[PnP] pnp Digest, Vol 137, Issue 4-Innate Magics

Thomas O. Magann Jr. tmagann at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 14 18:59:39 CET 2017

An Addendum to Innate spells DO take effort:

I pointed out that Higher ELs take more energy, and hence, more effort. There is a second mechanic for this, in addition to more time to accumulate the energy: The effect of spending the energy.

Remember, Innate spells are power by Energy Level, NOT mana. Energy Level is, quite literally your body's reserves. Poison lowers it, as do vampiric (blood and soul sucking) attacks. As it goes lower, a mage's daily ability to cast magic diminishes. Maybe more (recovery is, at best, 1d6 per day)

Innate magic literally tires you out. So much so that you can take days to recover from a single casting of a high EL effect.

Innate spells require effort. Maybe not much concentration, but plenty of effort.

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