[PnP] Familiar/Binding

Thomas O. Magann Jr. tmagann at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 27 02:44:13 CET 2017

The following answers/opinions are all based on V1 because..well, that's what I still use, so it's what I'm most familiar with.I assume of V1 can do it, V2 probably can.

>1) Familiar - Ala Black Cat/Witch.  Classic.  Aside form Witchcraft 
>having a Imp Familiar there is little rules on it.
>What if a wizard wants a cat? A owl? Sure there are Tonah rules and 
>pets like Firesnake.  But has anyone come up with Familiar rules?

Book 4,page 32, the Familiar item. It's a summoning device keyed to a specific being. Summonable beings, of course, which limits choices a bit, but if you want a normal animal, Tonah are summonable and boosted versions of normal animals. Assuming the maker learns a decent level of Summons aligned to Shamanic Elder, of course. If not, there are plenty of other options.

>2) Binding - Stormbringer leecher of life.  Life Sword? If i recall 
>that sorta had something like it.  We do have rules (though I can't 
>reclal directly since books not handy) on adding Intellect to like a 
>Suit of Armor to make a automaton guard.  A smart broom to clean 
>up.  But what about direct binding?  Add a demon to a sword like 
>stormbringer to leech life?

Actually, that's exactly how it's done. Last paragraph of the Soul Daiva page 51 of Book 3. But it's energy it drains, equal to the damage done. Converting it to hits would simply require a Healing spell added to the sword, with a Ward Pact to cast it whenever there is any absorbed energy. That will keep the bearer healed up while he has opponents to damage.

>Or use a ring to hold a demon you can fling out and capture 
>again?  Shamans and Priests have magic for holding/trapping things 
>like spirits.  But not wizards if i recall.

Well, the Familiar item from Book 4 can do this, too. You just have to make each item for a specific being. Much Like the original Elric rules, actually, except that it's an actual summons each time, rather than just a use of the critter's powers (which was how Elric faked traditional magic using their summons system).

But it you want something that can trap a creature repeatedly, rather than just give control over a specific creature, all I see is Spirit Cage. Assuming you can get a Shaman or Druid (or Natural Mage) to Enchant a small wicker cage (probably gilded or plated for durability) with the spell permanently, that's possible, too. Obviously this version would be quite rare.

You'd probably want a Command spell added to the second type, simply to have a chance to get the same critter back. That means each item would be most useful against a specific Alignment, and not as much against others. 

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