[PnP] pnp Digest, Vol 144, Issue 4

Thomas O. Magann Jr. tmagann at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 28 07:09:10 CET 2017

>The bigger question to me is, if say, the caster has 100 CA normally and uses 50 of it...does the 50 come first from the wand, staff, or natural CA?  If the Mage later uses magic without wand or staff, how much does the begger have left in the tank?

Well, they allow overcasting. That means the basic Casting Ability is used first, doesn't it? Doesn't matter if a caster uses them earlier, and he might for other benefits, they don't let you exceed your casting ability until it's been reached. Either way, it ALL comes from your mana, so it only matters when your mana exceeds your casting ability. And Mana may not exceed casting + Wand bonus

Basically, Tank first (casting ability), reserves second (Mana in excess of casting ability). Of course, you can also add a Battery feature to either wand or staff that you can tap anytime, instead of your casting ability (and it rechharges on it's own ay 10% a day). And I always have added that feature when I've had a character make his own wand or staff. If nothing else, it's another chance to increase Permanent Magics.

Frankly, a wand is generally the first thing I make on a new mage character. Unless he's trained in Staff combat.

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