nil Spaar      (Ursmaian),   Norda Proi         (Lemasan)
      G3  Walling, Dex   (Helvan)      Zing, Troyis       (Kll'Maun)
      G3  Amin, Rajwani  (Lemasan),    Qasir, Shah        (Ro'babzan)
      G1  Jevan, Corz    (Bhamotin),   Jezek, Gord        (Bhamotin)
      G1  Qualres, Diana (Shuikalese), Oolas, Kirz        (Katalan)
      G1  Abzyon, Wi     (Choisuan),   Xavier, Rua        (Fomorian),
      G1  Makki, Pov     (Katalan),    Matta, Kartz       (R'hiselkan)
      G4  Zenakhis, Trom (Fomorian),   Ackbar, Feli       (Chunrey)
      G4  Jozak, Mer     (Robari),     Zabel, Eti         (Artadan)
      G4  Goins, Sharmon (Teosian(,    Havirmar Havigashu (Vahearian)

         Player               Email Address            Email Status 
     Scott Adams            pnpgm at softhome.net          Working
     Marcel Liberty/Chion   kzinti_maouse at yahoo.com     Working 
     Tim Falkenberg         Malradh at yahoo.co.uk         Unknown
     Wout Broere            broere at powersandperils.org  Working
     Burton Choinski        bchoinski at attbi.com         Working
     Sergi Sallent          igresigres at yahoo.com        Working
     Alex Koponen"          akoponen at mosquitonet.com    Working
     Animals: Ventrius/Pogo Thig's dogs, Firesnake of Caladan's
              Tikil (Cholan's Ferret) (in bag)
              FisherKing (Z'leyra's Eagle), 2 Wagon Horses, Hippogriff
     Powers & Perils Web Page - for some who might want it:
     http://abroere.xs4all.nl/broere/pnp/) or www.powersandperils.org
      Game Web Site - For updates, files, links, etc.

     Public posts/actions to pnpgm at abroere.xs4all.nl (mailing list)
     Private emails (not public actions) to pnpgm at softhome.net

     Game Update #266 in sequence (file #458)
     Admin notes:  None
     [Recap]     - None
     [New Stuff  - Current Situation]

        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          Z'leyra "Yes. Lead on."  She follows Valgor and double
          checks that she has all her items and didn't forget
          some in her frenzy.
          Z'leyra carefully wraps up FisherKing's body, picks up
          her staff and dagger (cleaning and sheathing it) then
          rejoins the party.
        GM: Actually I meant to add a bit on this last update but
          forgot.  First do you want to just leave his body somewhere
          and come back for him?  A bit awkward carrying him around.
          As to the dagger you feel its too contaminated with the
          vile blood of the gargoyles who killed your friend.  It
          would be very hard for you to use it in the future.  I was
          going to thus assume you leave it in the gargoyle den.  You
          could still use it but it would be a constant reminder to
          you.  Also upon leaving the den Valgor notices your dress
          which you picked up and wore from the prison to pretend
          to be priestess.  (should've been in last update)
          Valgor: "Ahhh...you might want to change.  Its a bit
            of a mess and kinda smells." [He points to your dress
            which is just smeared with blood, sweat, tears, gore from
            gargoyle body organs and dirt.  Its a total waste. Even
            a modern washing machine would have a problem getting
            some of the stains out.  It also will soon start to
            smell from the body organs.  This also somewhat counts
            for your hair and hands.  The hair got pieces and your
            hands though can be cleaned though easilly in the latrine.
            If you get to the next level you can be directed to the
            latrine.  Just some comments to decide.

        From Unali: [Re: Actions]
          Unali will leave the latrine and move on with the others,
          going south
        GM: Ack.


      Time: Estimated  6:37am-6:52am  - Morning Day 22

              ----------- Level 4 ---------------

      [Valgor and Z'leyra head eastward where Valgor was told where
       the stairs were.  He explains that the rest of the level is
       cleared and mostly had prisoner cells now containing some
       prisoners.  Also that 3 prisoners were freed and now going
       down to the main cave.]

              ----------- Level 5 ---------------

       [Stairs area -]

         [Triest points south]
         Triest: "South?"
         Trembyl: "No.  Farseeker and some others went that way
          when we went east.  We'll head west and see what's
          down there."

       [South hallway -]

         [The others join Farseeker]
         Farseeker: "Theres two doors.  Half us take this one nad
           the other take the one down there."
         [The group divides...
          Farseeker, Ris, Suresh, Kaylle takes east door
          Kasha, Shah, Aren, Unali take west door]
         Aren: "If a problem come and we'll help."

       [North hallway -]

         [Jordi returns back to the party who wait.  He
          quickly reviews what's down that way.  Some perk
          up hearing about a latrine.  The small group
          moves westward.  They quickly see one door still
          unexplored and another around a small corner.]

         [Jordi, Amin, Dex take south door
          Neva, Caladan, Wi take north door]

         [Events all occur roughly at the same instant of time.]

         [Door O5 -]

           [Kasha and Aren hear.  They can hear talking inside.
            So this room is occupied.  Without knowing how
            many they prepare weapons and charge into the room.
            As they enter they see tables nd chairs.  A brief
            whaff of smells like food hit them.  They quickly
            realize this room is a messhall.  Kasha and Aren
            rush in with Unali and Shah following.  They
            quickly survey the room and find 5 people here.
            Four are sitting at the table over food or drink.
            Four guys and one female.  One guy is standing
            up and talking to one.  Looks like only two are
            wearing leather the others just tunics.  Looks
            like they have not gotten on duty yet so not
            wearing normal guard or sailor clothing.

            The people quickly look over and stop talking.
            They don't recognize the people standing some
            distance from them.  The one standing looks
            and says something but is not heard.  One male
            who looks a bit older than the others stnads
            and says.]
           Male: "Halt!"
           [Kasha moves forward and raises mace and shakes head]
           Male: "Get them!"

           [The one standing who is unarmed and wearing no armor
            turns and heads to another door in the north side.
            Too far to get to...The others stand and head to
            the side of the tables.  Two on each table to
            intercept the group.  Guard #1 has dagger on belt
            and no armor.  Guard #3 wears leather and grabs
            his mace from the table.  Guard #4 has mace and
            leather as well.  Female guard #5 has no armor
            and no weapons.]

           {Turn 1: Phase 1]

            [Everyone moves from places/door to get close rto
             each other.]

           [Turn 1: Phase 2]

             [Unali moves first.  With daggers in hand she
              moves forward to the female guard who is unarmed
              and has no armor.  She fights with both daggers
              to knock out since she is unarmed no need to fight
              defensively she figures.  She swings both daggers
              upon reaching the guard but fails to hit the swift
              guard who dodges and weaves.]

             [Guard #5 dodges Unali's daggers but does a turning
              and spinning kick right at Unali's abdomen.  Her
              booted foot hits but does 1 point of damage which
              doesn't even penetrate to do a bruise beyond her
              armor.  The kick wasn't even strong enough to
              send her a few feet away.]

             [Kasha charges Guard #1 swings his mace but fails
              to hit..]

             [Guard #4 is blocked by a torch stand and guard #1
              so can't attack Kasha but raises his mace nonetheless.]

             [Shah comes up behind Kasha and sideshifts behind and
              to the right of him.  Shah thrusts his sword right
              at the guard and impales the guard doing an impressive
              13 points of damage.  The guard falls toward the table
              and slides off it to the ground..]

             [Aren comes up behind Unali but no room to help her.]

             [Guard #3 swings mace at Unali but is just out of reach
              of her and misses.]

           [Turn 1: Phase 3]

            [Unali swings one dagger..misses.  Swings another and
             hits the female guard right on the neck doing enough
             crushing force to knock the guard out instantly. She
             falls to the ground.]

            [Kasha steps over the dead guard and swings mace at
             Guard #4 and hits doing 5 points of damage.]

            [Guard #4 swings back and fails to strike.]

            [Shah helps Kasha but his sword is just out of reach
             and fails to hit.]

            [Aren tries to help Unali but still out of reach.]

            [Guard #3 swings mace at Unali and hits.  For the
             first time today she takes 2 points of damage.
             A minor scrap on the arm.]

           [Turn 1: Phase 4]

             [Unali in a burst of anger at being hurt swings both
              daggers right at guard #3 but intending to hurt
              not knock out.  Both daggers hit and stab doing
              combined damage of 11 points.  The guard falls back
              onto the chair and to the ground.]

             [Kasha swings on Guard #4 again but fails to hit.]
             [Guard #4 however does hit with his mace at Kasha
              but doesn't penetrate armor..]
             [Shah swings on Guard #4 but fails to hit as well.]

             [Aren comes behind Unali and examines her arm.]
             Aren: "You alright?" [Unali nods]

           [Turn 2: Phase 1]

             [Unali places pressure to the small wound and it
              stops bleeding quickly.]

             [Kasha swings and misses.  Guard #4 swings and
              misses as well does Shah.  Two on one but no
              one is hitting each other.]

             Aren: "Not like you to kill?"

           [Turn 2: Phase 2]

             [Unali only looks over at the door where its open
              and the guard escaped.]

             [Kasha swings on Guard #4 but misses again..]
             [Guard #4 also misses again..]
             [Shah however does hit and does 3 points which
              is just enough to knock the guard down to the

         [Door E18-]

           [Neva, Caladan, and Wi open the door and enter.
            They quickly find another empty barracks room
            with 20 more empty beds.  They quickly explore
            and find no one under beds or hiding.]

         [Door O15-]

           [Farseeker listens to the door and hears some muffled
            voices behind the old wooden door.  Kaylle stands
            back a foot and lets the fighters do their thing.
            Farseeker, Ris and Suresh raise weapons and head
            into the room.  There they find some tables and chairs.
            There are three people there all in chairs.  Two
            males and one female.  Looks like they were holding
            playing cards in hands.  They all look back or turn
            and see the group enter.  Two grab daggers on the
            table while the 3rd male has no weapon.  All three
            are wearing no armor.  They stand and stare the party

         [Door H15-]

           [Just then Jordi, Amin, Dex enter from the north door
            to the same room.  The guards glare back and notice
            now the pointy ear one.  Seven vs three.]

           Suresh: "Surrender."

           [The guards see they are surrounded and with heavy
            weapons against their simple daggers.  The female
            throws her dagger to the table.  The other male
            quickly follows and settles his to the table.]

           Suresh: "Now over to the side."

           [Farseeker nods.  It would be senselss to fight
            them virtually unarmed.  He quickly scoops u
            the daggers and puts them out of their reach.
            Suresh, Amin and Dex quickly search their body
            for other weapons but find none.]

           Farseeker: "We better take them to the cells.
             Who had the keys?"

         [North hallway-]

          [Just then Neva reenters the hallway.  She turns
           and hears footsteps from both sides of her.  She
           looks left (east) and sees Trembyl and others
           coming this way.  Then she turns and sees two
           guards rushing her position.

          [Turn 1: Phase 1]

            [Neva fires her bow right at guard #2 which fled the
             other room.  She hits doing 3 points of damage.]

            [Triest who already had his crossbow loaded from
             taking prisoners down raises his crossbow and
             fires at the same guard.  Hits doing 8 points
             of damage which kills the guard.]

             [The other guard who was on patrol comes running
              toward the others.  He is wearing leather nad
              mace with shielf.  He runs right smack in the
              group and sees Thig with wings.  Startled he
              doesn't see Balrog swing on him.  Balrog hits
              and does 5 points of damage.]

             [Turn 1: Phase 2]

               [The group surrounds the guard.. 14 against 1.
                The guard turns and turns.  He sees no way

               Xian: "Surrender!" [in climan]

               [The guard has no choice.  He drops his mace
                and shield.  Balrog and Cholan take him by
                their arms.]

         [Stairs level 5 -]

           [By now Valgor and Z'leyra reach level 5 and unsure
            which direction to go.]

              ----------- Level 1 ---------------

           [By this time Qorz and the others finally get to
            to the main cave with marta leading the way.]
              ----------- Level 4 ---------------

         [Messhall -]

           [Unali and others leave the room.  They find a door
            to the north and it closed.  They quickly open the
            door to find another empty barracks room with 20
            more beds.  Then every merges into one place with
            prisoners in tow.]

           [Trembyl sees the prisoners and explains where he
            left the keys so they can be locked up. Eventually
            Valgor and Z'leyra hear the group and spot them
            and rejoin them after some dead ends.   Now the
            entire group is together.  Room info is exchanged
            (including latrine which some haven't used and
            will use).]

           Farseeker to Z'leyra: "You ok?"

           Aren: "Looks like this level is clear.  Shall we
             head up to the next level?"

      Time: Estimated  6:42am-6:57am  - Morning Day 22
      [Five full minutes pass]

    Actions? Comments?
    Next update Monday....

Level 5 - Human Barracks

              1         2         3         4         5         6
   B|% Room B   %%  Room C   % Room D   %%%%%%%%* A%%% Room K    |
   C|% Barracks %%  Barracks % Barracks %%%%  %%%% %%%   Medical |
   D|%          %%           %          %%%%  %%%% %%%=%%%  Bay  |
   E|%%%%%=%%%%%%%%%%%=%%%%%%%%%%%=%%%%%%%%%g %%%%=%%%  %%%%%%%%%|
   F|%            g                   g                 %%%%%%%%%|
   G|%          %%   %%%%   %%      %%%   %        %%%%%%%%%%%%%%|
   H|%%%%=%%%%%%%%%=%%%%%% %%%%%%=%%%%%%% %%%%%   %%            %|
   I|%       %%%         % %  %Room  % %%=%%%%%%% %             %|
   J|% Room E%%%         % %  %   H  % %        % %%   Room J   %|
   K|%       %%  Room F  % %  %%%%%%%% %        %  [            %|
   L|%Mess   %%%        %%             % Room I %  %  Armorery  %|
   M|%  Hall %%%  Lounge%  %%%=%%%%=%%=%       %%%%%            %|
   N|%       %%%        % %%%%   %% %%         %%%%%            %|
   O|%%%%=%%%%%%%%%=%%%%% % Room %%L%% Practice%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%|
   P|%         g          %  G   %%*%%  Area   %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%|

        A = Stairs from 4.          J = Armorery
        K = Medical Bay             g = Dead Guards
      B-D = Barracks                H = Discipline/Interrogation
        I = Practice/Training area  G = Latrine
        L = Stairs up to level 6    F = Lounge
        E = Messhall

    Level 5 - Trembyl, Cholan, Balrog, Triest, Ayddar, Troyis
         Xian, Thig, Triest, Chion, Jordi, Caladan, Amin, Farseeker,
         Neva, Dex, Wi, Kasha,  Ris, Shah, Kaylle, Suresh, Aren,
         Unali, Z'leyra, Valgor [26 total]
    Main cave - Spaar, Qorz, Marta, Talz, Females (2) [Level 2]

    [Maps for rooms explored just as show :)]

 E - Messhall

    |%%%%%%%%%=%%%%%%%%|  Each Col = 2 feet Each Row = 10 feet
   A|%+              +%|  = Door
   B|%   * * * * *    %|  % Rock/Cave wall
   C|%  [----------]  %|  @ Garbage barrel
   D|%   * * * * *    %|  # Water Barrel
   E|%+ [----------] +%|  [==] = Table for food prep/placement
   F|%   * * * * *    %|  [--] = Eating table
   G|%@ [----------] #%|  * = Seat
   H|%@  * * * * *   #%|  
   I|%@              #%|  
   J|%+ [===]   [==] +%|

 F - Lounge

    |%%%%%%%%%=%%%%%%%%%%|  Each Col = 2 feet Each Row = 10 feet
   A|%+                +%|  = Door
   B|%   * * * * *     @%|  % Rock/Cave wall
   C|%  [----------]   @%|  @ Ale barrels
   D|%   * * * * *      %|  # Water/Food Shelves
   E|%+                +%|  ~ Shelves for games/dice/mugs
   F|%`  * * * * *      %|  [--] = Eating table
   G|%` [----------]   #%|  * = Seat
   H|%`  * * * * *     #%|  
   I|%`                 %|  
   J|%+ *[-]*    *[-]* +%|

     [Group has 4 prisoners.  They will have to be taken back down to
      the cells.  The group is rather large with 26 so theres plenty
      of folks to do it.]

     Will be updating the master cavemap file and upload to the
     website.  Including stats for the level at bottom.

        Cavemap.txt is updated.  I'll have a loot update on the
        website later today/tonight.  Its just the weapons and
        armor found on this level.

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