[PnP] Maelorna's response to Z'leyra

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Sat Feb 11 14:33:21 CET 2017

Maelorna smiles and nods, "As you say, it was an offer and freely given."
as she steps back, the look of pure innocence on her face as she looks
about, meeting the eyes of the men who look at her, holding their gaze for
a moment before continuing to look about.  "Honestly from the way they are
looking at me, I do not believe that would even be an issue." she muses and
chuckles softly.

As she reaches up to make sure her earrings are still attached, '*You
stupid girl, did you honestly think I was not able to hear what you spoke
about?*' the voice almost bellows in her head.  '*You speak about avoiding
the reunion and do that which would bring about your destruction.*'
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