[PnP] Question about famliars

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Sun Feb 12 02:29:49 CET 2017

 >I'm in Scott's game, he suggested asking on here.

Yep.  I encourage many to post here.  Sadly not many do.  There are
many good players and GMS and a community is nothing without
sharing of ideas.

 >With Hell Powers, Summoning Demons, the second part, creating a
 >familiar bond with a demon,  is that mostly for item creation or
 >is it something more along the lines, summoning the demon and having
 >it effectively become a pet that lasts as long as you don't let it
 >get killed?

First part is clear summoning demons is cheaper. Clear.
Second part.  Hmmm
'familiar bond' to me is more a bond not a familiar in the classic sense
to me but i could see how it could be read that way.
"retain control" that's the critical section.  To me this implies as
long as the summoning control lasts.
"demon can be used" kinda conflicts with that control by saying as
long as he cna be used (though i could see that as long as the poor
demon is alive?).

So to me this implies can control the demon as long as summonign
control lasts. But this then is a bit redandant with the basic
spell other than the cheaper cost.  hmm  So now i don't see how
one could summon a demon adn it stays for years.

But i could also see that if the demon is influnced/controled theen
why would he not want to stay?  Ugh.

This is why I wanted more input from others.  Its a bit vague.

 >Or do the rules apply as with item creation: familiar where the demon
 >you've created a familiar bond with, is going to rip you apart the
 >first time it gets?

This is how I see it leaning that way to me.  I'm hoping to
see more arguments to show sides i am missing.

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