[PnP] pnp Digest, Vol 137, Issue 4-Innate Magics

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Wed Mar 15 02:30:29 CET 2017

It depends.  If I recall its
Con with -ML to roll.
So a good pc could have
Con 50 an dML 50 easy.
All he needs is d100-50 (ml)
thus 100 is going ot work.
so its automatic recovery.
You can cater pcs that way.
With d6+CB that's about 5 per day.
Course there is the Energy Spell. :)

At 01:59 PM 3/14/2017, you wrote:

>Innate magic literally tires you out. So much so that you can take 
>days to recover from a single casting of a high EL effect.
>Innate spells require effort. Maybe not much concentration, but 
>plenty of effort.
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