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Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Wed Jan 3 01:29:01 CET 2018

This is how I feel as well.  Thanks.
The issue is does staff/wand have a mana battery.  If not there is no 
choice it has to be from personal CA.
The aid ONLY boosts beyond the daily limit.  But as a battery they 
have that boost.
Some restrict to X batteries.  I can see reason for that like MEL 
batteries.  But I've not restricted it.
But if battery then can drain from 100% batt or CA.  IMHO.

I'm psyched!  A Dwarf centric adventure.  Glad game has started!
"Just don't run into him"

At 12:37 AM 12/28/2017, you wrote:
>I certainly wouldn't allow them to be additive.  Even if they were 
>used in the same day, and at different times, they would only make 
>the maximum CA available increase at most by 80.  It doesn't provide 
>a permanent increase.
>The bigger question to me is, if say, the caster has 100 CA normally 
>and uses 50 of it...does the 50 come first from the wand, staff, or 
>natural CA?  If the Mage later uses magic without wand or staff, how 
>much does the begger have left in the tank?
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