[PnP] pnp Digest, Vol 121, Issue 3-Magic Item values

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Sat Oct 17 02:45:00 CEST 2015

 >"'That's it!' Charlie Brown shouted, knocking Lucy off her stool at 
her Psychologist's Booth, in surprise."

Yeah that's what I posted initially.  The errata has to be worked with
the book 4 stuff.  This is only a outline though so you can refine the
rules better.   As David mentioned though culture should be a factor.
A culture where Magic is so common its everywhere prices are very low
due to supply.   A place where Magic is outlawed price will be high
due to low demand on the black market.  So a potion that may sell for
3 GC in Marentia might be 8 gold in Donara or in some barbarian land
maybe a few BB.  This is why the formulae has that Ref Choice.

 >I am writing down my game as I play, for I want to use these

Doing this table wise is difficult unless you are one who makes
full outlines and notes before hand.  I do outlines and notes but
table wise its all by ear.  So a tangent can side line the whole
thing.  I have files on things I ran 30 years ago.  But could
I flesh out books?  Probably not.  You will need dramatic license
to flesh out good books as long as you have a general outline.

On the other hand I run a P&P PBEM.  As a result I literally have
ALL the info I need since its all typed up in updates.  I may have
to add some holloywood drama but 95% of its done.  After 16 years
doing the pbem I have tons of materials.  I could do 6-7 books just
on this stuff.  Would I?  Probably not.  No time.  :<  Plus it
would be boring for folks to read.  :)

 >). Currently I have no definite ending - I know where it is, just
 >not what is to be encountered there. Once I know that, I can
 >complete my chapter & story outline and start submitting it to
 >publishers (I wonder if Avalon Hill is associated with one, hmmm.)
 >Eight chapters done, at least 2-3 more ready to go, once I fill
 >in conversation & other details in encounters already completed.

I'm sure you're a great writer.  But I doubt AH would want it.
To be honest I suggest doing a E-book first.  At least one.  See
what folks think.  If not a full book do a small version or
mini novel.  HEck if its pnp related this list is great to
show a few chapters for full criticism.  If folks welcome it
then publish it.  Everyone does self publishing on teh web now
so it should be easy.

 >I also confess I play the game somewhat liberally, rolling the dice
 > as many as three times for better play options, although if the 3rd
 > is best, and the 2nd is survivable, I use the 2nd or the 1st -
 > whichever number is the middle choice. I want my PCs to have
 > Special Events that are useful in play, and not all alike. As my
 > own Dungeon Master for my story, I know where I want these
 > characters to go, and they need to reach there, or there's no
 > story (sigh - so I cheat a bit if you're hardcore, but the rules -
 > as they themselves state - are a guideline only. So on I go!

The great late Richard even said the rules are a outline.  Take
what you want use some or none.  IF teh author of pnp says that
then its a good thing.  My pbem is mostly free form but a story
outline is always useful.  One can play full Free Form and
bend things to Adventure Mode.  A good GM can do this.  I used
to have a Fantasy Hero GM that was all 99.9% Free Form. Sadly he
was awful.  A person can only do whatever he wants in a town.
Without direction it gets boring.

 >Wish me luck! And pray that I create conversation with enough

Luck!  Being a GM is great.  It builds the mind and soul.  It creatres
creativity.  Sadly it can be a curse.  Reading a book or watching
a movie/tv show I can figure out what will happen next based on
my experience.  I so rarely get surprised these days except for
say like a show like Lost.

 >I know I will have to get publishing clearance from Richard
 >Snider (I do hope he's still with us) and Avalon Hill, but
 >hope if I find a publisher, that they will take care of that -
 >I'm sure they'd be due a percentage, and might even be willing
 >to help stories (if they are good) get published. Maybe Harn
 >should get 1%, too, since I use it for developing PCs' physical
 >appearances and family histories.

No.  Sadly Richard died a few years after v2 came out.  AH
I doubt even cares to be honest.  They've not supported us in decades.
I think even copyright ran out so I doubt you'd have any issue.
If free Ebooks then noen.  If you make money will need to consult
folks first. But even a simple title change Perils and Perils
is enough to make it different.  If do have issue can change things
like Donara to Donavaa or such.  But if free then keep the same

 >So you see I am serious about this. It would be really nice if 
stories from this game could get out into the wider world in book 
form (paperbacks!) - might get us more players, and fans for the game 
- and more books from others that I would read!

Well pnp is so ...unpopular these days that few would even recognize
the name.  As a wide market it would have ot be sold as a independent
Fantasy series.  To allow folks en masse to understand it.  If you
make it 100% pnp then it is a smaller audience maybe a few hundred
world wide.

 >Thanks again for your assistance!

No problem.  I think as suggested start small show some chapers
here and get advice.  Some of us have been here since the list
formed in early '90s.  So there are ton of experts here.

Good luck.

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