[PnP] Any other PBEM games out there?

Thomas O. Magann Jr. tmagann at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 10 02:34:09 CEST 2016

Actually, I think most modern games use forum based systems and are Play by Post.

Of course, "Modern" changes every decade. PbP may be out of date, and I just don't know it.

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>Play by E-mail.
>These style of games actually go back to late '70s technically.
>When net was mostly on gov't sites and we used card punch there were 
>1 or 2 choice based games folks could play.
>Sort of a choose-your-way books of 80s.
>When pcs came out we had BBSes. Bulletin Board Systems.  I ran mine 
>for over 15 years.
>This was before 14.4 modems and even email.  Then we used what was 
>called Echomail.  A echo was like a newgroup today a base of topics 
>for talk.  We'd have to transfer files bbs to bs or over networks 
>like Fidonet.  At one point Fidonet had 57k o rso bbses n 
>america.  As well as others world wide.
>Height of bbses were around '95 or so.  Then declined as the true net 
>became popular.
>On BBSes many play by echomali games were done.  One of my biggest 
>was Gamma World where i had 17 active players.  True active folks not 
>dead weight. :)
>Then it go to E-mail.  Even some board games did this or other games 
>like SFB by email.
>Some use usenet newgroups which is same as echomail for me.
>Modern pbems use mailing lists.  Basically emalis that are 
>distributed to all on the list round robin style.
>Some use websites or map programs for resources.
>Some use live chat like Skype, Discord or others.
>Some use sites like Roll20 which allow one to store pc data, maps, 
>roll dice for you adn such.
>Its fun.  Just wish more good fantasy based pbems (dnd not included) 
>out there. I'd love more pnp games.
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>> >I may have missed this but what is PBEM
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>> >> On Jul 8, 2016, at 5:53 PM, Scott Adams <longshotgm at comcast.net> wrote:
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>> >> At 03:35 PM 7/8/2016, you wrote:
>> >>> So...for those of us still connected by this list, are there 
>> any other P&P PBEM games out there besides Scott's?
>> >>>
>> >>> Just curious.  Also curious if any of them want or need new players.
>> >> I'd love another pnp pbem.  Heck even a decent pbem like pnp.
>> >>
>> >> I'm still waiting on a certain person (who will be nameless) to 
>> run his game. :)
>> >>
>> >> Sadly most pbems simply fail.
>> >>
>> >> After 30 years I've seen many start...and die.
>> >>
>> >> In my experience 90% fali within 6 months.
>> >> 80% of those past 6 only last maybe a year or so.
>> >>
>> >> Just sad to see.
>> >>
>> >> I've been in what...6-7 pnp pbems and all falied.  GMs or 
>> players or both gave up.
>> >>
>> >> I'd admit I considered it a few times.  In the last 17 years we 
>> only had 2 small delays (summer one time with the infamous greg who 
>> had no clue on rules) and when dad died though that was only a 
>> month or two.  For me this is a exception to life the election..the 
>> shootings...its as much a stress relief for me than anyone 
>> else.  This is why I've lasted 17 non stop years (7 adventues).
>> >>
>> >> GMs need to consider this and players need to be dedicated.  The 
>> great thing about pbems is that players don't need to invest that 
>> much time - maybe 20-40 min a week max.
>> >>
>> >> I'd love more pnp games..sigh
>> >>
>> >> On a side note.  Wout you out there? You ok?
>> >>
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