[PnP] Books

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Tue Mar 5 22:39:58 CET 2019

A possible new chat topic...

Old pnp set MEL/EL to scrolls, books/tomes in one lump.

Do you use this method or vary it?

Scrolls yes i believe should have one set MEL/EL.

But books/tomes take years to make.  So one can assume same MEL but 
EL may vary by +1-2 more.

So maybe some generic rule....I dunno...

Time to make = Number of pages / 3 days.

3 Can vary but 3 for fancy calligraphy and artwork.
6-7 for rushed printing not fancy.

X can vary per gm.

So a 112 page book with fancy script 3/112=37.3 days.

X is in a 8 hour day.

Though many monks worked 14-18 hour days.

So 37 days isn't long.

Maybe we can come up with a generic rule..

Every 30 days MU's EL+1?

So last spells in said boo could be EL+1 while first set EL.

Just wanted to toss this as I'm fleshing out a book for a character.

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