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I would say that the CA comes first from the natural CA.

   Alex k

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> >The bigger question to me is, if say, the caster has 100 CA normally and
> uses 50 of it...does the 50 come first from the wand, staff, or natural
> CA?  If the Mage later uses magic without wand or staff, how much does the
> begger have left in the tank?
> >
> Well, they allow overcasting. That means the basic Casting Ability is used
> first, doesn't it? Doesn't matter if a caster uses them earlier, and he
> might for other benefits, they don't let you exceed your casting ability
> until it's been reached. Either way, it ALL comes from your mana, so it
> only matters when your mana exceeds your casting ability. And Mana may not
> exceed casting + Wand bonus
> Basically, Tank first (casting ability), reserves second (Mana in excess
> of casting ability). Of course, you can also add a Battery feature to
> either wand or staff that you can tap anytime, instead of your casting
> ability (and it rechharges on it's own ay 10% a day). And I always have
> added that feature when I've had a character make his own wand or staff. If
> nothing else, it's another chance to increase Permanent Magics.
> Frankly, a wand is generally the first thing I make on a new mage
> character. Unless he's trained in Staff combat.
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