[PnP] Any other PBEM games out there?

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Sun Jul 10 02:13:20 CEST 2016

Play by E-mail.
These style of games actually go back to late '70s technically.
When net was mostly on gov't sites and we used card punch there were 
1 or 2 choice based games folks could play.
Sort of a choose-your-way books of 80s.

When pcs came out we had BBSes. Bulletin Board Systems.  I ran mine 
for over 15 years.
This was before 14.4 modems and even email.  Then we used what was 
called Echomail.  A echo was like a newgroup today a base of topics 
for talk.  We'd have to transfer files bbs to bs or over networks 
like Fidonet.  At one point Fidonet had 57k o rso bbses n 
america.  As well as others world wide.
Height of bbses were around '95 or so.  Then declined as the true net 
became popular.

On BBSes many play by echomali games were done.  One of my biggest 
was Gamma World where i had 17 active players.  True active folks not 
dead weight. :)

Then it go to E-mail.  Even some board games did this or other games 
like SFB by email.

Some use usenet newgroups which is same as echomail for me.

Modern pbems use mailing lists.  Basically emalis that are 
distributed to all on the list round robin style.
Some use websites or map programs for resources.
Some use live chat like Skype, Discord or others.
Some use sites like Roll20 which allow one to store pc data, maps, 
roll dice for you adn such.

Its fun.  Just wish more good fantasy based pbems (dnd not included) 
out there. I'd love more pnp games.

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> >I may have missed this but what is PBEM
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> >>> So...for those of us still connected by this list, are there 
> any other P&P PBEM games out there besides Scott's?
> >>>
> >>> Just curious.  Also curious if any of them want or need new players.
> >> I'd love another pnp pbem.  Heck even a decent pbem like pnp.
> >>
> >> I'm still waiting on a certain person (who will be nameless) to 
> run his game. :)
> >>
> >> Sadly most pbems simply fail.
> >>
> >> After 30 years I've seen many start...and die.
> >>
> >> In my experience 90% fali within 6 months.
> >> 80% of those past 6 only last maybe a year or so.
> >>
> >> Just sad to see.
> >>
> >> I've been in what...6-7 pnp pbems and all falied.  GMs or 
> players or both gave up.
> >>
> >> I'd admit I considered it a few times.  In the last 17 years we 
> only had 2 small delays (summer one time with the infamous greg who 
> had no clue on rules) and when dad died though that was only a 
> month or two.  For me this is a exception to life the election..the 
> shootings...its as much a stress relief for me than anyone 
> else.  This is why I've lasted 17 non stop years (7 adventues).
> >>
> >> GMs need to consider this and players need to be dedicated.  The 
> great thing about pbems is that players don't need to invest that 
> much time - maybe 20-40 min a week max.
> >>
> >> I'd love more pnp games..sigh
> >>
> >> On a side note.  Wout you out there? You ok?
> >>
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