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Just potential? you probably wouldn't. However, as I recall, you CAN detect types of mana, at least elemental mana (although I'd have to dig around for a reference). If someone knows a fire spell, for instance, they would have fire mana, and a fire detection spell would find them. Of course, it would also trigger if they had the innate ability to cast one or more fire spells, or was allied to elemental fire or etc, but still, that would all be character level ability.

Mostly though, a mage that refuses to use magic isn't detectable as a mage, anymore than a sword master that won't pick up a sword is detectable as a sword master. 

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>Hmmm...I'm trying to determine how a player might find or detect  Characters as opposed to simple 'average' humanoids.
>The only way I can think of is to use Divination, perhaps, to get some idea of who or where...then maybe go where divined and start searching.  Maybe it would be obvious if a Character was the county wrestling champion, or similar.  But how would you determine characters with magic use potential?
>Any other ideas?
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