[PnP] Proofreading P&P version 2

pming at northwestel.net pming at northwestel.net
Sun Nov 5 23:25:31 CET 2017


 > page 20 "The energy cost to use this power for EL+1 hours 
equals the 
master’s EL+1." Isn't this just a long winded way of saying it 
uses 1 
energy per hour?

No, this implies you select the EL at the start, determine 
success, and 
spend energy for the full duration at the start. The 1 energy per 
implies you can extend each hour, but would have to reroll for 
each hour as well.

Not changed.

Y'see, I just don't read it that way myself. I read it as a 
"total cost, for total duration". So if the caster had EL 3 in 
it, it would last for four hours upon successful cast. It would 
cost 4 Mana to cast it total. I don't see the "+1" as implying 
that you can just 'extend' the spell. If, for example, you only 
needed it working/on/active for, say 30 minutes or so...the 
caster would simply cast it as a EL 0 spell, it would cost 1 
Mana, but he still rolls for success only once (and gets the 
benefit of his full EL3, as per the rules for casting a spell at 
a lower EL than you know or are capable of).


Paul L. Ming

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