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I agree. First chart was existence of a village.
I can't recall math now but based on population and a village of typically 100
It was 1.7(2) I think per hex.  Since aerial recon can show 12 miles 
on sunny dyas and 9 typically. it was a 60% chance of
finding a said village.
If no aerial recon then around 30%.
But we have a eagle and wizard in eagle form.
Once village it came to second chart
puddle, river, pond, lake, well, etc.stream.
Based on some stats online on lake/pond distribution (BTW those 
charts onlline were BORING).
Based on geology reports
got %s.
/But again its nota facotr of finding source now as spell works. :)

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>>On Oct 3, 2016, at 11:25 AM, Malc Walker 
>><<mailto:malcwalker at hotmail.com>malcwalker at hotmail.com> wrote:
>>So need to come up with charts for
>>* Wells
>>* Villages
>>* Pond/Lakes
>>* Streams
>>for water sources.
>>Burton did you work on any of this?
>As a followup, the presence or a city or fort in the hex makes the 
>task easy (there has to be wells).
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