[PnP] Acrobat

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Tue Nov 7 04:22:10 CET 2017

Anyone ever add Acrobat to Entertainment Table?
I had to use this skill recently A LOT and  guess-estimate on results 
based on Dancer.

Also I have discovered these nifty NMIs.  Thanks Burton I guess I 
missed them or forgot about them to recently.

Anyone ever redo the Plant, Metal, etc tables ot include these items? :)
I'd love ot have that table.

I'm working on Healing Potions rules and got ingredients that might 
be somewhat NMIs to ijnclude. But not sure yet as still working on it.

I checked v2 pdf wout has and no acrtobat on entertinment table or Ivory :<

So figured maybe someone got a new table?

For a player I came up with Ebony as a NMI and can post later.

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