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Fri Mar 3 14:56:52 CET 2017

The only thing in the rules that I can find right now is that movement 
is not allowed in a phase that mana is cast. And of course that if 
casting takes more than one pahse and the caster is damaged, 
concentration is broen and the already spent mana is lost.

As far as I can tell, there is nothing on hand movements being required, 
and with casting in supernatural tongues only implicitely on speech 
being involved.

Also, a search through all the list archives doesn't turn up comments 
from Richard in this respect.

We have always played it in our group that innate magic can be cast 
without speaking, and normal magic users must be able to speak to cast. 
So gagging those is an effective way to stop them from casting. No hand 
movement required in any case.

This is an interpretation used for our group, and I guess it is based 
more on early D&D/AD&D where hand waiving and speaking the spell out 
loud were explicitely detailed in the rules. I don't recall this ever 
coming up on the list.


PS: This might help: http://powersandperils.org/searchlist.htm

On 03-03-17 06:25, Scott Adams wrote:
> So was hoping more comments on Familiar/Binding but oh well.
> So let's have a different thread.
> I seem to recall Richard saying that in his mind there was rules to
> casting for Wizs.
> They need 1) Verbal commands and 2) hand gestures.
> I don't see it in the rules.  But I think it was 80% chance either here
> or in email.
> Does anyone recall this?
> It is how I've run things.
> So need words and at least one hand.  This made it fun for simply
> binding a wizards hands.
> To me this is the classic wizard who throws that fireball not just
> stands there with arms to side nad
> a fireball shows form eyes.
> For Shamans need a Focus for a trance.
> For Innate Magics thought no voice no gestures.  ie creatures with
> powers can't gesture or speak.
> I suppose one could argue Priests could have their religious symbols?
> Witches their familiar.
> Do you guys recall this?
> or am I just insane?
> Scratch that I am insane but that's aside the point.
> Too bad List Archives don't have a  search  functoin. :)
> When I ran my BBS I put the month's worth of postsin a file.
> Made searching fast.
> But not done that in a  decade.
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