[PnP] Familiar/Binding

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Fri Jan 27 01:30:26 CET 2017

Let's stir up the pot and get some chat chat going on!

1) Familiar - Ala Black Cat/Witch.  Classic.  Aside form Witchcraft 
having a Imp Familiar there is little rules on it.
What if a wizard wants a cat? A owl? Sure there are Tonah rules and 
pets like Firesnake.  But has anyone come up with Familiar rules?

2) Binding - Stormbringer leecher of life.  Life Sword? If i recall 
that sorta had something like it.  We do have rules (though I can't 
reclal directly since books not handy) on adding Intellect to like a 
Suit of Armor to make a automaton guard.  A smart broom to clean 
up.  But what about direct binding?  Add a demon to a sword like 
stormbringer to leech life?

Or use a ring to hold a demon you can fling out and capture 
again?  Shamans and Priests have magic for holding/trapping things 
like spirits.  But not wizards if i recall.

In Elric a game I run the system uses bindings as common as there are 
magic items in pnp.

Any come up with these 2 set of rules?

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