[PnP] Familiars and binding

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Tue Jan 31 22:29:16 CET 2017

Yeah.  That's the problem what little rules we have its for 
Witch/Imp.  Which seems odd since its usually Witch/Cat.  But maybe 
i'm too old fashioned. ;) I'd want a generic Familiar system/rules 
for any alignment.  I know we have Tonahs.  But what about a Raven 
for a Priest or Horse for a wizard? That's where we need to come up 
with some system.

Bindng - Iseasy as is now.  But player was considering a two way 
binding.  Say a ring that pof X appears (not summon) then can go back 
inside when done.  But any bound thing would be rather upset unless 
its like Genie/Lamp  or Dark One/Stick (Once upon a time) type.  I 
thik player does this in that other game with dungeons we'll not 
name.  But trying to do it in pnp is different.

At 04:11 PM 1/30/2017, you wrote:
>Familiars.- no, no rules made up.  A familiar tie is one made by the 
>imp demon and the witch.  It's a simple transaction...service for 
>the blood/energy of the witch and a little nookie.  Why would the 
>demon do this?  The demon is a MINOR demon.  By gathering the energy 
>of living mortals, he gives himself some way to grow into something 
>more powerful, as long as he stores his energy somehow.  If the 
>witch is a nasty bitch to the familiar, one can imagine the imp 
>might get a bit testy and argumentative and uncooperative.  But 
>still, since he has a willing source of energy, he is unlikely to 
>betray the witch.
>The familiar doesn't have to take the shape of a cat.  That's just 
>an example.  Since the imp is capable of flight, maybe an owl isn't 
>out of the question.  Keep in mind it's orientation and true master 
>Sammael.  And Sammael is a God of Chaos in the Air.
>Binding.-  this is "simply" accomplished by ensorcelling an item 
>with intelligence.  That binds the 'spirit' to the item.  Now, the 
>spirit...one assumes a creature with a positive Contact 
>Level...might get pretty testy about being trapped like that and 
>VERY unhappy with the Mage.  Imagine an angel from heaven, enjoying 
>the environment of a comfortable eternity, gets yanked out and 
>dropped into a sword or wand.  He might get a mite bit angry.
>One way to prevent some of the negative effects to the wielder might 
>be to also cast a ban on the trapped spirit, to punish it should it 
>attempt to harm the Mage.  Certainly a sword with a trapped Soul 
>Daiva would be safe to handle normally, but accidents do 
>happen.  The Mage would not want to EVER accidentally cut himself on 
>the blade...say by sharpening it...ouch.  Can you say 'Giant Sucking Sound'?
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> > Let's stir up the pot and get some chat chat going on!
> >
> > 1) Familiar - Ala Black Cat/Witch.  Classic.  Aside form Witchcraft
> > having a Imp Familiar there is little rules on it.
> > What if a wizard wants a cat? A owl? Sure there are Tonah rules and
> > pets like Firesnake.  But has anyone come up with Familiar rules?
> >
> > 2) Binding - Stormbringer leecher of life.  Life Sword? If i recall
> > that sorta had something like it.  We do have rules (though I can't
> > reclal directly since books not handy) on adding Intellect to like a
> > Suit of Armor to make a automaton guard.  A smart broom to clean
> > up.  But what about direct binding?  Add a demon to a sword like
> > stormbringer to leech life?
> >
> > Or use a ring to hold a demon you can fling out and capture
> > again?  Shamans and Priests have magic for holding/trapping things
> > like spirits.  But not wizards if i recall.
> >
> > In Elric a game I run the system uses bindings as common as there are
> > magic items in pnp.
> >
> > Any come up with these 2 set of rules?
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