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 I don't remember seeing it... and I've been playing P&P since it 
came out in '83. Of course, that game sill surprises me with 
stuff I didn't know or *thought* I knew, so...who knows? ;)

  The closest I can think of is under Equipment. There's a a 
secion for buying magic items (potions, swords, etc). Maybe 
that's what you are thinking about?

  I'm just getting started to launch another P&P campaign, so 
maybe I'll find it. If I do, I'll be sure to post book and page 
number for you. :)


Paul L. Ming


Healing Talismans and Wands are not Natural magic items. 
Permanent Magics and in Book 2, and section 2.263 of book 4 
describe created items such as these, and how to determine mel 
and el of made or found items.

For actual Natural Items, many 't need a mel or el, others come 
with it predetermined in the description.

On the other hand, if you're just looking to have stats for 
resisting Dispel, the mel of the caster, and el of his or her 
enhancement spell (the one that enhanced the material in the 
first place) would apply.

But, really, for *Natural* magic items, Resisting Dispel is the 
only reason el or el would have to be determined beyond what is 
listed int he items description

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>      I  cannot find where I saw in my books
>  how to determine the value of magical items. I have the
>  article on values of Natural Magic items, but I know that
>  MEL & EL must have a role in value of other items.
>      I just got a Healing talisman and a wand in my
>  game, and this particular group has no magicians (they are
>  scholars), so need to know what to record for my
>  novelization of this adventure, when they find an elf or
>  magician to help them determine alignment and value (I know,
>  as creator, but they don't)
>      Thanks for any help. I have books 1-4 and the
>  Book of Tables. My books have a 1983 copyright w/ a 1/84 on
>  the bottom left back page corner, and the Tables are
>  copyrighted 1984 w/ an 11/ 84 in lower left corner of back
>  cover. (Are these the  older books or the newer?)
>      Thanks again for your help, (hope I didn't
>  mispell too musch - my typing not as great as my spelling)
>      Bess L. Hadley
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