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b1v2 is only I see..
NOTE - A Dwarf character that reaches EL50 as an Armorer can learn 
the rites. He must complete a 150 expertise point initiation and 
training session. Thereafter, he is a Rune Master. He can use Elder 
Magics and Permanent Magic as a magic-user. Any Dwarf who becomes a 
Rune Master increases his station to six if it is lower.

in dwarf sectoin but no max el

At 04:07 PM 2/24/2020, you wrote:
>I was trying to find where this occurs and I can't seem to find it. 
>In both v1 and v2 versions under the description of Dwarf (book 3) I 
>find the max El given as (W+EL)/10. Can't find anyting on rune 
>masters in book 1. Can you point me in the right direction? It was 
>/10 in the original books, and /10 in the word version that Richard 
>drafted for v2, so I guess that /10 was intended. Wout On 24-02-2020 
>02:34, David Sanders wrote: > I found an error in latest Book 
>1...where Dwarf magic is described, the calculation for maximum EL 
>is shown as (W+armorer EL)/20...the original books plus the Elder 
>creatures book show it as divide by 10.  Big difference! > > Wizards 
>have a max EL of 11, unless their attributes can be boosted (or 
>supernatural special event),  Dwarf magic can reach EL 18(!!!) 
>without supernatural events. > > Dave Sanders > > Sent from my 
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