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"'That's it!' Charlie Brown shouted, knocking Lucy off her stool at her Psychologist's Booth, in surprise."

Thank you! Thank you! That was what I had found. Now I can figure out the values of my wand and talisman (not that the characters will know, until later) I didn't think to check the Errata section - duh! I have now flagged the page for future reference. God bless you all for trying to help me - lol.

I am writing down my game as I play, for I want to use these charcters I've created. I hope to publish it as a novel or novella (depending upon its length). I have at least 3 groups already gathered, with individuals (and a pair of brothers) ready to be added to them. Two groups at least are be featured in my first book, but I haven't gotten far enough into the story for them to have met yet. The rest will also join them eventually, if not in this book, then the second one. I'm nearly at page 100, and am going back to fill out some hastily-written action sequences today. I know it needs to be easily readable & characters interesting enough in order to get published, so fleshing them out is what I have been working on this week. I haven't even yet dscribed their clothing. Thought I would have a new individual they are due to meet give her impressions of their overall physical appearance. Physical looks I've done, but clothing and carriage should be noted
 by strangers who will become friends (if uneasy ones). Currently I have no definite ending - I know where it is, just not what is to be encountered there. Once I know that, I can complete my chapter & story outline and start submitting it to publishers (I wonder if Avalon Hill is associated with one, hmmm.) Eight chapters done, at least 2-3 more ready to go, once I fill in conversation & other details in encounters already completed.

I also confess I play the game somewhat liberally, rolling the dice as many as three times for better play options, although if the 3rd is best, and the 2nd is survivable, I use the 2nd or the 1st - whichever number is the middle choice. I want my PCs to have Special Events that are useful in play, and not all alike. As my own Dungeon Master for my story, I know where I want these characters to go, and they need to reach there, or there's no story (sigh - so I cheat a bit if you're hardcore, but the rules - as they themselves state - are a guideline only. So on I go!

Wish me luck! And pray that I create conversation with enough humor (and personal sharing) to enjoy reading it. Only one incipient love interest so far, but have a second later in the story. I'll see what else might develop - hope my PCs gel enough to have at least two more, once my two groups (one is currently four, with a fifth joining very soon, the other is six strong, consisting of a group of five and one emotionally interested in one of that group & able to join, in exchange for his fighting skills. Two more are joining in, as part of the arrangement of the two groups joining. So I will be using about 15 PCs in this book, plus various NPCs all along the way.

I know I will have to get publishing clearance from Richard Snider (I do hope he's still with us) and Avalon Hill, but hope if I find a publisher, that they will take care of that - I'm sure they'd be due a percentage, and might even be willing to help stories (if they are good) get published. Maybe Harn should get 1%, too, since I use it for developing PCs' physical appearances and family histories. 

So you see I am serious about this. It would be really nice if stories from this game could get out into the wider world in book form (paperbacks!) - might get us more players, and fans for the game - and more books from others that I would read!

Thanks again for your assistance!

Bess L. Hadley 

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 Ok, maybe it's this? "Book of Tables, Pg 46". It's the Book
 Eratta. It gives a way of determining the GC value of a
 item. There is no "list" of prices or anything like that;
 Referee has to figure all the prices out for each item in 
 question 'from scratch'.
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