[PnP] Interworld TRavel

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Wed Oct 31 02:26:55 CET 2018

List been quiet.  We need more good general discussions.  What are 
folks doing in their games? etc.

So heres one.  Planar Travel.

I've not had chance to use Interworld travel ie dwarf, etc).  So I 
was curious how you guys handle this spell wise.
* Restrictions ot passage - Does that person (dwarf, etc) need to go 
through first or last?  Can others pass without restrictions?  ie can 
a chaos follow a lawful being into the portal?
* Do you guys restrict inclusions or can an army pass through?
* If knowledge is not known is it harder or impossible?  ie a dwarf 
escaping to LW for first time can do so or is it too risky?
* other stuff you include...

I remember this post form 18 years ago..

It had some interesting aspects I like.

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