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Wed Jan 31 02:34:18 CET 2018

In Book 4, stats are given for 'normal' humans.  The numbers listed for S, St, D & A for men and women are 'avarage' 2d10 rolls of 11+/- the mods for their race.  These are then given no multiplier other than 1 (as opposed to a minimum 1.5 for characters).  Now, I have no problem with the low multiplier...except that it doesn't work with the Constitution and still come up with a correct HPV if using (S+St+C)/4 (RU).  The reason why I say that is that for male humans, if the Constitution is only multiplied by '1', then the man would have a HPV=(14+11+11)/4=36/4=9.  Women would be HPV=(11+12+12)/4=35/4=9.  

Now, this makes normal humans pretty weak...but that's not all...

Consider the EnL of both humans.  The book calls for EnL=35 for both men and women, but if the multipliers are all '1', then the male would have an EnL of only 22, and the woman only 25.

So...in order to make the numbers make sense, I would propose that the multiplier for the Constitution of normal humans be changed to '2'.  What would this do?

Male humans would have a HPV of 12 instead of 10, and an EnL of 33.
Female humans would have a HPV of 12, and an EnL of 37.

This way it keeps the calcs the same, but doesn't make them much different than they are in Book 4.

My 2BB.


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