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MEL/EL can be different in terms of sop 
procedures.  So a green line worker at a facory 
is learning the ropes.  If he is asked to write 
it down hes bound to forget steps.  But a line 
worker 20 years on line can write it down in his sleep.
So same with spells.  The flair, procedures, 
methods and style reflect MEL/EL changes.
BUt yeah this why I wanted this topic to figure 
out some mechanic for spell ELs in such 
items.  So hopefully more will comment on my formula and such.


At 04:35 PM 3/6/2019, you wrote:
>Hmmm...even a scroll would take a lot of 
>time.  A book can take years.  And books 
>didn’t become common until after the Middle 
>Ages. A scroll, assuming one spell on it, would 
>just be one EL...a book, with multiple spells, 
>could easily have different EL's.  I think, if 
>it takes long enough, the MEL could change too, 
>but not as drastically. Hmmmm...a spell is a 
>spell is a spell...how can a MEL and EL be 
>assigned to a written spell?  I suppose it could 
>have more specific information about proper 
>techniques to cast the spell (thereby increasing 
>the EL) but, really, the casters MEL tells him 
>how to apply the techniques. Perhaps the reading 
>of a spell from book or scroll should be given 
>difficulty similar to problem solving...I always 
>love the stories where the mage loses control of 
>his spell he’s reading because of 
>distractions. Dave Sent from my iPad 
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