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Familiars.- no, no rules made up.  A familiar tie is one made by the imp demon and the witch.  It's a simple transaction...service for the blood/energy of the witch and a little nookie.  Why would the demon do this?  The demon is a MINOR demon.  By gathering the energy of living mortals, he gives himself some way to grow into something more powerful, as long as he stores his energy somehow.  If the witch is a nasty bitch to the familiar, one can imagine the imp might get a bit testy and argumentative and uncooperative.  But still, since he has a willing source of energy, he is unlikely to betray the witch.

The familiar doesn't have to take the shape of a cat.  That's just an example.  Since the imp is capable of flight, maybe an owl isn't out of the question.  Keep in mind it's orientation and true master Sammael.  And Sammael is a God of Chaos in the Air.

Binding.-  this is "simply" accomplished by ensorcelling an item with intelligence.  That binds the 'spirit' to the item.  Now, the spirit...one assumes a creature with a positive Contact Level...might get pretty testy about being trapped like that and VERY unhappy with the Mage.  Imagine an angel from heaven, enjoying the environment of a comfortable eternity, gets yanked out and dropped into a sword or wand.  He might get a mite bit angry. 

One way to prevent some of the negative effects to the wielder might be to also cast a ban on the trapped spirit, to punish it should it attempt to harm the Mage.  Certainly a sword with a trapped Soul Daiva would be safe to handle normally, but accidents do happen.  The Mage would not want to EVER accidentally cut himself on the blade...say by sharpening it...ouch.  Can you say 'Giant Sucking Sound'?

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> Let's stir up the pot and get some chat chat going on!
> 1) Familiar - Ala Black Cat/Witch.  Classic.  Aside form Witchcraft 
> having a Imp Familiar there is little rules on it.
> What if a wizard wants a cat? A owl? Sure there are Tonah rules and 
> pets like Firesnake.  But has anyone come up with Familiar rules?
> 2) Binding - Stormbringer leecher of life.  Life Sword? If i recall 
> that sorta had something like it.  We do have rules (though I can't 
> reclal directly since books not handy) on adding Intellect to like a 
> Suit of Armor to make a automaton guard.  A smart broom to clean 
> up.  But what about direct binding?  Add a demon to a sword like 
> stormbringer to leech life?
> Or use a ring to hold a demon you can fling out and capture 
> again?  Shamans and Priests have magic for holding/trapping things 
> like spirits.  But not wizards if i recall.
> In Elric a game I run the system uses bindings as common as there are 
> magic items in pnp.
> Any come up with these 2 set of rules?

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