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Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Sat Mar 4 04:13:53 CET 2017

Thanks.  It has been 2 decades.  Maybe I'm just mixing things up from 
his posts and email between us.  Maybe it was also the old style dnd 
that gave us that idea.

I go back from the old Warlock in late 80s.  IF had all the classic 
gestures so it might've been some influence.

At 08:56 AM 3/3/2017, you wrote:
>The only thing in the rules that I can find right now is that 
>movement is not allowed in a phase that mana is cast. And of course 
>that if casting takes more than one pahse and the caster is damaged, 
>concentration is broen and the already spent mana is lost.
>As far as I can tell, there is nothing on hand movements being 
>required, and with casting in supernatural tongues only implicitely 
>on speech being involved.
>Also, a search through all the list archives doesn't turn up 
>comments from Richard in this respect.
>We have always played it in our group that innate magic can be cast 
>without speaking, and normal magic users must be able to speak to 
>cast. So gagging those is an effective way to stop them from 
>casting. No hand movement required in any case.
>This is an interpretation used for our group, and I guess it is 
>based more on early D&D/AD&D where hand waiving and speaking the 
>spell out loud were explicitely detailed in the rules. I don't 
>recall this ever coming up on the list.
>PS: This might help: http://powersandperils.org/searchlist.htm
>On 03-03-17 06:25, Scott Adams wrote:
>>So was hoping more comments on Familiar/Binding but oh well.
>>So let's have a different thread.
>>I seem to recall Richard saying that in his mind there was rules to
>>casting for Wizs.
>>They need 1) Verbal commands and 2) hand gestures.
>>I don't see it in the rules.  But I think it was 80% chance either here
>>or in email.
>>Does anyone recall this?
>>It is how I've run things.
>>So need words and at least one hand.  This made it fun for simply
>>binding a wizards hands.
>>To me this is the classic wizard who throws that fireball not just
>>stands there with arms to side nad
>>a fireball shows form eyes.
>>For Shamans need a Focus for a trance.
>>For Innate Magics thought no voice no gestures.  ie creatures with
>>powers can't gesture or speak.
>>I suppose one could argue Priests could have their religious symbols?
>>Witches their familiar.
>>Do you guys recall this?
>>or am I just insane?
>>Scratch that I am insane but that's aside the point.
>>Too bad List Archives don't have a  search  functoin. :)
>>When I ran my BBS I put the month's worth of postsin a file.
>>Made searching fast.
>>But not done that in a  decade.
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